Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chesty Nutty Bang Bang

I went for a play called Chesty Nutty Bang Bang: The Hairspray of the Phoenix. From the title itself, it is quite obvious that it is a parody of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Hairspray and Harry Potter.

It started off with a bang, then slowed down a little in the first hour. The laughs came inconsistently. Even though it was pretty lame, the act of Sir Ian McKellan confusing his roles was pretty funny. In a scene from Lord of the Rings where he was in the tower with Saruman, Magneto emerged spouting lines from X-Men United.

Repeat the above with King Lear which had Ian McKellan in it too. Still funny to me.

Nothing is sacred in this parody. There were Will.I.Am Legend, AVP (Ah Lian Vs Predator, tagline: You never die before ...... is it?), Ratatouille became Ratattooist, Beauty World being poked fun of, Bangkok and the fictional Chitty Chitty Bang Kock go-go bar with its Transformers team of go-go boys, Heroes, etc.

Not forgetting the out of the news and probably forgotten famous sex video of Malaysia's ex-Health Minister, which was made fun off too. It was reenacted somewhat, with the actor humping and shouting in ecstasy, "Who's your datuk (Dato) huh? Who's your datuk?"

Overall, not too bad. Had an evening of fun and laughter to kill the boredom of work.

Two more days at my current office. Yay!

It's Friday tomorrow! Double yay!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Two famous deaths in a week

I was quite sad to find out yesterday that Heath Ledger was found dead in his rented apartment. He didn't seem like those troubled actors and it was shocking news indeed.

Of course, he was most famous for his role in Brokeback Mountain, as Ennis Del Mar. He was the more closeted one and in his situation in that era, I suppose it was understandable. I couldn't understand what he said half the time LOL But he did a wonderful job playing the role of wanting and yearning to be together but yet unable to.

The other movie with him in it which I have watched was Ten Things I Hate About You. I think he was great in the movie too. I watched a little of A Knight's Tale, but I skipped The Patriot.

His most high profile role would have been as the Joker, in the upcoming The Dark Knight. Though I wouldn't have imagined him pulling it off as the Joker, but I would hold my judgment till the movie is released. From his acting thus far, I think it is highly probably that he would have made Joker believable as a maniacally evil and crazy villain.

I agree with most that it is a great loss for the acting world.

And just last week, a lesser known actor Brad Renfro was found dead too. He was deemed a rising child actor in the 1990's, starring in The Client opposite Tom Cruise.

One of Renfro's more memorable movie was Apt Pupil, with Ian McKellan. He was a talented actor too, but obviously was more troubled and had run-ins with the law. His more recent movies were small roles and were quite forgettable.

The thing I look forward to now is to wait for the screening of The Dark Knight.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jumping ship

As our job takes up at least one-third of our adult life, it is only logical that we should find one where it makes happy or at least not too unhappy.

For me, being able to learn new things and do interesting projects are important. Money is not really an issue, but of course it doesn't mean that I can be exploited or be severely underpaid for what I do.

In addition, I want someone who is able to guide me when the need arises. I believe that I have much more to learn and the availability of someone more experienced would be essential.

The people whom I work with are important too. The particular something that needs to be done may be shitty, but if I have a group of wonderful people with me in the same shit, then well, it sure helps a lot.

And currently, the people that I work with are just great, the best so far that I have worked with. Heck, they are just marvellous people with a great sense of humour and lots of fun. All of us are in the same age group and this is our second or third workplace.

It is thus with great sadness that I have to bid them adieu very soon. They know the reason I am leaving and they understand. They will miss me and I would miss them too. I really hope that we would still be friends and keep in touch.

A new year, a new start in a new workplace.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Animals, blood, food

It is already mid week and here I am blogging about what happened over the weekend.

It was quite an eventful one, where I went for the Night Safari, my second time in two years. It was quite enjoyable, though it vaguely seemed similar as they didn't seem to have added any new animals.

On Sunday, I finally went for blood donation which has been postponed three times, twice being Lloyd was ill. Apparently, my timing couldn't have been better as I received an SMS from the blood bank stating, "Dear O Blood Donors, your blood type is urgently needed ....". According to Jaded Jeremy, it was even mentioned on the radio that the blood is in short supply.

