Tuesday, February 21, 2006

His friends and mine

Nothing much has happened since V-Day.

On Saturday, we had dinner with some of CF’s high school friends at Victoria Station. I was introduced as the boyfriend, while I was at the gents. So I didn’t know what heir reactions were, but I don’t think there were gasps. No one even bat an eyelid.

I suppose it’s such a common thing now to the younger sections of society (By the way, CF is four years younger than I am).

Anyway, it was my turn yesterday. We had a farewell dinner for a friend who is going to Hong Kong to work. There were twelve of us; mostly they are my juniors from high school, with two of them my peers.

None of them knows, except for one.

Of course they were asking who was sitting next to me. A stranger amongst them. The one leaving for HK brought his girlfriend, but we have all seen her before.

CF said he wanted to pass off as older than he actually is. The story was that he was my friend, who is in his final year in a foreign university.

We didn’t discuss on how we met. Not surprisingly, we thus gave different answers to two different persons when we were asked that question.

I suppose by CF’s and my behaviour, it was obvious that we weren’t just friends. I had a feeling they were watching us and wondering how could two friends be so close.

Fortunately, he wasn’t bored or ignored, though I was busy catching up with the rest as I haven’t met them in a long time. A few of them did the make effort to chat with him. The one who knows about us, got along best with CF at the table. They two of them were whispering and laughing while I was busy talking with the others.

It was the first time for CF in Chilli’s, and he didn’t like what he ordered. He had always wanted to try the food and he came away disappointed. I think I will bring him there again and order something else.

Amongst all these, there is a looming possibility of a certain event which, if and when it happens, will test what we have. It has been a sore subject whenever it is brought up, but he has tried to give his support, albeit reluctantly.

What I can say is that, even though there would be distance between us, it doesn’t mean we would drift apart, for whatever reason. Yes, there is always the chance of that happening, so we just have to work harder at it, at making it work.

Thanks for being there, CF. You have been the best thing that has happened to me so far. And thus far, the ride has been great. The journey is still far, with the occasionally bumps here and there, but it will continue to be fantastic.


savante said...

Tell CF there's no way he can pass as a guy in his final year :) Perhaps as a freshman?


Legolas said...

Freshman? Try a Form 5 graduate waiting for SPM results. ;-p

Strong will, same goal, confidence, one final target. That'll keep the magic continues. Best wishes. :-)

MrBunnyBan said...

Gah...you guys are being mean to CF! >:(

...seriously, Form 5?

Me knows nothing about distance sadly- can only shout encouragement. You can do it, woohoo! *waves pompoms*

akihisa said...

Awww ! CF is one lucky guy. It's always a good thing if you're aware a relationship needs work. That way, hard times will be easier to handle. ;)

hrugaar said...

With communications these days (phone, internet, and fast travel) distance is much less of a hurdle than it used to be even fifty years ago. Sure, it requires a bit more effort than if your bf lives just around the corner ... but you both know you're worth it. :o)

Friends don't always get on with new partners, strange but true. You're lucky both sets of friends seem to receive you fairly well. :o)

ça va pas la tête said...

very sweet!

Harvey said...

It may help if you let all your friends know that you're gay. But that's a different story. You're really lucky to have CF and not have to make the relationship clandestine.