Monday, August 22, 2005

Up and down, round and round we go

I had a very busy weekend. Weekends are supposed to be rest days when I bum around at home and do what I like. But I was out for most of the day and I got even less sleep than usual.

I have a university friend who is going to the U.K next Monday. So on Saturday, she wanted to go to places which she has never been to before her departure, like a farewell tour of Malaysia.

And it is not like she isn’t coming back ever; it’s only for a year! A year passes by very quickly.

The original plan was to go to Red Box at the Curve. Half an hour before the designated time to meet there, the plan was shelved and instead Bukit Tinggi became our new destination.

Off we go to Bukit Tinggi then. There were seven of us and we travelled in two cars. I got minor car-sickness from all those winding roads and moving to a higher altitude.

So there we were in Bukit Tinggi. We left KL after lunch and arrived there at about two. Nothing has changed since the last time I was there two years ago. It’s still the same Japanese Tea Garden, Botanical Garden, French Village, Rabbit Park, etc.

This is one of those places, where it is more than enough to visit only once in your lifetime.

I did enjoy myself, though it was boring. I brought my camera along so I was snap happy most of the time. The rest of them moved along without me as I was busy taking photos of flowers and bees and birds (it was only one actually, and a dead one at that). So they had to stop numerous times to wait for me to catch up.

This is embarassing really. I had a little "trip" over there. There were a pair of black swans and I was looking at the camera's LCD, ready to press the shutter when oops! I missed a step and fell. And I knocked my head on the wall.

I felt faint and I was seeing white spots. My friend commented that I looked really pale.

I needed to sit down. Ten minutes later, I was feeling better. Though I was still feeling dazed, I could still walk without making a bigger fool of myself, if it was possible.

It was unfortunate that our favourite doctor, Paul wasn't there. He could have given me a mouth-to-mouth, in case I really blacked out.

[Since I have mentioned it, let me apologise if there are more mistakes than usual in this post.]

After that we drove to Subang New Village for seafood. The fish and crab were fresh and we found the dishes to be more than satisfactory. And the price was reasonable too. The bill came to a little over two hundred ringgit.

We were exchanging stories and jokes waiting for the food to be served.

Three of my friends visited Perhentian Island (off the coast of Terengganu) for their vacation last month. Apparently the corals are not as beautiful as the last time he was there a couple of years ago. He wanted to do some diving but with nothing worthy and colourful to look at, he didn’t.

Nevertheless, the highlight of his trip (to me, not him, though I wasn't there) was the fact that there was a group of Singaporeans with them. Five guys and a girl. Disappointment for them but heaven for me (if I were there) as all of them are lifeguards. *drool*

*Must remember to ask him for pictures*

It might be the oldest trick in the book but I believe I can feign leg cramps and appear helpless in the water, convincingly.

One out of five of them is gay isn’t improbable either, not unlike the one-in-a-boyband-is-gay-and-usually-the-cutest phenomenon. Refer to the post below.

After dinner, we visited the Thien Hou Temple, near Midvalley. Yes, it was becoming more like a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia experience for me.

There was some sort of a gathering at the Chinese community hall. We proceeded to the temple and lit some joss sticks and asked for blessings.

We were there for over an hour witnessing the night skyline of Kuala Lumpur. And discussing where to go next.

Someone suggested the night safari in Zoo Negara. It sounded appealing, but we were doubtful of its fun factor.

After much pondering, we decided to go this place called Nanlie’s Place (or something like that) in Jalan Sentul. None of us has been there before, thus we spend more than hour looking for it and passing by the same buildings again and again.

That part was not very enjoyable, of course.

Nanlie's place is basically a mamak dressed up in colourful lights, huts with straw roofs, small palm trees, miniature waterfall ala an island. It was beachy, really. A little pretentious, but still, quite a cool setting.

They even played songs that makes you wanna get up and dance the Hula.

We left at one and I reached home half an hour later. We had to, as it would be another long day tomorrow.


keatix said...

wow..u really had a ball.

from north to south and everywhere within the state. so, u should not complain...haha.

weeshiong said...

Ooh... Subang Village seafood! OK REALLY have to stop thinking about food *snicker*

Hope that knock on your head wasn't too nasty. If you were tempted to get up and dance the Hula, that MUST have been one bad knock.

wingedman said...

Darling, altitude sickness at Bukit Tinggi? It's like what, 3000 feet perhaps? Pussy:P Aircraft cabin altitude also more than twice higher than that lah okay.

Oh and I think that place is Sentul is called Naili's. Not too sure abt the spelling myself.

Chaichakri said...

It seems you had a nice CUTI CUTI Malaysia, i envy you .....*wink*

and now, it seems you have been SPAMMED or perhaps you have lots of fans who wanted to share with you their websites too!

Derek said...

keatix: Yes, I did have a great time. It would have been better if we hadn't spend so much time travelling in the car.

weeshiong: Luckily I didn't take the food pictures and post them here. ;P

It was a pretty nasty knock, but I am feeling less of the pain already.

wingedman: Did I say that? *go check*

Nope, I said car-sickness. The road was very winding, even worse than Genting, IMHO.

And darling, you wouldn't be a pilot if you have altitude sickness, would you? ;P

Yup, the place is called Nailie's.

kitjar: Yes. This is really outrageous. Spam in blogs.

I have deleted all them.

AJ said...

yeap its naili's

sort of near ruggys place...
yes yes.. ruggy this... ruggy that... who the fuck is this ruggy person.. *wink*

busy weekends are cool once in a while...

wingedman said...

"I got minor car-sickness from all those winding roads and moving to a higher altitude."

*go check*

Derek said...

androjane: Yes AJ honey, you should introduce ruggy to us soon ... can't wait.

wingedman: Exactly. I got car-sickness from the winding road and moving to higher altitude. Winding road - me car-sick - made worse by going higher.

Altitude sickness is define as "the effect of altitude on those who ascend too rapidly to elevations above 3000 meters."

It was not 3000m, and I am definitely not pussy. ;P