Sunday, November 12, 2006

Happy times at Happy

As William said - Sakit, sakit, die, die, also nak clubbing, kan?

Yeah, even though I was sick (still am) and damn tired and sleepy last night, I still went out clubbing with pluboy and his friend, JN.

The plan was to meet them for dinner at 9 p.m. And we did have dinner at nine. We chatted over dinner, chatted after dinner, had our drinks, and it was still bloody early.

Like a quarter past ten.

So we went to JN's place to drink some more chill out. He lives very near to Tanjong Pagar Road, which is where the clubs are.

We watched Discovery Channel and Adventure and the Asian Amazing Race. The participants that caught my attention was one slightly feminine Indian guy with a Caucasian.

Their relationship category, as shown on TV? Best friends.

Pluboy said that the host, Allen Wu, is quite cute. Think he's a Singaporean.

Ooops, Google search states that he's American, but currently works with MediaCorp.

A little more than an hour later, we walked towards the clubs area. The choices for us queers were either Happy or Why Not.

Pluboy: Why Not lor.
JN: Why not Happy?

I had been to Happy last year. I wasn't too impressed then.

But last night, the crowds seemed to flock and gather at Happy. So Happy it was.

Cover charge was $15, with one free drink.

JN wanted to open a bottle of vodka. I was fine with it, so vodka it was.

Oh, forgot to mention that a friend of JN was with us now, JP.

The dance floor was not filled yet, as it was still early. There were quite a number of girls, more than one usually would find in a gay club. They looked like college age kids and a few of them were dancing with their guy friends.

To me, that seemed a bit odd. Just five or six of them on the dance floor.

Second thought was, did they go to the right club?


Not long later, three guys appeared on stage. In their underwear only.

Then another three came on stage, dressed in orange overalls ala construction workers.

The guys in undies stripped the guys in overalls.

This was followed by some strutting around, going backstage to change underwear and more strutting around.

The whole thing was basically about safe sex and HIV.

At the entrance earlier, we were given free condoms by AfA, under a new campaign called Think Again.

I don't think the message got through, as the eye candies got in the way ;P

The concept was good, but implementation was not as good.

Anyway, I liked the guy on the left; not too bulky and with a nice look.

Pluboy liked the one on the right.

After that, the dance floor began filling up and we joined in.

Pluboy took off his shirt, so did JN. Against my will, mine was off too.

The last time I did this was last year in Liquid, during the foam party.

Not sure whether it was because of the alcohol or simply the music was better, but the tunes seemed to be more danceable.

I might have spoken too soon, because soon after, the music deteriorated again. The music was mostly unknown (to me, at least. I might be wrong as they may be popular to the clubbing crowd).

Still, we danced the night away. The music picked up again and I danced liked I have never done before, gyrating, hip-shaking, bootying and just letting my hair down.

I had enough booze to get that buzz, so I was pretty uninhibited. And with the shirt out of the way, it felt like another level of inhibition was removed too.

Pluboy overloaded a little on the alcohol and was dancing to the tunes like someone possessed (I don't mean this in a bad way). He was really into it.

We grooved and moved to the music. I haven't done this since I came to Singapore and I was really enjoying myself.

We were drawing a little attention to ourselves because we were slightly inebriated and a little uneven in our foot steps. As a result, we took up more dance floor space than we usually would.

I could feel a few pairs of eyes on us.

Hmmm, I hope we didn't embarrass ourselves ;P

Oh well, it doesn't really matter.

We danced. And we danced some more.

After more than two hours of dancing, we left Happy and wanted to go to Why Not. But we didn't because we changed our mind and decided to head home instead.

I finally arrived home at five. Not sure why, but most probably the alcohol as my mind was in active mode and couldn't sleep much, if at all. So I decided to get out of bed at half past nine.

I had a little headache earlier, but I am OK now as I typed this.

Heh. I am so gonna pay for this lack-of-sleep at work tomorrow.

Edited: OMG! I just remembered something from last night. Someone took a picture of pluboy, JN and myself. We even posed for it. Wonder whether it would be published and where, or worse still, someone's private collection ...


FamezGAY said...

Nice.. I long time never go clubbing liao.. sigh.. I miss my clubbing life.. but just financially not able ler sigh..

k said...

looks really fun! i wish i could go to singapore!

thompsonboy said...

I thought Happy is well...quite unhappy (crowdwise and the type of music) unlike the easy going and friendly crowd at Why Not

pluboy@takashi said...

Oh yea.. I remembered posing for the picture.. well.. I was still very okay then.. it was only after I broke the glass then splash with water that I passed out..


William said...

Sounds like you had a smashing time, but then, you're no newbie to the club scene it seems. Hehe. You really let your hair down. Stripping and gyrating. Actuarists know how to have fun.

"Why Not Happy". Priceless.

Might end up in Happy's website. I think they have a gallery.

Cliff said...

I'm not a big fan of Happy, but I can see how it could be fun sometimes. I mean, lots of hot half-naked boys dancing and alcohol?

I don't know when I'll be leaving for New York, but absolutely, let's grab a drink sometime during the weekend.

Ban said...

Hehe. Someone's enjoying himself. :) Me wants that photo...

akihisa said...

Hey Derek!!

Wow! I would never be uninhibited enough to dance topless. Plus, the fact I've never been clubbing AT ALL and I can't ply myself with alcohol. LOL!!

Derek said...

famezgay: You come visit me la, then I bring you go clubbing LOL

k: Come, come! Christmas is just around the corner. ;P

thompson: Perhaps I should check out Why Not the next time!

pluboy: It's OK. There's a first time for everything, even dropping and breaking the glasses and splashed with cold water!

william: Eh, I really am newbie leh. That was my first time in Singapore!

No, actuarists don't know how to have fun. Gay people do! LOL

cliff: You got that right, sister!

ban: Which photo? I don't even have it! ;P

akihisa: Oh, I am sure those things can be changed and the proper arrangements can be made to make sure you have a great virginal clubbing experience!

Any takers? LOL