Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Today is that day of the year again, when the colour red and pink dangling from all corners in shopping malls; where love birds can be seen everywhere, coupling to celebrate the Day of Love.

I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. For one, there was no one to celebrate with. And even when I did have, he wasn’t around.

Even though I am attached now, I don’t plan to do anything special this year. Why spoil a 24 year old record of no celebration, right?

I really don’t see the point of doing something when almost everyone else is doing it. It’s not like me to jump on the bandwagon except if there is a yummylicious hunk in it.

Which reminds me of what happened last year during my birthday.

A small group of us were at Chilli’s in Midvalley to celebrate. It was quite packed for a weekday (it was a Thursday). On that day, I distinctly remember at least five other tables where the happy birthday song was sung.

Heck, a friend of mine from high school who shares the same birthday as me, was even sitting with his girlfriend right at the next table!

And I thought I was special and unique and fabulous.

Oh wait. I am actually. But on that day, my sense of individuality took a slight dip.

Never mind, that was last year anyways. I am not going to Chili’s again this year ...

Not to say that I don’t believe in love or the celebration of it, but in this day and age, it has become waaaay too commercialized and very pop culture. I am not going to add to opportunistic traders' and eateries' already bulging coffers. Which I definitely do not agree with.

I would rather celebrate and spend time and effort for days which are more meaningful, like CF’s birthday and our anniversary.

Still, I am a romantic at heart and I do celebrate in spirit, which is why I am wearing a pink work shirt now with a matching maroonish tie.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!

P/S Not trying to rub it in or anything, but even though romance is not in your life now, it will be. Not today, but it could be tomorrow. As they say, it may take a long for him to appear in your life so that you would appreciate it when he does. In the meantime, enjoy being single and being surrounded by family and friends.


hrugaar said...

What is it with pink shirts and maroon ties, lar? Think I'll wear grey today, just for a change. heh.

But you're still going to see CF today, right? Could be he wants to make something of the day, even if you don't ... :oP

Nige said...

I love the parting statement. That is so true. ;-)

Think we're all sometimes so blinded when we're looking and looking we don't see the obvious...that we are well loved.

Happy Valentines Day.

Jay said...

Well, you don't have to celebrate it with bouquets and limo rides and dinner in a Michelin-rated restaurant, but it might be nice to just hang out with CF tonight. You know, just because you can.

Kyle said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you... :)

Spot said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you and CF anyway!

we didn't celebrate it either, just hung out at Times bookshop. So romance.

MrBunnyBan said...

...gah? Not celebrating just because everyone's doing it? Because it's too commercialised?

Are you sure you're not trying a little too hard to be non-conformist?

savante said...

It has to be tomorrow! I can't wait any longer, dammit!


jo said...

the last italic paragraph was nice. it kinda soothed me down...haha. thanks man.

Derek said...

hrugaar: Nothing much with the tie and shirt; just that they suit the mood of Valentine. ;P

nige: That's how I got through all my previous Valentines! LOL

jay: Heh ... yeah, just because I can. ;P

kyle: A belated Valentine's to you, Kyle dear.

spot: How romantic can that be, just spending time at the Times.

We were at MPH for like ... 10 minutes. ;P

mrbunnyban: Nope, I am just being me. ;P

savante: It was tomorrow yesterday. So how ar? ;P

jo: You're welcome, jo. *hugs*