Friday, November 24, 2006

Hard love

Someone asked how come I am writing a lot of emo stuff now.

But if you look properly, it was only the last two posts!

I was going through some of the blogs on my links and found two which have a common theme - gay relationships and how it is different from straight ones and how they more often than not fail.

First of all, I understand where they are coming from. Either from their own experiences or observation of their gay friends, gay couples seems to be breaking quite often.

Or maybe, when one is unsure or insecure about their current relationships, they start to wonder. It is a very normal reaction and even I have it sometimes.

Questions like, will this last? Would he continue to love me ten years from now? Would his heart and mind start to wander?

What I personally disagree is the emphasis on differences of gay and straight relationships.

I don't see how the both are different, besides the obvious fact of the sexes. Just like a straight guy and a gay guy is only different in what turns them on sexually, the former being breasts and pussies and the latter penises.

A romantic relationship is a romantic relationship - a foundation and connection between two people to build and nurture. No two people are alike - two guys or one guy and one girl. Thus, no two relationships are alike.

In fact, a guy and a girl are waaaay more different in thinking. So logically, if a relationship were to work it should be two guys since well ... both of them are guys and should theoretically think more alike.

Okay-lar, unless you want to argue about how opposites attract, one soft and one hard, yin and yang, etc.

Or how two gays but very straight and Neantherdal-thinking guys who can't express their emotions properly and tend to pent up type cannot possibly together ....

Admittedly there are differences.

The breeders tend have a common goal - to propagate the human race by having children. If they don't have such a goal, rest assured that they will when they reach age thirty, thanks to busybody relatives or gossiping colleagues or friends.

We don't have a common goal, at least not one defined by marriage or children. We want someone for companionship, to be there when we are in need, to bitch and whine to, etc.

Of course, the society's support is important too. Notice how even people that the couple don't know, like their aunt's brother's son's cousin's friend, would suddenly turn up at their weddings and wish them congratulations.

It's like some people who are too free and only goal in life society's only role is to get every single men and women attached to someone and to attend weddings.

If one were to look at statistics, more than half of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. And the divorce rate is increasing in Asian countries too.

So yeah, the straights don't have it better. They just break up much later.

I am sure you have heard of cheating husbands who walked out on their wives after twenty years of marriage and two children.

Which goes to show that straight relationships are just as bad. And children doesn't necessarily can make a marriage last.

The things that will make a relationship work are deeper and harder to work at. Like a common goal, shared dreams and similar interests.

I can't remember where I have read this, but an article says that for guys, doing things together (not just sex!) is important. They are better off and able keep the relationship alive longer. Guys bond by doing things, not just by communication and talking about emotional or personal stuff.

Which is very true. It doesn't matter if one likes to paint while the other likes to go clubbing, as long as there are a few things which both like to do and spend quality time together, like cooking or watching movies.

It's undeniable that gay relationships are harder to work at, simply because there is not much societal support and when many gay men and women are still in the closet.

It's very rare that one can bring the boyfriend home and say, "Mom and Dad, meet my boyfriend/husband/significant other, Channing Tatum."

No one to give you advice, no one to turn to, no one to ask how things should be done besides your other gay friends or close girl friends.

So basically, it is simply harder because the relationship has to be made stronger from within and from the both of them, rather than from the outside or from parents / friends / relatives / society.

It takes more work also harder simply because both are guys.

I am not saying men cannot be monogamous; it's a matter of willpower and discipline.

Furthermore, as there is a lack of external forces to bind a gay relationship together and usually it is only the internal parties that do most of the work, the ropes that bind two people together may break more easily.

Which goes back to the point of making the rope stronger and this needs lots of commitment and discipline from both parties.

This is not helped by the phenomenon of so-called popular gay culture - clubbing, youth-worshipping, easy sex, etc.

Not many supportive people + Temptations of instant gratification = Easier break-ups

Okay, I think I have veered off my point.

But essentially, a gay relationship needs more work. A gay relationship is not doomed just because it's a gay relationship.

Or maybe I am just an idealistic fool and refuse to face the truth. ;P

From my speaking with other people, they say that one cannot party and club and have dark-room sex forever. The time would come when they would want to settle down and desire the stability of a relationship.

So the question is, when is that time?

Also, long-lasting relationships tend to form when one is closer to thirties. Perhaps at that stage, one is more stable financially and emotionally and has a clearer idea of his needs and wants.

Obviously, there are exceptions. There are people who want to settle down and not fool around when they are only twenty.

