Wednesday, February 15, 2006

V-Day conversations

Yesterday, 3.30 p.m. On the phone in the office.

Ring, ring!
Me : Hi Mom, how's things at home?
Mom: Things are OK. Feeling a little sleepy now.
Me : Is it raining heavily over there? It's raining cats and dogs here ...
Mom: Yes, same here. Pause. Later after work, who are you going out for movies with?
(I told my mom earlier in the day that I am going for movies.)
Me : I am going with CF.
Mom: Pause.
(She knows CF, as he had come to visit when I was recuperating at home after the surgery.)
Mom: How come not with a girl?
Me : (rolling my eyes) Coz there's no girl I know who is still single. They are all either married or taken.
Mom: There's not even one?
Me : Really, there's none.

I suppose she still harbours hope for a daughter-in-law.

The good thing was that she didn't seem too unhappy. At least, not that I can tell. Usually she would sound visibly hurt and all upset.

So, is she finally coming around or not? It has been eight months since I came out.

I really don't know ...


MrBunnyBan said...

"Coz there's no girl I know who is still single. They are all either married or taken."

Often our replies mirror what we think our parents are ready for. Seeing as how this was the best answer you could give...well, it doesn't seem like you've been expecting much progress. :(

And yeah, she's gonna figure CF's significance, if not already. These things don't solve themselves you know- usually you've got to actually sit down and talk it through. Does she respect your opinion usually?

hrugaar said...

1) I'm really glad you went out with CF for the evening. :o)

2) Which movie did you go see? Or were you too busy looking at CF to notice? ;oP

3) When mom asked, How come not with a girl? why not just say, "Because I said I would go with CF"? (Or even, "Because I want to go with CF") Little hints, without bigs shocks.

Jay said...

Mom: How come not with a girl?
Me : Coz there's no girl I know who has a penis.

That'll be the end of the stupid questions. Trust me.

Chaichakri said...

i look at coming to parents in a different manner, there are less pretensions and the need of finding more excuses. at least, that's my experience... hee hee

Derek said...

mrbunnyban: Nope, she doesn't really.

And I think she has figured out what CF means to me. There have been hints from me and there are signs she knows.

1) me too
2) answered in my next post
3) I'll say that next Valentine's ;P

jay: Let's see you using date, jay honey. ;P

kitjar: Thanks for your input. ;P

suanie said...

somehow i think parents are more ok with girls hanging out with girls on vday than guys hanging out with guys on vday. must be the traditional notions of a girl being demure bla bla.

they have no idea how dangerous girls can get these days :D