Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wallace and Gromit

I went to watch Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit with CF yesterday. At first, he was not too keen on watching it as it was a clay-animation (claymation) movie. Not those beautifully drawn animation like Aladdin or 3-D like Finding Nemo.

However, I believe he changed his mind after watching it. It was extremely hilarious!

There was a five-minute clip on the four penguins from Madagascar before the start of the movie. That started the laugh-out-loud ball rolling.

It has British humour – dry and full of puns. There were quite a number of sexual innuendoes too.

Basically, the story is about Wallace and his dog, Gromit. They run an enterprise called Anti-Pesto, where he keeps the rabbits (the pests) away from eating the vegetables in the townpeople’s yard. The annual Giant Vegetable Competition was in a few days time, but there was the threat in the form of a giant hopping bunny, ravaging the vegetables.

Thus, Wallace was commissioned by Lady Tottington to catch the Were-Rabbit, but a suitor to Lady Tottington wanted to kill first, it to win the lady’s heart.

Of course, things were not as simple as they seemed.

Anyway, what do you use to kill a werewolf? A silver bullet.

So, what do you use to kill a Were-Rabbit? A gold bullet, of course. 24 Karat. (Geddit?)

There I was, laughing throughout the movie. The animation may not appeal to everyone, but I think it did a great job of portraying the characters' emotions and facial expressions. After a while, you get used to clay animation, just like Chicken Run.

And it's not easy to make a movie out of clay. It takes an extremely long time.

I feel that Gromit is the best dog in the world. Smart, resourceful, loyal and diligent. Did all he could to save his master. Even though Wallace was the master, he was quite indescript.

Overall, I would rate this movie a 4 out of 5. Definitely better than Madagascar and Chicken Little. Pure enjoyment for the whole of 90 minutes.

After that, we went shopping. I had nothing in mind to buy, but things did not turn out that way. I ended up buying two shirts. One is orange, which looks very Chinese, like those worn by waiters in Vietnamese eateries.

Initially, I thought I looked like one too. But that was because I was wearing black slacks. If I wear something else or of a different colour to match, I don’t look like I am supposed to take dinner orders.

OK, maybe I still do, but not as much.

The other one is a bluish-grey shirt.

And what did CF buy? He bought a pair of briefs, which I picked.


Anonymous said... evil evil person. I wonder wht is CF thinking about now considering that you have inform the whole world that you picked a pair of briefs for him. Are you sure it was just a pair? I thought they sold it in a box with 3 pairs. :P ......SWEAT.

Legolas said...

Well, cK do sell a pair of briefs, at a very high price. ;-p

Briefs are good, intimate contact. Heheh...

MrBunnyBan said...

Yes, we're all gonna nag you about the briefs! :D First thing that came to mind, really.

savante said...

Wallace and Gromit! Waiting desperately for it to arrive hre. Damn cinemas in Malacca!

Ooh. CF and briefs. Tell us when you see him out of them..


Derek said...

anonymous: No worries, CF is OK about it. The one I picked was Skinxwear. You should try one of those. Real comfy. ;P

legolas: So now we know you wear CK briefs ....

mrbunnyban: People, the post was about the movie, not the briefs!

savante: W & G is really terrific. I would even go so far as to say the best animation of 2005.

Alex said...

Wow... hope you have a good taste... hahahhaaha... just kidding

Derek said...

alex: Of course I do. I am gay ;P

Alex said...
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