Saturday, November 04, 2006

Phuket Day 3

I can't believe how hetero my colleagues are.

It's quite difficult to have to pretend to be straight and not able to share my social life with them. Which is why a group of gay friends are essential.

They are the ones who understand what it means to be gay.

Since I came back, I felt quite uncomfortable being around them. When just a couple of days ago, I can be totally open and be myself but in front of them, I can't.

Sometimes, it's feels suffocating.

Saturday, 28 October 2006

The game for the day is badminton. Before it started, there was a friendly volleyball match between Malaysia and Hong Kong.

With none of us being good volleyball players, save one, we had to form a rag-tag team. Even though we lost, they put up a good fight against the Hong Kongers.

The Hong Kongers weren't that much better, but I suppose they have been training or at the least, played the game more often than the Malaysians.

As for badminton, sad to say that even though Malaysia was the defending champion, the performance was far from excellent. I am not sure how many rounds were played, but the ones that I watched or those that I was the linesman, the Malaysia players were beaten.

Thus, Malaysia went home empty-handed this year.

The closing ceremony was to be held at the place on top of the hill called Ratri. Looks damn posh and nice. It's a restaurant and bar with live performance every night.

What all these means is basically expensive prices for drinks. A Chang beer costs 1200 baht, which although cheap in KL, is not so in Phuket.

Dinner was good, buffet-style, but there wasn't enough to go around. There was some Thai food served, one of which was noodles wrapped in leaves. That was quite yummy.

As with previous years, TSG always ends with performances from participating countries. Usually, they are drag performances and this year was not different.

I have the pictures, but I am still undecided whether I should post them up or not.

The HK drag queens performed first. It was not so much as a drag show then a hunk show. Their performance was to get someone from each country to play three games, ala those HK variety shows like Super.

Before the games began, the non-drag HK players themselves demonstrated how the games are to be played. They stripped into their underwear to play. Honestly, it wasn't really necessary but I wouldn't complain of the free eye candy.

For me though, only one of them was appealing to me, out of four.

So yeah, it became more of a hunk than drag show.

Next up was the Malaysian one. Ours was better because of it's simplicity. And I am not being biased here.

The Malaysian performers were dressed only in sarong. They pranced, danced and jiggled their way to classic Malay songs like Burung Kakaktua. Less pretentious but definitely more fun. Imagine those songs you grew up with being torn to pieces and remade into something seductive and totally salah.

I had a few pictures taken, but they aren't very clear. So there won't be any pictures posted on the drag queens.

However, I shall leave you with some pictures taken in the morning while I was strolling along Patong Beach.

Too lazy to post all of them up here, so please check out the rest at Flickr.


William said...

It's kinda like serving Thai food in Malaysia. It's unmistakably Thai, but not quite. The taste has got to be "localized". Life is like that at times.

MrBunnyBan said...

Mmm? I do find myself preferring the company of my gay friends. But the aunties in that make up my colleges are another cup of tea. :P

Derek said...

william: I understand that. Which means my search for authentic is much harder ....

mbb: Yeah, we're more fun to hang out with LOL

coolgardy said...

I have not visited Phuket for some time now but from what I have read in your Blog, its still the same.

Can't wait for your next update.