Monday, September 21, 2009

Price of admission

Something useful I found on a gay forum. He takes a long time to say it, but basically he's saying that we have to pay the price of admission to have a relationship. And the price of admission is his or her flaws.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

September update

Blogger has been acting up on my PC. Not sure whether it is their problem or mine.

Anyway, sorry for the quite long hiatus. This past month since my return from Bali has been mostly work and studying. I don't even watch that many movies anymore.

Life has been quite good. SK was down in Singapore last weekend. She cooked chicken curry and made soup for my friends and me. That was a wonderful lunch surrounded by excellent company.

The week before, I went to Nick's place for lunch. That was another delicious lunch with braised pork and Hainanese chicken. It was followed by an afternoon of card game of Taboo.

Oh, I had an experience of fish spa three weekends ago. It was my first time and frankly I wouldn't do it again. Sure, it was relaxing and kinda fun but the novelty kinda wore off after 10 minutes. Personally, the feeling from the fishes feeding from my feet was more pricklish than ticklish; more pins-and-needles like than gentle nibbles.

Nyk has been on and off sick for the past couple of weeks. That was quite worrying. For now, there is a persistent cough that remains.

So that's about it for my update. I am sure you guys have more exciting things in your life than mine at the moment. Cheers!