In fact, I think many of us grew up with fairy tales of happily ever after and movies and serials on TV that we might prefer to find someone for a long term and stable relationship and forgo the sleeping around and easy sex.

There are many people who think like that. You just have to find them.

When they are found, it doesn't mean the search is over. You haven't arrive at the destination yet.

It's only the beginning. The journey to happiness and contentment is a long and hard one.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The beginning of the end

Thank you for the words of encouragement and support. It’s amazing how barely less than 24 hours of my posting that you guys have responded with your comments.

In fact, this eventuality was not unexpected. With his less than enthusiastic response to my calls and him never calling me save once, the end was in sight.

I suppose it was never meant to be and I was too in love with him to see that. Funny how one looks at things differently went one is in love. Nothing seems impossible.

The signs were all there.

Thus, when I called him a few days before my Phuket trip next month, we cleared things up. He made his feelings, or lack of, be known after some prompting from me.

He said, “Did you find someone new?”

“No, that’s not it. It’s better to clarify things than to leave them unclear.”

“Are we still a couple then?” I asked.

“Yeah. We’ll see how when I come back next year. We’ll talk about it then.”

It didn’t really make much sense, because we didn’t do anything that resembles a couple anymore.

I have no idea why, but I acquiesced.

Initially, I was hopeful that things would improve. But after some serious thought and a clearer perspective on things, I realised things would be better this way.

It wasn’t that difficult letting go, even though I loved him a lot. I still do.

No, I am not pining for him or clutching at straws.

When feelings are not reciprocated or when one’s efforts are not appreciated sufficiently, it does make things easier.

I am human after all. I do need love and care in return. It gets tiresome and frustrating if it only goes one way.

Not that I am blaming him, of course. This sort of things happen. I was his first crush, which turned into a relationship. And as we know, crushes very seldom last unless both parties work at it.

Anyway, when we started, we said that we were supposed to see how things go. To gauge our compatibility and our feelings for each other.

Somehow, somewhere, it turned into something serious.

We had frequently joked about how incompatible we are. About how things could be different if he had graduated from university. About how different we are, like the sky and the earth.

Perhaps we are too different.

It was great while it lasted. I hoped I had made him happy and felt loved, even though there were moments of anger and hurt.

Do not cry that it is over, but smile that it happened. ;P

Cliché, but very true in my situation.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No longer am I

I was asked recently, why I haven't mention a particular someone for a very long time in my blog.

In fact, I have been asked occasionally about it by friends who know us.

My reply was "Drawing a picture does not need one to draw the intestines too". It's a Chinese proverb, meaning that some things are just obvious and doesn't need an explanation.

Come to think of it, that sounded a bit sarcastic. I am sure he meant well when he asked.


Anyway, the reason he has not been mentioned is because no longer am I in his thoughts in the way I should be.

No longer am I being seen with eyes that long for me.

Hearing my voice no longer makes the heart beat faster. Or bring a smile to his face.

No longer am I an important part of his life.

It is no longer.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's all about me

I know what I should be doing, yet I am not doing it. I should be studying but I am doing everything else besides studying.

Balance is key; moderation is the solution.

Somehow, there seem to be lots of things to be done. More fun stuff. Movies, clubbing, karaoke, shopping, swimming ....

Why do people get attracted to those that seem impossible to be with or that they have very little in common?

Perhaps it's what people call physical attraction. That wink, that cheeky smile, that infectious laugh, that nonchalant attitude, etc.

The things that matter fade into the background.

Perhaps I don't know what I want yet. I thought I do.

I have always thought of myself as confident and secure. But when I am with the person that I am fond of, it's hard to be like that.

Especially if the other person is more confident and more self-assured. More spontaneous, funnier. All the mores that I am not.

On the other hand, when I am with someone a little unsure, I tend to feel taller. Bigger. Not in the sense of showing off or swelling with pride, but more like brotherly kind of attention would be showered on him.

Like I have been there and done that. And now it is your turn and this is how it is going to be like.

I can simply be myself.

When I am in the presence of someone smarter, more experienced and more self-assured, I seem to be not able to hold my own.

As someone I know would describe it, in gay and somewhat stereotypical terms, I become somewhat "bottommy" when I am with so-called "toppish" personality type people and vice versa.

If that even makes sense to you.

Another thing is I am not one trained in the art of subtlety. People would know if I am happy or unhappy by just looking at me.

Or if I like someone.

I am just like an open book.

I realise it's something I have to work on.

Because sometimes, subtlety is called for. That restraint is essential. That people change and feelings are unpredictable.

