Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Office pornitics 2

During lunch, my colleagues and I were teasing a female manager about her partying, even though she is married.

She denied that she parties, just going out with friends.

I chipped in by saying that I will be going out this weekend clubbing, but do not know where my friend is bringing me to. (Actually, I do know, but it is a gay club, right Takeshi?)

Female Manager: You should go on Fridays, when the crowd is more of the working group of people.
Me: I don't really mind, just go out and to have fun only mar.
Straight Boss: What kind of crowd you like? Older (women), younger, or men?

I was like "Huh? WTF?" and then wanted to say "Men" but of course I didn't.

Me: All three.

There was like, half a second silence at the table.

Me: Of course lar. I want to keep my options open.

And they all laughed. A little uncomfortably, I think.

I know I am quite reckless. Just hope this doesn't come back one day and bite me in the ass. ;P

For some context, please read here.


Cliff said...

That's a great way to keep the closet door slightly ajar in case you want to come out later.
For me, I'm completely out at work. I even keep a picture of Jesse and I on my desk. You know, in my situation, life's just too short not to live it openly!

asm@di said...

you should have said men, then smile winsomely, hahaha.

and you went to phuket!! heavenly innit? i miss the beach there *sigh*

thompsonboy said...

Again, its momemnt like this that makes me feel lucky that I can be out at work and everywhere else

William said...

The question was hardly candid. They're on to you. :). Pornitics-- feels good on the tongue.

Dan said...

I think it's the older women bit that made them gasp. :P

Er, your workmates don't seem like a good choice to come out to.

Derek said...

cliff: Didn't know your workplace is that open.

But you're good at what you do, so they can't say much, can they? ;P

asm@di: Yupz, miss the blue skies and sandy beaches very much! Must ... go .... there ... again!

thompson: Hi there.

No idea what you do, but yeah, it is great to be out at work! *envious*

william: Hmmm, my friend said the same thing.

But I'm not too bothered. As someone said, life's too short.

dan: No, they are not. Damn straight! Straighter than an arrow! ;P