All I wanna say is that, Wow, I'm very much impressed by how technology is put to good use!

The prick on the finger to test for iron sufficiently was surprisingly more painful than usual. Heck, it is even painful now if I press on the spot.

The blood donation went well, and quickly too as the blood bag filled up in less than eight minutes. I don't remember having it over with so quickly. Apparently, the fastest time clocked was four minutes. That guy's blood must be gushing out like mad!

Anyway, there is a very good advertisement on blood donation which was played on the MRT stations a couple of months ago. I searched on YouTube but couldn't find it though. In addition, newspapers recently are also mentioning about it frequently. Just yesterday, there was an article called "Why Singaporeans Shun Blood Donation".

All these visibility and publicity is good if it gets people to do donate blood, especially those who never did. But the main thing that struck me was how this is almost unimaginable in Malaysia.

It was also Anson's birthday on Sunday so we had lunch at Vivocity. Then I went for a movie called Dan in Real Life, which is really excellent. Seldom has a movie made me laugh and cry and root for the main character so much, played by Steve Carell (Evan Almighty). Juliette Binoche is also great playing the woman of his dreams.

This movie is highly recommended by me. And according to IMDB, many seem to agree.

Dinner was in Vivocity again, at Marche. Wasn't really hungry, so just had a crepe and took some bites of other people's food.

Two weeks ago, I was at this new Japanese restaurant at Cathay and the food there was quite good. Prices were quite reasonable and the portions were generous. I especially like their grilled mushrooms wrapped in bacon. The mushrooms were full of flavour and juice. The sashimi was quite good too.

There is no menu. We have to go around and pick what we want to order. Pictures and names of ramen, sashimi, tempura, etc were displayed. If we want something, we had to pick up an ice cream stick with the food's name on it and pass them to the staff at the checkout counter.

And one of the items available was this.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sunday movies

2008 kicked off with me working overtime, which is what I have been doing since New Year's, coming back home in a daze of fatigue. It's my busy period, what more with my team being short of one staff who just resigned.

Last Sunday, I visited the Singapore National Museum, which is having an exhibition called Greek Masterpieces from the Louvre. Quite an interesting exhibition with lots of nude life size sculptures and vases and the like. Can't imagine that people back in that time are more appreciative of male nudity than they are now. And yeah, I know the Greeks are the ones that started the whole pedagogy thing ;)

Managed to catch two movies on the same day, Elizabeth: The Golden Age and Vexille, an anime. I found Elizabeth to be so-so, nothing great but the acting was good. The storyline could have been more engaging. The movie ended with some England and Spain going to war and that ships battling was quite good.

Vexille was excellent. The synopsis:
Japan, 2077: A female agent named Vexille is dispatched to Tokyo to investigate whether Japanese are developing robotic technology, which has been banned by the U.N. due to its potential threat to humankind.

That's the gist of it but there is more actually. The storyline was interesting and I was quite engrossed in the plot. About how the last fragments of humanity is more human that those who are 100% human.

The graphics could be better though. Some of the characters movements and outline were not rendered naturally.

Overall, quite a busy Sunday I had last week.

And appropriately for the new year, something new beckons. Something which turns out better, I hope.

Saturday, January 05, 2008


2007 came and went. To me, the whole year seemed to be a non-event, an almost flat line on a graph.

Nothing especially memorable happened in 2007. Well, Nyk did come into life and I am grateful that he still is beside me all these while putting up with my temperaments. But my previous exes all appeared in January anyway, so the event wasn’t special. The person is and it is Nyk.

Maybe work is beginning to dull my sense of time and memory.

One of colleagues mentioned that holidays are definitive moments in a year, as work tends to be the same over time and nothing distinguishes work anyway. Work is work.

As such, highlights for the year would be my trip to China and Taiwan. I have never been to two different countries within a year. I have not even been on a trip with Nyk yet, but hopefully that would change come July.

Nyk did say I watched too damn many movies!

Oh, I ended 2007 with a little splurge on a gadget. It is a Canon A720IS camera, which I have wanted since November.

And this is my last meal of the year, pork ribs at Cafe Cartel, taken with my new camera.

I didn't bother to go anywhere for countdown, as the crowds just drive me crazy.

Wishing everyone a great 2008!