That in the end, I am me and everything comes back to me.

Work in progress.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Adios ... for now

Lest you guys think that I am a regular clubber, I am actually not. Probably I haven't been to one for a long time, which was why I really let my hair down.

Anyway, pluboy bade his farewell to the Lion City earlier in the afternoon. Even though I had met him all of three times since I knew him for the past one and half years, it was still a pleasure for to have been able to spend his final weekend here in his company.

Even though, as you said, "I saw the shit out of me", it doesn't really matter to me.

In fact, I would rather see the worst of a person, than to never see the real person at all; someone who is always at his best or who never lets his guard down or who carefully plans his words and controls his actions and where superficiality and masks are the order of the day; I would rather have the former.

You will definitely be missed. It's too bad that I didn't get a chance to hang out with him more often.

Yesterday, all of his closest friends came to Marina Square, to be with him on his final night in Singapore. I was there too and got to meet his four other wonderful friends; all of them Malaysians.

Apparently, that Hong Kong char chan teng is one of his favourite places here. I agree that the food was quite good.

I was pretty tired, so I didn't talk much at the beginning. But later I perked up and joined in the ribbing and joking and teasing.

I really hope to get to know this group of people better. For this, I have pluboy to thank.

Wishing you all the best and a fresh start in KL. You are now back in a familiar place, with the person you love. That is something more precious, that money can never buy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy times at Happy

As William said - Sakit, sakit, die, die, also nak clubbing, kan?

Yeah, even though I was sick (still am) and damn tired and sleepy last night, I still went out clubbing with pluboy and his friend, JN.

The plan was to meet them for dinner at 9 p.m. And we did have dinner at nine. We chatted over dinner, chatted after dinner, had our drinks, and it was still bloody early.

Like a quarter past ten.

So we went to JN's place to drink some more chill out. He lives very near to Tanjong Pagar Road, which is where the clubs are.

We watched Discovery Channel and Adventure and the Asian Amazing Race. The participants that caught my attention was one slightly feminine Indian guy with a Caucasian.

Their relationship category, as shown on TV? Best friends.

Pluboy said that the host, Allen Wu, is quite cute. Think he's a Singaporean.

Ooops, Google search states that he's American, but currently works with MediaCorp.

A little more than an hour later, we walked towards the clubs area. The choices for us queers were either Happy or Why Not.

Pluboy: Why Not lor.
JN: Why not Happy?

I had been to Happy last year. I wasn't too impressed then.

But last night, the crowds seemed to flock and gather at Happy. So Happy it was.

Cover charge was $15, with one free drink.

JN wanted to open a bottle of vodka. I was fine with it, so vodka it was.

Oh, forgot to mention that a friend of JN was with us now, JP.

The dance floor was not filled yet, as it was still early. There were quite a number of girls, more than one usually would find in a gay club. They looked like college age kids and a few of them were dancing with their guy friends.

To me, that seemed a bit odd. Just five or six of them on the dance floor.

Second thought was, did they go to the right club?


Not long later, three guys appeared on stage. In their underwear only.

Then another three came on stage, dressed in orange overalls ala construction workers.

The guys in undies stripped the guys in overalls.

This was followed by some strutting around, going backstage to change underwear and more strutting around.

The whole thing was basically about safe sex and HIV.

At the entrance earlier, we were given free condoms by AfA, under a new campaign called Think Again.

I don't think the message got through, as the eye candies got in the way ;P

The concept was good, but implementation was not as good.

Anyway, I liked the guy on the left; not too bulky and with a nice look.

Pluboy liked the one on the right.

After that, the dance floor began filling up and we joined in.

Pluboy took off his shirt, so did JN. Against my will, mine was off too.

The last time I did this was last year in Liquid, during the foam party.

Not sure whether it was because of the alcohol or simply the music was better, but the tunes seemed to be more danceable.

I might have spoken too soon, because soon after, the music deteriorated again. The music was mostly unknown (to me, at least. I might be wrong as they may be popular to the clubbing crowd).

Still, we danced the night away. The music picked up again and I danced liked I have never done before, gyrating, hip-shaking, bootying and just letting my hair down.

I had enough booze to get that buzz, so I was pretty uninhibited. And with the shirt out of the way, it felt like another level of inhibition was removed too.

Pluboy overloaded a little on the alcohol and was dancing to the tunes like someone possessed (I don't mean this in a bad way). He was really into it.

We grooved and moved to the music. I haven't done this since I came to Singapore and I was really enjoying myself.

