Sunday, February 05, 2006

Chinese New Year Update II

On the fourth day of CNY, the plan was to meet CF and friends of his, a couple and the girlfriend's sister. CF and I had a lot of time to talk over about the things that bothered him and I managed to put his mind at ease.

Thanks for the concern and advice given. ;-)

We spent the whole afternoon in KL Plaza shopping for bags and clothes. Didn't find any that we like, so we had dinner and went back to CF's house.

All four of us spent the night in CF's house, after playing countless rounds of mahjong and watching a DVD. The three of them (couple and the sister) shared a room, of course.

So everything seemed to be back to normal.

Unfortunately, something similar happened the day before yesterday. My best friend is having some difficulties in his relationship (parents disapprove of the relationship) and he has been going around to a few temples to ask for divine opinion. He even went all the way to Melaka on Thursday to seek heavenly answers from the temples there.

Anyway, he asked me out for breakfast - bak kut teh in Klang. After that, he wanted to see a palm reader in Menara NPL (formerely Menara HLA). He didn't know which floor the shop is, or even whether it would be open or not (Thursday was still a public holiday).

We spent fifteen minutes looking for the shop and alas, it was closed.

Another brilliant either strike him though. He decided to go to an Indian palmist instead. This time, the temple is located in Bukit Gasing.

I tagged along. Since I am not a believer in all these kind of things, I was curious.

My friend went first. When it was my turn, this was what the palmist had to say:
Wealth and Property: Good. Be careful when buying or taking ownership of property from friends - as in have to go through the proper procedures and not be lax even though the seller is a friend.

Health: Before the age of 30, there is a metal-related incident, either car accident or surgery. Also, there might be intestinal, kidney or bladder problems.

But the part that really got me to sit up and go "Oh boy" was this - romance.

He said that I should be faithful to one person. He forsaw that there would be many who would be attracted to me, but that I should choose one person.

Immediately, I realised that CF would not be too happy to hear this. Nevertheless, I still told him about it. CF rightfully said that he would be more upset if I didn't.

Still, it got to him. Somewhat. Not as bad as the previous one though.

Of course, being alerted to such possibilities, true or otherwise, is good. If I am aware of these, at least I could be prepared.

But for now, CF is the one that I am going out with and is the love of my life.


savante said...

He said you'd be faithful. Why wouldn't CF be happy with that?


hrugaar said...

Yes, CF might have more cause to worry if the palmist had said that you would be chasing after lots of people!

I assume the guy meant you should choose one person and stick with them, not choose one person at a time. ;oP

Jay said...

I'd have thought that CF would be happy to be with someone who has lots of admirers. I mean, who wants to date someone nobody wants? :-p

MrBunnyBan said...

Hmmm, doesn't really say anything CF shouldn't already know. Which is probably part of his worries in the first place. But having a random fortune telling say that, well.

keatix said...

fortune teller said many would be attracted to u not vice versa. anyway, i believe one should place utmost trust on the other....

Anonymous said...

what a joke these fortune tellers are. even funnier are those who sit up and go "oh boy"

Musang said...

hihihik. so you are soon to become the object of lust for other people. maybe CF aware of this and afraid of competition. and he's bloody jealous.

anyway, don't trust too much on fortune tellers. they might be misleading. i don't believe them.

i really don't.

now, out of curiosity, where is this bukit gasing? the exact location of the palmist?

but still. i don't believe them.

Derek said...

paul: You know, I have weak will power and all. LOL

But seriously, I suppose I would be worried too if I were in his position.

hrugaar: Yup, he meant that I should stick to the person I have chosen.

jay: Well, if you put it that way, I guess he can't argue. ;P

mrbunnyban: Sometimes it takes a stranger to drive the point home. Still, it's always good to be reminded anyway.

keatix: Keatix dear, we do trust each other a lot. ;P

anonymous: Oh, I meant me. I was the one who went "Oh boy!" when I heard what the palmist said.

bitch: I actually don't trust fortune tellers. It's more like listening to what they have to say and take note, that's all.