Thursday, January 26, 2006

All over the guy

This is actually part of yesterday's post, but I think it was drowned by the more prominent and interesting events at the coffee night.

As I left my condominium last Saturday, the guards asked “Pergi dating ah?” (Going for a date?)

I said, “Ya, pergi dating.” (Yes, I am going for a date.)

A few steps later, he asked, “Dengan awek?” (With girlfriend?)

I smiled politely and left.

Duh! CF has been seen so often with me that, unless the guards are Neanderthals and blind, it’s impossible that they don’t know.

His blue Proton car comes around the corner almost everyday, stops and I come out of it after ten minutes. This has happened since we started going out. I have even brought him home twice.

Oh well.

Initially, I do get a little uncomfortable when I am in CF's car, as we drive past the guard house. CF parks the car a little further away from them and I spent a long time couple of more minutes before getting out.

Of course, I have to be wary of peeping eyes. There are times when I couldn't give him a goodbye or goodnight kiss; either because it was bright daylight or there were passersby.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve someone like him. I look into his brown eyes and I could almost feel the love emanating from them. I admit that he is more into me than I am to him, which on one hand I am really grateful for, and on the other, I think he deserves better.

We have our differences in opinion, but we haven't had our first major argument yet. I don't look at disagreements as something bad; they are part and parcel of a relationship. In fact, if there is none, I would be really worried.

Here's to many more wonderful and incredible moments!

[All over the Guy is a gay-themed movie.]


savante said...

Wah, kiss him lah!


Anonymous said...

I know that CF is REALLY into you and you are right...He does deserve better...thats why he has you.

If you want to know what you did to deserve CF, I ask you to do one thing. Look in the mirror. What do you see? Yourself. By you being yourself, you got CF. He fell in love with your charm and personality. How do I know this? Lets just say a little cat name seige told me so.


Alex said...

Awww.... that's beautiful...
Hear, hear!

ZemieN said...

I guess it's true for every relationship that a disparity in affection exists. But it doesn't mean you don't love him as much. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed by the other person's love that we feel inadequate. And he might feel the same way too...

But no matter what, I love you for being in love! Keep the sail steady! :)

Anonymous said...

whats said my anonymous is so how do I put it... right...

keep it up...


Kyle said...

It's always so sweet then there's a story about a nice beautiful couple.. Nah, dont worry about anything that isnt there... he deserved you and so i will assume it goes the other way around too...

Spot said...

Hear hear! *clink*

So happy for you :D

hrugaar said...

How can you call the coffee night more prominent and interesting than romancing CF?? Wake up! :oD

Love isn’t about deserving. It’s more about the adoration and love in CF’s dark chocolate eyes (yummy! :oP ). Keep kissing.

MrBunnyBan said...

Judging on character types, I see only good things in the end for you two. :) Don't worry, just keep going!

Derek said...

savante: Kiss many times already! LOL

anonymous: Hmm, quite true. Thanks for the little insight. ;P

alex: Thanks. ;P

zemien: I love you for being in love!

Awww ... thanks for the support. That's really sweet!

vincent: Welcome back. And thanks. ;P

kyle: Agreed. Savour the moment, right?

spot: Thanks. Just trying to emulate you and snowie. ;P

hrugaar: Of course, CF is the more prominent and important one.

Yup, he's so sweet that sometimes, I feel like eating him. LOL

mrbunnyban: Thanks for the support. You have mine as well.

Musang said...

wow... very sweet lah.

obviously you and cf will lead a very good life together. cheers for both of you!

take care. and uh... happy chinese new year!

Jay said...

NM and I have never had a big argument either in the two years that we've been together. Makes a good change from all the volatile relationships I've been in!

Happy New Year Derek!

Derek said...

bitch: Heh. Thanks. Happy holidays to you as well. ;P

jay: Wow, no major argument in two years! I hope CF and I can have achieve that too.

phi said...

Ah!!! the love stuck boy having all the time here to blog but yet to check his emails. Ironic!
neverthless Good luck with your love.


keatix said...

pffuuuuuh! so lovey dovey!!! good for u mate!

Derek said...

phi: Yup, it's a little strange, ain't it? LOL

Will have to clear up my inbox soon.

keatix: Thanks, keatix. ;P