Thursday, February 23, 2006

Table for two

We were at Italiannese yesterday. KW is going back to Australia this weekend, so it was more like a farewell dinner for him. All three of us have never eaten there before, so we decided to give it a go, though CF is not really a fan of Italian food.

To show how much he likes Italian, he seriously wanted to order a steak or lamb chop. In an Italian restaurant!

Food was quite good. I didn’t bring my camera, so can’t show you the pictures here. There was a girl with us too – GL.

We had a great time making lots of jokes and sexual innuendos, especially since we ordered spaghetti with meat balls. The meat balls were huge; they were almost as big as golf balls.

“How do the balls taste like?”

“Hmm, a little too salty.”

Anyway, tomorrow is my job interview and I will be taking the day off. Haven’t been to an interview for almost two years, so I would need to do some reading and preparation.

Though CF wishes that I don’t get the job, but I believe he knows that it’s something I want and it will be good for me. Why, it will be good for the both of us actually. Not just pay-wise, but also my marketability in the international job market.

Which reminds me. There will be three trainees joining my organization for their vacation training – two guys and a girl. Naturally, I was chosen (again!) to be the girl’s mentor - teaching her stuff, bringing her out for lunch, answering her queries, etc.

In other words, a matchmaking attempt by my colleagues.


Seems like they forgot what happened last year. Or maybe they are really determined to see me get a girlfriend, if it's the last thing they do.

There was a girl trainee last year too and I was assigned the same responsibilities. Of course, I was not too keen and couldn’t even be bothered. I only took her out for lunch twice in the eight weeks that she was in the office.

Needless to say, it would have been more frequent if it was a cute guy.

And I am sure CF will not approve of me doing it this this, assuming the two guys are cute. ;P


weeshiong said...

Gee. Now I'm not sure whether or not to wish you good luck for the interview.

But good luck anyway :)

hrugaar said...

Maybe you get the girl trainee because women find it easier to talk to you, lar. ;oD

Grilled beefsteak is an Italian regional dish, btw - in Florence and/or Tuscany, I think. It ain't all pasta there, y'know.

Hope you enjoy the interview. It's all good experience, whether you get this particular job or not.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in your interview. I know how CF feels abt you going for the Interview, but take heart that he wants and knows whats best for you.

ça va pas la tête said...

Good luck and hey, enjoy your trainnee.. I am sure it's nice if ppl make you tea and stuff in the office. ;)

akihisa said...

Salty balls ?! LOL ! I absolutely LOVE Italian food. I'll take pasta over rice any day !!

Good luck for the interview, Derek. Surely, CF will understand a man's need to further his career, right.

keatix said...

where yer goin if u get the job?

Holden said...

Hey Derek. Good luck 4 the interview! Where are you going anyway?

Jay said...

OK, so we want to know how the interview went. Hurry up! Can CF retire now and live like a tai-tai like Spot?

Derek said...

weeshiong: You should. Thanks, ws. ;P

hrugaar: No really, I know for sure that my colleagues are setting me up. ;P

Oh, and I did enjoy the interview.

anonymous: Yeah, I know he's being supportive, even though reluctantly.

ça va pas la tête: They are trainees, dear, not tea ladies/boys.

But still, yeah, they probably can do that for me occasionally. LOL

akihisa: Yup, CF knows alright. He's been supportive and all.

keatix: Not that far, but ain't near either. Just down south. ;P

holden: Singapore. ;P

jay: Should I feel worried as I still haven't got a reply from them?

Think I will just give them a call.