We were drawing a little attention to ourselves because we were slightly inebriated and a little uneven in our foot steps. As a result, we took up more dance floor space than we usually would.

I could feel a few pairs of eyes on us.

Hmmm, I hope we didn't embarrass ourselves ;P

Oh well, it doesn't really matter.

We danced. And we danced some more.

After more than two hours of dancing, we left Happy and wanted to go to Why Not. But we didn't because we changed our mind and decided to head home instead.

I finally arrived home at five. Not sure why, but most probably the alcohol as my mind was in active mode and couldn't sleep much, if at all. So I decided to get out of bed at half past nine.

I had a little headache earlier, but I am OK now as I typed this.

Heh. I am so gonna pay for this lack-of-sleep at work tomorrow.

Edited: OMG! I just remembered something from last night. Someone took a picture of pluboy, JN and myself. We even posed for it. Wonder whether it would be published and where, or worse still, someone's private collection ...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Christmas came early

Went out for dinner with a friend at Orchard Road on Wednesday.

And saw that the decorations are already up.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't a little too early for Christmas? It's the year end and I think for a lot of companies, this period is packed with year end closing of accounts, audits and organising year-end promotions and events ... so where got time to feel all Christmasy?

I was definitely not in the mood.

From what I see in the papers, I believe the major shopping malls have already put up their Christmas decorations.

One credit card company has been advertising Christmas promos and sales since last month, saying that Christmas comes early this year.

Honestly, it was kind of a surprise that it is almost end of 2006. Where did all the time go? It has been more than six months since I came here but it only seem like yesterday that I was still in KL.

The day before, my manager who is leaving for Taiwan gave us a box of chocolates. He's not only a good manager who is willing to explain things to me, but really generous as well.

On one hand, I am happy for him as it is a better job opportunity for him. On the other, I would definitely miss him as he was the most happening person in my department!

The bad news is that I am down with the flu since yesterday *sniffle* And I have so many things planned this weekend!

Hope you guys have a better start to the weekend than I do.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Office pornitics 2

During lunch, my colleagues and I were teasing a female manager about her partying, even though she is married.

She denied that she parties, just going out with friends.

I chipped in by saying that I will be going out this weekend clubbing, but do not know where my friend is bringing me to. (Actually, I do know, but it is a gay club, right Takeshi?)

Female Manager: You should go on Fridays, when the crowd is more of the working group of people.
Me: I don't really mind, just go out and to have fun only mar.
Straight Boss: What kind of crowd you like? Older (women), younger, or men?

I was like "Huh? WTF?" and then wanted to say "Men" but of course I didn't.

Me: All three.

There was like, half a second silence at the table.

Me: Of course lar. I want to keep my options open.

And they all laughed. A little uncomfortably, I think.

I know I am quite reckless. Just hope this doesn't come back one day and bite me in the ass. ;P

For some context, please read here.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Phuket Day 4

Sunday, 29 October 2006

On the last day, I signed up for the Phi Phi island trip, which was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Beach.

We were told that the pickup to the pier would arrive at half past eight. Breakfast is usually served at eight, so the timing was just nice.

But unfortunately, the driver arrived at eight. We wanted to have a quick one for breakfast, but he was impatient and insisted that we leave immediately.

So we didn’t have any breakfast.

That wasn’t the worst part. When we arrived at the pier, we had to wait an hour for the Singaporeans and Hong Kongers to arrive, which presumably their pickup was as scheduled at 8.30 a.m.

Anyway, we left the pier at about half past nine. The speedboat ride to Phi Phi was an hour. It wasn’t a smooth ride and we were bouncing on hour seats most of the time. Whenever we hit a wave, someone in the boat would scream.

That was fun.

As one of them said, “A bunch of screaming queens.” It was not meant as an insult.

Phi Phi island consists of two islands, one bigger than the other. The first stop was smaller one. We didn’t step foot on the beach, as we had to pay an additional 200 baht to do so. Thus we snorkeled about 500 meters from beach.

Green hills on the first beach we went to

The water was crystal clear, with fishes so colourful they looked as though they were hand-painted with striking colours. We spent about half an hour here.

Next, we went to another beach, which was just as beautiful but there were less fishes. Probably there is not enough food, thus less fishes, which explained why some of us including myself were bitten by the fishes! It wasn’t very painful, but still, we are not fish food!

Scenic and idyllic

The subsequent stop was Monkey Island, where we had the opportunity to feed the monkeys with bananas. We didn’t need to peel the bananas for them and some of them astutely grabbed the bananas right from our hands!

