Monday, February 13, 2006

Last two days of CNY

CNY is officially over now, as it was the fifteenth day of the celebration yesterday. This year’s has been more eventful than previous years with me visiting friends and friends coming over to my place.

Last Friday, some of my university friends dropped by after dinner. CF didn’t join us, which led some of them to ask about his whereabouts. I told them he was at a friend’s house. Deep down, I thought it was very sweet of them to ask. It was social affirmation that we are a couple.

On Saturday, I was invited to a colleague’s CNY open house. I decided to bring CF along, but he has to pass off as my younger cousin.

Which I am not sure they really believed. I was the only one who brought a guy.

Oh well.

The food was quite good. I especially liked the curry puffs, which were quite different from the usual ones. They skin was flaky, not hard, and the filling was delicious.

Half an hour later, two guys arrived which immediately attracted my attention as they just screamed gay. They might as well have the word written on their foreheads.

CF and I were snickering – the host i.e. my colleague does have gay friends after all. Though I am not sure whether he knows it. Or even whether the other guests knew.

Apparently, both of them are his high school friends. Not sure though whether they were a couple or not. CF thought one of them was kinda cute ;P

As most of the attendants were my colleagues and no one made an effort to talk to CF, save one, we decided to leave early. Just as we were about to, another group – four guys and a girl – arrived.

CF commented that they were all gay, except for the couple. He said that the clothes that they wear were soooo retro, that they have to be gay!

Which I disagreed actually.

The shirts and pants may look gay, but their behaviour did not. Not wanting to argue over this, we left it at that.

There was another invitation to another colleague’s house yesterday. I was tempted to have CF come along again, but decided otherwise.

For one, there were fewer guests and two, all of them work in the same department as I do, unlike Saturday’s host.

Five of us were invited, three girls and two guys. The girls brought a boyfriend, husband and girl friend respectively. The other guy’s girlfriend is outstation, so that obviously she couldn't come.

And then, there was me. By myself.

I think my game might be up, like Jay. Just the other day, a lady colleague, Z, commented how she was disgusted when colleague S talks about his dating prowess and the girls he date. On the other hand, if colleague P brings this topic up, she is quite OK about it.

Probably coz P does not look as lecherous as S.

Anyway, I have to open my mouth and I asked, “How would you feel if I talked about it?

Don’t know la. Should be able to accept, I think. You try and see.

Another male colleague said, “But you never talk about it! Every time we talk about it, you keep quiet.


Just two days earlier, when Z told everyone that she planned to have both her fiancé and herself to be dressed in pink on their wedding there, I asked “Are you sure? Some people just don’t look nice in pink.

Ok-lar, he’s quite fair and I think he will look quite nice in pink.

If he does not, try fuschia.

That certainly can’t have helped with improving my heterosexual image.

Actually, I am beyond the point of caring. Let the unspoken remain unspoken, the unconfirmed remain unconfirmed.


Anonymous said...

perhaps mauve or puce would have been more heterosexual? hahaha. ryan.

hrugaar said...

But you never talk about it! Every time we talk about it, you keep quiet.

I've heard that before ... and that's from friends (straight or gay) who want to talk to me about possible boyfriends for me, and then they wonder why I fight shy of talking about it. Maybe I should talk more about it, I don't know.

The bridegroom could try going for a much lighter pink, like pale cherry blossom (it goes better with the fair complexion - I'm fair, I've worked this out), and the bride in a darker shade. :o)

savante said...

PInk is always lovely! A light pink with a dark maroon tie would be great.


Jay said...

Light pink lah! And obviously the groom can't be in pink all over - even Elton John showed a bit more restraint. Light pink under a dark suit... very sexy.

Derek said...

ryan: Maybe, just maybe. LOL

hrugaar: If they're talking about boyfriends, I would definitely join in the conversation! You should too!

Actually, I have met the guy and he doesn't look fair to me. It's the usual brownish Malay skin colour.

Though I am quite sure you look terrific in pale pink!

savante: Thanks for the tip. I'll pass the message to her then. ;P

jay: I suppose light pink works well with most skin colours?

Oh, not sure whether he will be in pink all over. If he is, I will be laughing again. ;P

hrugaar said...

Yeah, I used to wear pale pink shirt under black or navy jacket. Not sure if I looked lovely, LOL! But if I wore maroon tie with it my skin would look like tomato. :o\