Monday, January 23, 2006

The one where he came along for dinner

CF did come along for the dinner with my university friends.

As some of my readers rightly predicted, those who knew about my sexuality, knew who CF is and those who didn’t, didn’t. By the look on their faces, I think the remaining three that didn’t know would have at least suspected.

I was half expecting them to ask who CF is and how did we meet. But all they asked was his age. And they teased about how CF and KY (one of my friends at the dinner) look very much alike.

Coincidentally, both of them were wearing matching light blue T-shirts as well. Similarities include both being very fair and look young. KY does look young for his age and CF is, well, just young.

There we were, at a restaurant in Sri Petaling. I have been to this eatery before and dishes are served really quick, even when the whole place is crowded. We had their specialty fried bean curd, sweet and sour fish, pork ribs in pineapple, a plate of vegetables, venison with ginger and fried lala (a type of shellfish).

When the dishes were served, I used my chopsticks to take the pork ribs and bean curd for CF. I am not sure whether anyone noticed that gesture. Of course, CF was insisting that I don’t, but I did anyway. I also requested CF to take the greens for me.

Either my friends are really cool about it or it was a non-issue for them. They probably already knew the moment I introduced CF to them. Anyhow, to make sure that they really got the right idea, hence the little tender loving gestures of taking food for him.

After that, we went to Taste Walking again for dessert. We suggested the same dessert which we had on Tuesday to them. We spent about an hour just chatting about really inane stuff and telling jokes.

All in all, I had a great time. CF did as well. Though he did comment that my friends are weird. The reason being that the guys (there were five of them) didn’t order the molten chocolate dessert one each; four of them were sharing two pieces amongst them. CF said that was a bit unusual.

I assured CF that they are straight. Just that they are all quite close to each other (three of them are renting and staying in the same house), that’s all. Sharing food is a pretty normal thing for us.

In hindsight, I was worried for nothing. But the thing is, these people are close to me and naturally, we are most worried about their reactions. Rejection from them hurts more than from strangers or acquaintances.

So yay! That didn’t turn out so bad after all.


ça va pas la tête said...

I wish I am like you and CF. But, I would really freak out if someone use their chopstick to take food for me. Yeap, my own problem... ;)

Keep up the good work!

Jay said...

See, told you nothing to worry about lah. But wah, so sweet, bring food to him summore. When I'm with NM all I do is steal food from him.

Nige said...

Congrats! The more you take steps like this the more you will see that its such a non-issue with real friends. I remember when I first came out to a straight friend of mine way back...omigod...anyway... He goes, " What's your point?"

vincent said...

hmm... that is sweet wish I have that kind of chace to takes food for my love ones and for sure I will do that... but too bad I am still alone.

Keep it up and all the best!! :P

Kit said...

Wow, so lovely. Perhaps three of your st8 frends already knew, maybe your hints not obvious enough :P

MrBunnyBan said...

Told ya so. :) It was really sweet of you to take food for him, but it surprises me you were so daring. I thought CF wouldn't want to be so...obvious.

savante said...

All this talk about CF and the friends... and all i can think of is the food :)


mARCus said...

I could never do that, openly showing gesture of love to your partner..well, at least NOT YET...

Derek said...

ça va pas la tête: Why would you freak out? It's not like the other person has a contagious disease or something. LOL

jay: I don't think I can steal food from CF. Most probably it's the other way round.

So he's actually quite similar to you. ;P

nige: Phew!

But yeah, some people take it in such a-matter-of-fact way, that it's just no fun. ;P

vincent: You can still take food for your close friends, especially girls. ;P

kit: I think the hints are quite obvious, kit dear.

mrbunnyban: To tell the truth, CF is actually getting more daring than I am.

savante: I understand Paul. After all, you are the desperate househusband/Bree. LOL

marcus: I hope you will one day. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Nige said...

Derek, one can only hope that this need for drama is something that is a phase. ;-) Am sure...even though we haven't are capable (intentionally) of producing enough drama in your own "outings" without any assistance of straight friends! ;-)

But if such drama is required, would suggest that you do the "straight acting" thing (uggghh!) and hike up your pants, scratch your balls, hawk, spit, grind said spit into concrete with doc martins and totally deny any connection (make sure that you call notice to this LACK of connection EVEN if they DON'T ask) with CF when you go out with your straight friends.

That's SURE to generate enough gossip to satisfy the drama queen in ALL of us.

Just don't miss your balls and scratch CF's instead in front of all and sundry! But I guess even that could be put down to sporting "horseplay" between 2 aggresively heterosexual specimens! ;-)


MrBunnyBan said...

Myah? Really? Oook...I'll ask you two about that later. :)

*reads Nige's last comment and faints*

Anonymous said...

ooh..i know which restaurant in Sri Petaling that you were talking about! I like the food there also! And Taste Walking! I like the environment...good food, nice desset, reasonably priced and the uncle is very friendly.

* my-name-is-also-Derek

Derek said...

nige: Oooookay, I don't think I could do what you described. That is just pure disgusting!

Though I am sure you can pull that off! LOL

And if I ever did that, CF will faint as well.

mrbunnyban: It's true. ;P

I feel like fainting myself. LOL

anonymous: Oh, you know? The next time we go to Taste Walking, we can ask you to join us.

So please do contact me. ;P