I had a picture taken standing very close to one. I was a bit jittery doing so, as we were told by the guide that they could turn aggressive, especially if our backs are turned to them.

This was followed by lunch. We had international cuisine buffet. Seriously, I don’t think I had any authentic Thai food since I came here. A lot of things are catered for the Western tourists.

After lunch, we hanged around a bit, with most of the Singaporeans and HK people playing beach volleyball.

Our last stop for the day was the bigger island. I snorkeled while most of the others played beach volleyball.

The water is clear and clean, with the fishes clearly seen. The brain corals and

Random cute guy whom I noticed, with his girlfriend

Two of the HK guys actually swam around the island and had the opportunity to see more amazing fishes and corals. Apparently, the marine life on the other side of the island was even more interesting and mesmerizing.

Oh well. At least I know what to do the next time I come to Phi Phi again. Which I think I most probably will.

When we arrived back in Phuket, it was supposed to be time for the tele-matches. I was pretty tired from the island trip and decided to give it a miss.

Back at the Phuket pier

Based on a recommendation from the owner of the hotel, I headed for a massage. This time an authentic one, without the hanky-panky.

The masseuses were all sitting in front of the shop. When I said that I wanted a traditional Thai massage, they immediately pointed to one person. I asked is she good and they replied, “Number one.”

With that, I was convinced.

I was pestered into signing up for a two hour massage, as she kept insisting that an hour was not enough. I actually preferred one and a half hour, but the price was ridiculously unreasonable.

She said an hour was 250 baht, one and a half was 450 baht and two hours was 500 baht.

Finally, I agreed to a two hour massage.

It was a two hour well spent, with all the creaks and stiffness massaged away. There was some aches and pains when she pressed at some points, but I think those were the good pain. She was good; she knew I had walked a lot that day from massaging my lower legs and that I face a computer screen at work from massaging my shoulders.

Or maybe it wasn’t that difficult to arrive at those conclusions simply by looking at me. They are after all the most common profile of a tourist.

For such a good job, I tipped her 100 baht.

It was a little past seven when I went left the massage parlour. I had to rush back to the hotel for dinner at half past seven.

Took a quick shower and had a half-glass of red wine and Patrick, one of the Thais took us to a restaurant only the locals know.

It is one of those places with extremely good and cheap food where tourists wouldn’t know, unless you know a local.

We had seafood – crabs, prawns, fish – and they were very fresh. I was too hungry that I forgot to take photos of the dishes. ;P

More pictures here.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Phuket Day 3

I can't believe how hetero my colleagues are.

It's quite difficult to have to pretend to be straight and not able to share my social life with them. Which is why a group of gay friends are essential.

They are the ones who understand what it means to be gay.

Since I came back, I felt quite uncomfortable being around them. When just a couple of days ago, I can be totally open and be myself but in front of them, I can't.

Sometimes, it's feels suffocating.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

The game for the day is badminton. Before it started, there was a friendly volleyball match between Malaysia and Hong Kong.

With none of us being good volleyball players, save one, we had to form a rag-tag team. Even though we lost, they put up a good fight against the Hong Kongers.

The Hong Kongers weren't that much better, but I suppose they have been training or at the least, played the game more often than the Malaysians.

As for badminton, sad to say that even though Malaysia was the defending champion, the performance was far from excellent. I am not sure how many rounds were played, but the ones that I watched or those that I was the linesman, the Malaysia players were beaten.

Thus, Malaysia went home empty-handed this year.

The closing ceremony was to be held at the place on top of the hill called Ratri. Looks damn posh and nice. It's a restaurant and bar with live performance every night.

What all these means is basically expensive prices for drinks. A Chang beer costs 1200 baht, which although cheap in KL, is not so in Phuket.

Dinner was good, buffet-style, but there wasn't enough to go around. There was some Thai food served, one of which was noodles wrapped in leaves. That was quite yummy.

As with previous years, TSG always ends with performances from participating countries. Usually, they are drag performances and this year was not different.

I have the pictures, but I am still undecided whether I should post them up or not.

The HK drag queens performed first. It was not so much as a drag show then a hunk show. Their performance was to get someone from each country to play three games, ala those HK variety shows like Super.

Before the games began, the non-drag HK players themselves demonstrated how the games are to be played. They stripped into their underwear to play. Honestly, it wasn't really necessary but I wouldn't complain of the free eye candy.

For me though, only one of them was appealing to me, out of four.

