Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chinese New Year update

This is the fourth day of Chinese New Year and so far, it has been quite dull actually.

For people like us who don't have a hometown to go back to; who have no relatives to visit except for my maternal grandmother and my aunt, things have been quite eventful.

Let's recap:
First day: Went to the temple in the morning and then stayed at home for the rest of the day. Which was OK actually; first day of CNY one is supposed to go visiting anyway. Watched some TV and read some magazines.

In the afternoon, we went to Genting for a couple of hours. We don't usually do this; it's usually my parents who go up. But this time, my brother and I had to follow. Something about going to higher ground, so that we can achieve higher goals or reach for better things. Heh, CNY is a lot about symbolic actions and behaviours.

Second day: Went back to my grandma's house, which is still pretty near and doesn't require hours-long travelling time. She stays in Sg Buloh. We had lunch there and left immediately. My dad isn't the type to linger around long. In fact, as my grandma and my aunt (they live next to each other) are like the only close relatives I have, I wonder why we never go back for reunion dinner.

In fact, reunion dinner for us is just us, my immediate family. My dad is a sickler for tradition - no matter that it's only the four of us for reunion dinner, unless there are some paternal relatives we can have dinner with. Like, my maternal grandma and aunt aren't relatives?

In the evening, I wanted to do some shopping. But I didn't expect most shops in Midvalley to close at eight (it is still a public holiday), because in previous years, they didn't. So we just walked around in the shopping mall, browse some books, bought some magazines and met up with a friend of mine for a while.

Third day: The most eventful one. I invited some of my high school friends over to my house. Though we had lunch outside first. Played some cards and did some catching up with each other's lives. Of course, CF was around as well.

After that, two of them left and CF, LH and I went out for dinner. It was raining for a bit while we having dinner (the weather is usually quite hot during CNY). Dinner was followed by spending time at CF's house and we watched Brokeback Mountain. CF and I were joined by KW.

Later, we left for mamak and we talked about everything under the sun, from high school hay acquaintances to movies and people whom we would like to meet. Inadvertently, one of the topics triggered something in CF, which made him unhappy.

As usual, he said it was nothing and that he was fine. I noticed his change in mood as he was very quiet after that topic was brought up. I didn't give it much thought then and said that we would talk more about it tomorrow.

Which is why, I am off to see him now.


Jay said...

Did you discuss 'people you'd like to meet' or 'people you'd like to sleep with'? New boyfriend must be careful one - especially the sensitive type, as CF appears to be!

Hope the chat went well. Happy New Year!

BTW someone (Jay Jae) left a comment on my blog saying that 'Derek' shares my birthday. You ah?

hrugaar said...

Yeah, hope the chat went well. Sounds as though CF needs lots of cuddles and being made to feel special, often. Well hey, don't we all? :o)

Jo said...

Hi, is CF alright?

Kit said...

It's take time for a couple to understand each other, but sometime, be surprise, the other half might give you an unexpected 'shock'! Having the precious time or living with the special one in your life sure will have lots challenges ahead. Think that how lucky we are when someone cares and thinking of us anytime, anywhere. We are born to love...


Smile lah...

MrBunnyBan said...

Wah? I hope its not as serious as you're making it sound. By the time you read this you'll have talked it through most likely. Unless he needs some space, which is okay.

Eh, I think you'll be okay. :)

ça va pas la tête said...

My new year is pretty uneventful too but I like it that way. ;)

KW said...

Omg... was it something i said? ><

AJ said...

Happy new year to ya!

And may I say, OMG!... Whats the outcome?

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR derek!... many happy returns...

Mine was eventful... broke up my bf coz there was a third party he knew less than a week... and he is a young guy who just left school...

Imagine crying on the 4th day of new year... sigh... oh well cheers.


Derek said...

jay: Thanks for the advice. Will keep them in mind. Though I have assured him a lot that the important thing is that I am with him now, and not someone else.

Nope, my birthday is in March.

hrugaar: Yup, we all need cuddles and all. CF is getting a lot of those from me. ;P

jo: Oh yes, he's fine now. Thanks.

kit: I agree it takes time to really understand each other. Thanks for the support.

mrbunnyban: Yup, we're OK now. Thanks for the SMS ;P

ça va pas la tête: Oh well. Glad you had an uneventful CNY then.

kw: Nope, it's not you ler.

aj: The outcome is good, after an honest talk with each other.

anonymous: Awww ... I am so sorry to hear that. *hugs*

It's his loss. You can do better than that.

Anonymous said...

hey lad,

happy to see that you guys patched up yah.

relationships are fragile. especially when it's the foundation-building stage. but we all learn from the hard knocks yah.

take care!


Harvey said...

Hi, I'm glad to hear that everything is okay. Anyway, i'm sure everything you guys went through had reinforced your relationhip.

All the best! ^_^

keatix said...

hey hey hey!! happy chinese new year... apart from the overrated 'prosperity' , health and happiness to u mate!

CNY at mamak? and mid-valley? anyhow, calm and uneventful CNY is better than anything really! cool!

Derek said...

pinz: Hey, it has been so long since you last commented!

Yeah, we all learn as we go on. Though there was nothing to patch up really. Just an honest talk.

harvey: Thanks Harvey.

keatix: Yeah, CNY was like that. Spent a lot of time with CF and meeting his friends and him meeting mine.