Sunday, August 21, 2005

Boyband member dates another

Too tired to post anything, so I'll just post this interesting bit of interesting news.

Westlife singer Mark Feehily has admitted that he is gay.

In an interview with The Sun today, the 25-year-old said: "I want people to know the truth about my sexuality. I am gay and I'm very proud of who I am. I'm not asking for any sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else.

"I simply felt it was the right time for me to let people know the truth. I've never tried to hide who I am from anyone, but I'm a very private person and in the past I haven't felt the need to say anything about my sexuality. But I want people to know I'm very comfortable with who I am."

The star added that the rest of the chart-topping group were aware of his sexuality and had "been there for me when I needed to talk things through."

Feehily is currently dating 21-year-old Kevin McDaid, former singer with the boyband V.

Taken from and BBC.


wingedman said...

Yes! Now I got chance liao! I always thought he was the cutestest of all.

Chaichakri said...

AH, the joys of being gay .... (as in being truthful to oneself)

As if, I have the same joy! Kudos to this guy!

suanie said...

oO he's cute. I like his come out better than Stephen Gately's

Derek said...

wingedman: Cutestest? Wow, you must really fancy him. Good luck! ;P

kitjar: Yup. He's out and proud.

suanie: Isn't interesting that in boybands, there's one gay guy (one out of four, one out of five)?

Like Boyzone, Caught in the Act, Code Red, etc?

That's like, so much higher than in the general population! I don't even know anyone else in my high school class (more than thirty of them) who is gay!

kyels said...


Mark Feehily is gay... *crying*

But it's okay to me though cause it's his life and he should do what he likes and not worry about what others will think of him.

Mark is the cutest in Westlife and he's my favourite!


Nugget said...

Hmmm my gaydar had always beeped uncontrollably when he came onto the screen. I thought it was pretty obvious :P

Sorry but I thought he wuz the least cute among the five, my fav being, er, Kian.

Jay said...

I've never liked him. He was one of the better singers, but his vocal acrobatics used to piss me off. And being gay doesn't make him any more attractive to me.

No, my heart belongs to shortboy Shane.

suanie said...

derek : yeah but how many ppl in the world actually made it to be in a successful & memorable boy band?? and I think in europe they are a tad more tolerant than say, US? a bit easier to come out i guess.

i used to like worlds apart *blushes*

Derek said...

kyels: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for visiting.

Heh ... I am sure you have heard that all the cute guys are gay. And this shows that it's true. LOL.

nugget: Ooh, another new visitor. Welcome, nugget. Do come back often.

I am really impressed with your gaydar. Can I borrow ar? ;P

Actually I kinda think Kian is cute too.

jay: Shane - I think he's the least cute one.

As they say, one man's meat is another's poison.

Hmm ... meat ;P

suanie: You have a point there. The population has been filtered, thus skewed, in the case of boybands.

And yes, I do like their some of their songs too - like World of our own, If I let you go, etc. ;p

ItchyMicchi said...

dammit, i've always fancied him!

joanne said...

michael patrick, i don't what comes in your mind but i don't have any choice to to accept that, right? im not blaming you and putting you down because i don't have any rights to do that.. i only wish you the best and i hope you're going to be happy for what are you doing to your life.. im just lonely and my heart is crying, know why? because you are the only one who taught me how to fall inlove.. im just crying because im happy... i don't have any rights to blame you. you're just being true to yourself that you are inlove...i love paddy, and i want you to be happy... Goodluck...