Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Third movie and dinner

Some Golden Globes awards results:
Felicity Huffman won the Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Drama for her role in Transamerica. Brokeback Mountain won four awards, namely Best Director, Best Movie, Best Screenplay and Best Original Song.

For TV series, Lost and Desperate Housewives won for best drama and comedy series respectively.

But still, the DVD for Brokeback is not out yet. Hmmph ...

Anyway, I was at the movies yesterday and watched King Kong with CF. Watching movies is something we both enjoy and we have been going quite often.

My straight friends commented that the movie was boring, a chick flick; especially the scene where Kong danced with Ann Darrow on ice.

I actually found it quite good, especially those quiet scenes where so much was said by just looking at each other. The only annoying thing about it was the length. There were quite a few things which the movie could have done without, like the scenes showing the dinosaurs chasing and the insects attacking the crew.

After that, we went to this restaurant with a weird name, but CF insisted that the food is good and affordable. The eatery is called Taste Walking, in Sri Petaling. They served Western and fusion dishes.

CF had dory fish and I had lamb shoulder. The food was indeed delicious and CF likes the dessert there the most. I can’t remember what it was called; but it was cream puff with hot chocolate filling, served on top of some ice cream.

He has such a sweet tooth; he likes cakes and desserts. I am fine with that, but he then complains about his weight! Heh.

He’s sweet enough already, without adding more sugar and honey and cream.

As I was spending time with him, I realised how lucky I am to have someone like him as my boyfriend – innocent, caring, kind, gentle and crazy to bits over me.

I have a good mind to bring him along for dinner with my university friends on Friday. Though it may be a little odd, I would like him to meet some of my friends whom I spent three years of my life with.

But the thing is, I am not out to all of them. Out of eight, only five of them know.

Should I bring him anyway? Two more days to decide ...


Jay said...

Unless he shows up in a leotard with high heels, it really shouldn't matter. The ones who know, will know. The ones who don't will just assume you've brought along a friend who had nothing better to do.

Just don't stick your tongue in his ear before the main course, it's rude.

hcpen 彭皓全 said...

Yeah, agree with jay, bring him along, the thing with ppl is if they know, they will pick up all the hints but if they don't know, then they assume u two are just friends...

KW said...

i say yes yes yes yes!

p.s. U better tell me all about it if you go CF!


you guys really are SUCH a sweet couple!

MrBunnyBan said...

Another vote for showing off your BF. :)

Kit said...

I bought along my bf for my best friend weeding, a memorable and shocking experience when the bridegroom greeted and congratulated both of us there.....

Now is your turn :)

Just few people only mah! :P

Shigeki said...

If your boy is up for it, maybe, it's good to bring him :) It doesn't have to be "Oh, this is my daring sweetest boyfriend of mine" introduction. Just easy relaxing non-issue thingies. :)

hrugaar said...

Yeah, your bf sounds such a cutie, just bring him along. But as Jay says, no high heels or leotards. :oD

Spot said...

Yay for my favourite housewife Lynette!

And yeah, I vote - bring CF along if he doesn't mind. It's an important first step, I tellya.

Nige said...

Hey Derek

Thanks for stopping by my "place." Yes, bring him along. If they ask, tell the truth. If they don't, it doesn't matter. Those who know will know and those who don't, doesn't matter.

Funnily enough, most of your straight friends probably know already and are waiting to share this part of your life with you. Don't deprive them! ;-)

Nige said...

PS...gonna add you to my links if that's ok.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with Nige, but i guess it really boils down to CF. Ask him if he wants to go. All of us might say that he should go but in the end, CF decides. If he feels that he is ready to meet your friends, than he will go. If not, give him time.

AJ said...

Wow... Showing off your bf eh? Ask him first.

And the leotards & high heels are ok as long as you find the matching feather boa!

Alex said...

I think King Kong's length is just nice. Watch the 1st show last month on IMAX... huge screen, fit for the gigantic Kong!
Gosh.... you guys are such a perfect couple! But watch the sugar & oil intake! Hahahaha....

Derek said...

jay: I suppose you do have a point there. Though this will be the first time that anyone of us has brought a friend along.

hcpen: CF shall come along then. ;P

kw: Thanks, KW dear.

mrbunnyban: Thanks for the vote, bunnyban.

kit: Yeah, few people only mar. But it's still scary! Who knows what their reaction would be if they find out.

shigeki: Heh, probably I am thinking too much.

Thanks for the advice, shigeki.

hrugaar: Yup, CF is a cutie.

spot: Thanks for the vote of confidence, spot. ;P

nige: I really doubt they know. And if those whom I am not out to ask, I am not so sure I would tell either.

nige: Sure, you're welcome to do so. ;P

anonymous: Oh, he wants to go alright. The decision is whether to bring him along.

aj: So do you have one which I can borrow? ;P

alex: Hear that, CF dear? Watch the sugar intake. ;P

keatix said...

5 outta 8 seems to be majority. easy! the majority will soak the other 3 in..... go for it my man!