Friday, November 03, 2006

End of Phuket Day 2

I think what makes a trip wonderful, besides the place itself and culture, is the people you go with. I had a lot of fun just chatting about everything and nothing with the Malaysians and Singaporeans.

Especially one Singaporean ;P

I miss being openly affectionate in public, where I can lie on my friend's thigh or on his back or letting my inner queen out. I can never do that in front of my straight-laced colleagues.

Everyone felt the same too. Which partly explained why Malaysia and Singapore weren't that keen to organise next year's TSG. The openness and environment factor was one drawback. Hong Kong is out due to the cost factor.

For next year, the TSG organisers said they will try to get Australians and Kiwis to participate too.

Friday, 27 October 2006

And yeah, I did come.

Being the gentleman that I am (ahem!), I offered to return the favour. Earlier, I had asked whether the customer before me made him come or not and he said no.

Anyway, he stopped me from proceeding further and said "Cannot. Must go back to sleep." (They are referring to their cocks. And it was not the first time I heard Thais said it in such a way. Pretty cute way of saying it, I think ;P)

By the way, I paid 400 baht for the massage and I tipped the masseur 100.

For my other two friends, their experience were even better as their masseurs were bolder. One of them had his hand placed on the masseur's crotch and the other guy's masseur stripped naked totally and was hard all the time.

But both of my friends had their underwear on and didn't have a "happy ending", as they rejected for reasons of their own.

After that, we had dinner as we had made bookings to watch Simon's Cabaret at 9.30 p.m. This is quite a famous cabaret show and was recommended by a friend, so we decided to check it out.

It was quite an entertaining show, very flashy and well-coordinated. It was fun, but was quite short at 70 minutes. I paid 600 baht for it.

The sets were quite good and it changed from one to another almost immediately. This caused the whole performance to seem rushed, with not much of a breather between acts. As soon as the curtain fell, it was up again with the next performance all ready.

I didn't bring my camera, as I thought one can't bring it to live performances. Unfortunately, quite a few of the audience did. I made do with my Sony Ericsson K750 camera and snapped these.

Those that seemed over-exposed is because the pictures coincided with the flashes from the other cameras.

Although the she was lip-synching to a Mandarin song, she did it so well that it really looked like she was singing it.

More dancers came on stage later. Very Chinese performance. I was impressed!

Upbeat performance and dance to the song Havana.

They were singing and dancing to a Korean song.

I liked this a lot. It was a Chinese song called Mei Hua (Beautiful Flowers) and they performed in the dark with those fluorescent umbrellas with flower shapes.

For the finale of this performance, the large petals just appeared out of nowhere! Amazing!

A Tina Turner impersonator! But she was extremely good! She's simply the best!

Indian-themed, I think.

I don't know who which singer she trying to imitate.

Egyptian theme also got!

They were singing a song about Cleopatra.

This was supposed to be Brazillian.

End of the show.

The boys weren't that cute, even though they were slightly better looking than those working at the bars.

My friend commented that the cabaret show in Chiangmai was much better. Have to keep that in mind if I go there one day.

After that, we went for a supper and then retired for the night. As it is, I swam quite a bit in the morning and was feeling tired. And I was a bit pissed that I was offered unsolicited advice on how to swim properly.

The plan for tomorrow morning was to check out the beach, which I haven't done so. It would be so embarrassing to tell people that I haven't been to the beach after two days in Phuket! They would surely be wondering what have I been up to all these while.

Before I forget, Singaporean Team B emerged as champions for the volleyball competition. The Thais got second and third places.

Almost all of the cute participants play volleyball. I would so take up volleyball just to be able to get closer to them ;P

So shameless hor?


Will said...

So glad you had fun! Everyone needs a good trip like that every now and then.

JL said...

I paid 400 Baht to watch the cabaret show at Songkla last November. The performance is almost the same as the one you've watched. Recently, my friend went to one at Bangkok and it is about the same as well. I presume the itineray of the show has been standardized thru out the whole Thailand, very organized aren't they :)

MrBunnyBan said...

The thing I remembered most about the caberet in thailand was the faces o the performers once the show was coming to an end. Normally it's all smiles at the end of the show, but I noticed the smiles were forced; The cheering was coming to an end.

Anyway... er. Excuse my bluntness, but did you just give our virginity to a masseur??

thompsonboy said...

I just feel..well..funny...hmmm....I have this strange thing about paid sexual related favours...I aint no virgin but somehow the thought of that makes me blush.

Will I ever try it? never say never but no, I don't think so.

Babymicrophone@ Livejournal said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Good to let the hair down once in a while and just partay! =)


k.t.x said...

now, not too bad mannnn...hehehe, some adventure at long last! will read cool.