Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Office pornitics

Straight Boss (SB) was talking to another colleague of mine, WS.

SB: Tomorrow I would bring it for you (WS).
Me: What are you bringing for him?
SB: Porn. You want ar?
Me: Haiya, always say only but never bring also. I'll believe it when I see it.
SB: Ok, I would bring. What type of porn you like?
Me: (Shit, what kind of straight porn there is? Are they the same as gay ones?)
Me: Anything la ...
SB: Gay porn you want or not?
Me: (Like yeah! That's the only kind I watch anyway!)

Trying not to snicker at the irony of the situation and putting on my straightest face, I said, "I am very open-minded."

SB: I have watched it before. Eeew ... made me wanna puke.

I kept quiet.

SB: But it's not that bad lar ...

SB turned to another colleague and asked, "SN, you want gay porn or not?"

The conversation ended there as SB's phone was ringing and he went off to answer it.

An observation which I have made is that straight guys seldom, almost never, to openly admit watching straight porn. Or is it just the guys I know?

Gay guys will openly say that they download porn. I have been asked countless times what types of porn I watched and vice versa when I meet people for the first time.

Feel free to comment. ;P


MrBunnyBan said...

Ooooo. Treacherous waters, Der. Better watch out.

rad said...

oo... gay porn that makes him wanna puke, yet he still keeps it. Doesn't that make you wonder? Or maybe I just have a very wild imagination ;)

Straight guys almost never admit watching straight porn? Maybe you mean gay porn le.

Anyway, straight porn with women with big boobies is always a safe answer. Straight men with their boobs fetishes, I can never understand them. We are different species after all :P

But then again, maybe it's a bait. Thread carefully, Derek ;)

FamezGAY said...

straight porns makes me PUKE! cause I will puke whenever i see the vaginal.. Sooo uglya haha

defiant85 said...

Oooo. Me want gay porn~~~

Jay said...

Weird - if straight porn doesn't make gay people puke, why should gay porn have that effect on straight people?

Of course, most of the time when I watch straight porn I'm trying not to look at all the horrible vaginas, but at least I still watch it!

Derek said...

bunnyban: I don't think he's trying to trick me or anything though ...

rad: Thanks for the advice and concern.

But yeah, I meant straight porn. Almost all of them never admit it.

famezgay: That bad meh? Such strong reactions LOL

defiant85: I am sure you have a lot already ;P Yaoi?

jay: I totally understand where you're coming from!

rad said...

In my case, most of my friends admit they watch porn. In fact, they even trade their porns with each other. Then again, maybe that just means I hang around horny ppl :P

The Searcher said...

I LOVE GAY PORN.... It is simply hot.....

confusticated said...

i guess i'm sort of an anomaly. porn isn't in my regular viewing diet, nor do i keep a handy stock of it anywhere near.

am i weird?

Derek said...

rad: Maybe, or maybe my guy friends are just more shy about it ... LOL

the searcher: We know you love it a lot ... too much even. ;P

confusticated: No, you're not weird. Maybe porn just doesn't do it for you, that's all.

Harvey said...

There are straight guys who admit to watching porn. Of course, there are some who're a prude.

thompsonboy said...

so glad that I dun have such nasty encounter at work...

Derek said...

harvey: I think most of my straught friends are prudes then ;P

thompsonboy: Welcome!

Erm, very nasty meh?