Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reflections of 2005

A few days into the new year and here I am looking back at 2005.

Sign of procrastination. This is so not a good start to the year. ;P

Anyway, I think that 2005 would most probably be remembered as the year of disasters. And tragedies. Man-made or otherwise.

The South Asia earthquake and Katrina. Closer to home, the haze and the year-end floods in the northern and eastern states. Human atrocities - Bali, India and London bombings. Not forgetting Iraq, which happens almost every week.

There were also the social unrests in France and Australia.

Personally, the year has been quite eventful, albeit somewhat unremarkable. I had a boyfriend in the first month of the year, which ended two months later.

It seemed so long ago that I had a boyfriend.

I was quite busy in the second and third quarter of the year with work and exams. Work was OK. Exams-wise, it was good as I had two extra passes under my belt.

Had a few bouts of depression, but got over that pretty quickly. Those kinds of things come and go.

Met quite a few interesting people with all sorts of temperaments and personalities. Most of them were decent and nice people. Which reinforces my view that people are generally good.

That doesn’t mean that they are smart though.

I think I have grown; become wiser. More confident of myself and more comfortable in my own skin. Care less about what others think and just be myself.

Came out to a couple of close friends and more importantly, to my mom; took part in my first competitive athletics event; conquered Mount Kinabalu, and then some.

Things I have learnt:

That no one is going to look out for you, except yourself.

That it’s OK to put myself and my own interest first. Sometimes.

That stupid people, are just, stupid. And they have to open their mouths to let the whole world know that.

That living at home does save me quite a lot.

That I can’t make someone like me.

That I can’t control who likes me either.

That slow and steady is often better.

That I am actually quite strong on the inside.

And a few more lessons.

It’s not like I don’t know these things. I have heard people say them or read them somewhere before.

But nothing beats experiencing them for yourself. And see how true they really are.

May the new year be better in every way, for everyone of us. Here's to 2006!


Anonymous said...

I too took 2005 with a pinch of salt. It was a learning curve and treated New years day as graduation day where 2006 is a year where i apply all that I have learned in 2005 into my daily life. Look on the bright side. The year started off great with you and CF gettig together. HUGS

Kyle said...

All the best in the new year, dude!!!

Legolas said...

That stupid people, are just, stupid. And they have to open their mouths to let the whole world know that.

I totally agree with this one.
I hope it's not me though. ;-D

MrBunnyBan said...
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MrBunnyBan said...

2005 zipped by pretty quickly for me. No crisises, slowly starting to meet up with PLUS, spent a lot of time with family. Lack of big events already makes for quite a good year. :)

But ain't getting hooked up a great way to start the year, Derek? :D

>That no one is going to look out for you, except yourself.
Hrm. Does that include immediate family and life partner?

ash said...

here ye here ye! all the best in 2006 my friend. all the best to all of us.

Chaichakri said...


I would forever remember you as the guy who changed my life! I doubt, without you, it would have been possible to take such a giant leap. All the best for 2006! May all things come smoothly for you! May you have blessings, good fortune and happiness!

keatix said...

dude, happy nude ear to u my dear fren. ths post is just so enlightening to read.

Derek said...

anonymous: *hugs back*

Let's look forward to a better year.

kyle: Thanks. Same to you too.

legolas: No dear, it's not you. You would have known if it was you.

mrbunnyban: Yes, it's a great way to start the new year. But it's only the beginning.

And yeah, you can include family members and life partner in there.

ash: Ditto.

kitjar: I am honoured that you look at me that way. Hopefully, you will lead a better life, a life which is true and real.

All the best to you too.

keatix: Aargh! Enough with the nude ear thing already! :P

But seriously, thanks. Thanks for being one of my faithful readers. ;P

Alex said...

Have a great 2006! It's been nice reading your blog throughout last year. Keep it up (with more stories, spicy stuff & etc)!

Derek said...

alex: Same to you, alex. And thanks.

I will keep writing and I hope you keep coming back. ;P