Thursday, February 16, 2006

Post-Valentine post

I know, I know, it's been two days already. Still, I would like to share how we spent that day.

So much for not celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Well, technically we didn’t, because my definition of V-Day celebration is to really splurge on expensive gifts and a lovely candlelight dinner followed by you-know-what.

The plan was to have dinner and then go for a movie at Midvalley. As soon as I stepped foot inside the largest shopping mall in Malaysia, I could feel the lovey-dovey-ness of couples everywhere. The girls would be carrying a stalk (cheapskate!) or two or a bouquet of roses (my boyfriend loves me so much!).

Many of them were also in matching colour shirts (pink was very popular) or worse, in identical T-shirts!

I wanted to go to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner, but they didn’t serve any ala-carte dishes. Obviously cashing in on love, its image in my eyes has somewhat dropped.

The waitress said, “No sir, no ala-carte on Valentine’s Day. What we have is only Valentine’s dinner set, costing MYR49.90++ per person.”

To that I said, no thank you. We’ll be on our way.

We had Japanese food instead, which came up to less than RM50. For the both of us.

For movies, we watched Prime. It was quite good and hilarious, about a 37 year old divorcee who likes a 23 year old artist. CF enjoyed the movie a lot, judging from his laughter.

Meryl Streep is excellent, as always. Uma Thurman is pretty and the male lead, Bryan Greenberg is absolutely yummy. Especially how he looked in the movie, when he got out bed ….

Greenberg was voted one of the top 10 sexiest men on Gaywired, which I agree.

After the movie, we walked around a bit, window shopping. It was about nine o’clock, and the mall was teeming with couples. Definitely more people than a normal weekday.

Only now it struck me what would the other young and old, teen and adult patrons think. CF and I were amongst the very few male-male pairs (there were others, but of course we were overwhelmed by the straight ones) on Valentines Day.

We were being touchy-feely and arms-over-shoulders a lot, but I think most of them were too busy looking into each other’s eyes to even notice the people around them.

Including us actually. ;P


Kit said...

You're not walking hand in hand with CF meh? More people would be surprised! :P

I saw you and CF did before woh...

akihisa said...

Funny looks were thrown our way when my friends and I went to One Utama on V-Day. Lucky, we didn't wear matching shirts. Otherwise, god knows how they would react. LOL !!

hrugaar said...

What Japanese food did you eat? (presumably not sushi, or you would have said)

The after dinner 'window-shopping' walk sounds really sweet ... you see, you do have some romantic in you. ;oP

Hope you didn't skimp on the you -know-what afterward. ;o)

Jay said...

Speaking as someone who spent it working in a callcentre, your Valentine's Day sounds absolutely fabulous to me.

Hope you had sex after.

Derek said...

kit: Yes kit, I know you saw us did that before. But we were in a shopping mall, in Malaysia.

I did have my arms wrapped around his waist though.

akihisa: People here think funny, that's why. What's wrong with a group outing on Valentine's, right?

hrugaar: He had udon and I had spagetti.

I am quite the romantic, you know. LOL

jay: Awww, thanks. We did have a fabulous one. But your V card for NM is unbeatable, of course. ;P

Spot said...

You know, I've often noted that it is very very very rare to see two men having a meal together in any establishment that isn't a mamak, coffeeshop or pub.

And when I do see them, 9 times out of 10, my gaydar goes balistic. :)

Two women having a meal anywhere, everywhere and no one would even blink.

So not fair, hor?

Glad you had such a nice date that day.

MrBunnyBan said...

I think a blog about your willingness to discuss "you-know-what" on your blog is in order. ;-)

hrugaar said...

Japanese spaghetti?? ;oP

Harvey said...

Ah, so nice and lovely. Well, you cannot not celebrate the V-day if you have a boyfriend, can you? O.o I've never heard of Japanese spragetti too.

Hank said...

oh, both of you were in mid valley that day. Didn't met you else i can have a look who is CF actually. Lost my mobile phone in california fitness on that day

Derek said...

spot: Not that uncommon, spot dear. You see them everywhere - Starbucks, restaurants, cafes, etc.

And yes, it is very unfair. But I don't really care. Let them stare if they want. ;P

mrbunnyban: You think wrong, honey. ;P

hrugaar: It was actually spagetti in green curry. So it was more like fusion. Surprisingly, tasted quite good.

harvey: Cannot not celebrate ar? But I guess I did, so yeah. ;P

hank: It was an unlucky day for you. And yeah, too bad we didn't see you either.