Friday, August 19, 2005


There is absolutely no place in KLCC which is not crowded during lunch time. The plus side is that there are many cuties to look at.

Anyway, I was there to have lunch with AC, in Manhattan Fish Market.

And I bumped into someone unexpectedly, sitting at the next table. He is a friend who just came back from the UK and I met him for the first time during a BRATs (the Star’s young journalist program) camp more than five years ago.

He’s straight. Sigh.

And he used to be cuter. Double sigh.

I made some small talk with him while waiting for the food to be served. I tried to not talk too long, as I was meeting someone for the first time.

So I have to be on my best behaviour. Ahem.

A little background. I have been corresponding with AC for about three weeks now.

He is still a bit uncomfortable with meeting people and having conversation which revolves homosexuality. I can understand and respect that.

Unfortunately, his unease was further exacerbated by the fact that the next table was very near – about 8 inches away.

They can practically hear anything and everything we said if they wanted to, but as I have mentioned earlier, no one gives a damn. Everybody has their own lives and problems and issues to deal with.

Nevertheless, I could sense he was uncomfortable; I tried to be gender-neutral when referring to my ex-bf and other of my gay friends. Which made me feel a bit unnatural.

I tried to accommodate, but couldn’t. I have been comfortable about saying things as it is that it becomes weird for me to revert to speaking in cryptic messages.

As such, I hope I wasn’t being insensitive when I started spewing words like gay, porn, Ryan Carnes, cute guys, boyfriend, etc.

Come to think of it, without context, they are pretty innoucuous words.

Though I did glance at them to make sure they weren’t listening. And they weren’t. They have their own little conversation going on.

Besides, why would two elderly gentlemen be interested to know what two cute guys, sitting at a table meant for two, are talking about?

I suppose it’s time to answer the most important question: what is AC like?

Well, he has this clean-cut and somewhat boyish look. He is a little taller than I am and he doesn’t put on weight no matter how much he eats!

I know it’s apparent that I am envious of that last bit. Hmmph.

With an engineering background yet loves the non-sciences like philosophy, photography, arts, classical music, anthropology and plays the violin, he is so the artsy-fartsy type.

I don’t mean that in a bad way, of course.

I have a very technical background too, but the non-sciences fields which I like are economics, psychology, self-help ... That’s about it actually.

But then, I do share (or at least I think so) the philosophy and photography part. Classical music, erm, I am trying that out this Sunday.

Needless to say there is porn as the common factor too. *wink*

It was a good first meet. He seems really nice.

And I am not sure whether it was me making him uncomfortable or something else, but hopefully, it will go away the next time.

While we at the table, I accidentally stepped on his foot. And no, we weren’t playing footsie.

Time always seem to pass faster when you are enjoying yourself. I had to make a move to avoid being late back in the office.

Hmm ... I wonder what shall I wear on Sunday?

[I tried to be clever with the post title, but my initial is DL. AC/DL doesn't make any sense, does it?]


Chaichakri said...

I hope all goes well with you and AC. Chok Dee Na (that's best wishes in Thai!)

From what you wrote on AC, he looks like a very nice guy. I hope, he is cute too!

weeshiong said...

Oooh... Manhattan Fish Market! OK. I'll have to stop thinking about food.

Alex said...

What should say.... I'm flattered that you dedicate a whole post for me... wow...

Yes, I did feel uncomfortable to talk about gay stuff when there's soooo many people nearby. Guess I'm not used to it. Sorry if I made you felt a bit unnatural.

Hahaha.... please don't be envy about my body's ability to control weight, I think it's genetics.
So what to wear on this Sunday concert (if you're coming)? Well, just dress whatever you are comfortable with and follow their dress code (no nudity please... hahahaha).

Well, it was really a nice lunch yesterday. Glad finally able to meet you up (after the haze has cleared up). So, see you soon if you are coming for the concert this coming Sunday. Otherwise, see you if I were to go for the PT Sunday session the following week.


savante said...

Ah, romance is in the air!


grave_creek said...

awww first dates are sooo sweet!!!lol!! and from the comment he left,he seems like a really nice guy,although i wouldnt have given my blog adress to him ,but hey ,my opinion!!lol!!AC/DC ROCK ON!!!!
ps:classical music concert lah??? lol!! guess that means the ripped jeans stay at home!!

Derek said...

kitjar: Thanks. It's still too early to judge though.

weeshiong: This is not a food post, sweetheart.

Stop thinking about food already!

alex: It was fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

You are like the walking and talking version of "Classical Music for Dummies" for me.

Thanks for a great time. ;P

grave_creek: I never consider the first meet as a date. It is just that, a meet.

Heh, and thanks for the wishes, honey.