Sunday, November 19, 2006

No longer am I

I was asked recently, why I haven't mention a particular someone for a very long time in my blog.

In fact, I have been asked occasionally about it by friends who know us.

My reply was "Drawing a picture does not need one to draw the intestines too". It's a Chinese proverb, meaning that some things are just obvious and doesn't need an explanation.

Come to think of it, that sounded a bit sarcastic. I am sure he meant well when he asked.


Anyway, the reason he has not been mentioned is because no longer am I in his thoughts in the way I should be.

No longer am I being seen with eyes that long for me.

Hearing my voice no longer makes the heart beat faster. Or bring a smile to his face.

No longer am I an important part of his life.

It is no longer.


FamezGAY said...

Aw... actually I understand that and I never asked it also.. It is obvious actually.. Anyway take care dude! :)

hoknotyalc said...


asm@di said...

oh honey, i'm so sorry to hear that.

take heart though, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. cliche, but very much the truth.

Spot said...

Hey babe. Sorry to read.


But...I think you probably do know, in a little place beyond the heartache, that it's for the best.

You deserve to be loved for real, with passion, with honesty.

KitPan said...

Hi Derek, I knew it by heart ever since you seldom talk about him. Though you are quite far away, but I still wish you always happy and enjoy your life. Do keep in touch when you back.



Musang said...

omg. i'm sorry such shit happened to a sweet guy like you.

oh well, you are in singapore now right? i heard they have like hundreds of thousands of hot gay guys down there. and most of them are like single.

so keep us posted.

hugz and kisses....

k said...

life comes with a pinch of salt. its how u take it that makes it taste great. cheer up! ur such a nice guy i'm sure theres plenty others just waiting in line for their turn to be in love with u. give them that chance :P

joshua said...

I am here for you, dude!!!

Anonymous said...

take care my friend...
you will always have us for comfort.

- I shall walk thru the valley of darkness, I shall fear no evil...


- Vincent

pluboy@takashi said...

and not forgetting there's me too :P derek kor kor!!

Cybertron said...

Gambateh Derek :)

William said...

Jangan2 I'm the one that dug this up?


Derek said...

famezgay: Heh. Very perceptive of you. ;P

hoknotyalc: *hugs back*

asmadi: Thanks. I believe that too actually.

spot: Awww, thanks spot honey. Your words are comforting.

kitpan: Haha ... thanks, Kit. I am happily single now.

musang: Thanks. Yeah, there are a lot of cute and single guys here. But attitude-wise, most of them cannot pass lar.

k: Where's that line? I don't see it ... LOL

Thanks. That's sweet of you.

joshua: Thanks, josh. I know you are.

vincent: Thanks. *hugs*

pluboy: Heh ... call until so "yuk ma" LOL

Thanks anyway!

cybertron: Thanks, koala.

william: You don't remember the text that I sent you? ;P

William said...

I *DO* remember, that's why I commented. Hehe.

Rad said...


Derek said...

william: I know! ;P

rad: Thanks so much *hugs back*