Friday, November 10, 2006

Christmas came early

Went out for dinner with a friend at Orchard Road on Wednesday.

And saw that the decorations are already up.

Maybe it's just me, but isn't a little too early for Christmas? It's the year end and I think for a lot of companies, this period is packed with year end closing of accounts, audits and organising year-end promotions and events ... so where got time to feel all Christmasy?

I was definitely not in the mood.

From what I see in the papers, I believe the major shopping malls have already put up their Christmas decorations.

One credit card company has been advertising Christmas promos and sales since last month, saying that Christmas comes early this year.

Honestly, it was kind of a surprise that it is almost end of 2006. Where did all the time go? It has been more than six months since I came here but it only seem like yesterday that I was still in KL.

The day before, my manager who is leaving for Taiwan gave us a box of chocolates. He's not only a good manager who is willing to explain things to me, but really generous as well.

On one hand, I am happy for him as it is a better job opportunity for him. On the other, I would definitely miss him as he was the most happening person in my department!

The bad news is that I am down with the flu since yesterday *sniffle* And I have so many things planned this weekend!

Hope you guys have a better start to the weekend than I do.


Cybertron said...

wow singapore is really early setting up christmas deco eh. a gud mananger is hard to find. too bad he's leaving n ppl like these will leave us great moments n missing them. hope u get well soon. have a nice weekend too. :)

William said...

My boss once told me that in Manila, the anticipation to Christmas starts as early as August/September!? Dunno true or not. There's this flu thingy devastating KL right now, and I guess, even KL-ites in Singapore aren't spared. Get well soon. Sakit, sakit, die, die also nak clubbing, kan?

hoknotyalc said...

HAve u already been in Sgp for tht long? It just seemed like a few weeks ago. Well, maybe its just me, but i sense like the days seem to go by faster towards the end of the year.

Ikea is already selling christmas deco and its only beginning Nov.

take care and drink lots of water. talk to u soon and pls make sure tht if u take out PLUBOY, do take care of him and make sure he doesnt drink much if not Koala and I will spank someone when he gets back here in kl.

Anonymous said...

I always found the Christmas decorations terrible to look at. :)

Derek said...

cybertron: Hi koala.

Thanks. I am feeling better now. Maybe a night of clubbing helps? LOL

william: Yeah, sakit, sakit, die, die I nak pergi kelabing.

hoknotyalc: Hmmm, maybe I should let him tell what happend instead. If he remembers ;P

cliff: I agree. But not all are that terrible what ...