So yeah, it became more of a hunk than drag show.

Next up was the Malaysian one. Ours was better because of it's simplicity. And I am not being biased here.

The Malaysian performers were dressed only in sarong. They pranced, danced and jiggled their way to classic Malay songs like Burung Kakaktua. Less pretentious but definitely more fun. Imagine those songs you grew up with being torn to pieces and remade into something seductive and totally salah.

I had a few pictures taken, but they aren't very clear. So there won't be any pictures posted on the drag queens.

However, I shall leave you with some pictures taken in the morning while I was strolling along Patong Beach.

Too lazy to post all of them up here, so please check out the rest at Flickr.

Friday, November 03, 2006

End of Phuket Day 2

I think what makes a trip wonderful, besides the place itself and culture, is the people you go with. I had a lot of fun just chatting about everything and nothing with the Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Especially one Singaporean ;P

I miss being openly affectionate in public, where I can lie on my friend's thigh or on his back or letting my inner queen out. I can never do that in front of my straight-laced colleagues.

Everyone felt the same too. Which partly explained why Malaysia and Singapore weren't that keen to organise next year's TSG. The openness and environment factor was one drawback. Hong Kong is out due to the cost factor.

For next year, the TSG organisers said they will try to get Australians and Kiwis to participate too.

Friday, 27 October 2006

And yeah, I did come.

Being the gentleman that I am (ahem!), I offered to return the favour. Earlier, I had asked whether the customer before me made him come or not and he said no.

Anyway, he stopped me from proceeding further and said "Cannot. Must go back to sleep." (They are referring to their cocks. And it was not the first time I heard Thais said it in such a way. Pretty cute way of saying it, I think ;P)

By the way, I paid 400 baht for the massage and I tipped the masseur 100.

For my other two friends, their experience were even better as their masseurs were bolder. One of them had his hand placed on the masseur's crotch and the other guy's masseur stripped naked totally and was hard all the time.

But both of my friends had their underwear on and didn't have a "happy ending", as they rejected for reasons of their own.

After that, we had dinner as we had made bookings to watch Simon's Cabaret at 9.30 p.m. This is quite a famous cabaret show and was recommended by a friend, so we decided to check it out.

It was quite an entertaining show, very flashy and well-coordinated. It was fun, but was quite short at 70 minutes. I paid 600 baht for it.

The sets were quite good and it changed from one to another almost immediately. This caused the whole performance to seem rushed, with not much of a breather between acts. As soon as the curtain fell, it was up again with the next performance all ready.

I didn't bring my camera, as I thought one can't bring it to live performances. Unfortunately, quite a few of the audience did. I made do with my Sony Ericsson K750 camera and snapped these.

Those that seemed over-exposed is because the pictures coincided with the flashes from the other cameras.

Although the she was lip-synching to a Mandarin song, she did it so well that it really looked like she was singing it.

More dancers came on stage later. Very Chinese performance. I was impressed!

Upbeat performance and dance to the song Havana.

They were singing and dancing to a Korean song.

I liked this a lot. It was a Chinese song called Mei Hua (Beautiful Flowers) and they performed in the dark with those fluorescent umbrellas with flower shapes.

For the finale of this performance, the large petals just appeared out of nowhere! Amazing!

A Tina Turner impersonator! But she was extremely good! She's simply the best!

Indian-themed, I think.

I don't know who which singer she trying to imitate.

Egyptian theme also got!

They were singing a song about Cleopatra.

This was supposed to be Brazillian.

End of the show.

The boys weren't that cute, even though they were slightly better looking than those working at the bars.

My friend commented that the cabaret show in Chiangmai was much better. Have to keep that in mind if I go there one day.

After that, we went for a supper and then retired for the night. As it is, I swam quite a bit in the morning and was feeling tired. And I was a bit pissed that I was offered unsolicited advice on how to swim properly.

The plan for tomorrow morning was to check out the beach, which I haven't done so. It would be so embarrassing to tell people that I haven't been to the beach after two days in Phuket! They would surely be wondering what have I been up to all these while.

Before I forget, Singaporean Team B emerged as champions for the volleyball competition. The Thais got second and third places.

Almost all of the cute participants play volleyball. I would so take up volleyball just to be able to get closer to them ;P

So shameless hor?

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I am so drunk now that I can't possibly write a proper sentence, what more a full post, as I just got back from a drinking session with my boss who is going to leave the company at the end of this week.

But I can admit to having a good time at the end of the massage ;P

More details in my next post.