Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The story of Wingedman and I

I was pretty tired yesterday because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. My fault actually, shouldn’t have drunk so much tea – the caffeine gave me hours of trains of unrelated thoughts and ideas. Oh well ...

I actually didn’t plan on doing anything after work, but then wingedman texted me in the afternoon and suggested a meet up. Well, I suppose I could change my plans, as I have not been meeting anyone new recently. So I agreed to meet him at nine.

Now, I know he will be reading this, and that puts me in a spot. Shall I tell the truth of what actually happened or shall I hold back a little, especially my deepest thoughts? Decisions, decisions. And the consequences, of course.

Being of decent and proper upbringing and purveyor of truth, it doesn’t leave me with much a choice. I have been telling everything as it is and I am a stickler for consistency. Sigh, sometimes I hate being nice ...

I took a cab there as the car was not available. I went into Cofffee Bean and waited for less than three minutes before he showed up. So we were both early. Which was such an uncommon and un-Malaysian thing to do ... sheesh.

Him being such a gentleman (and I mean it), he bought the drinks and food while I waited idly. Obviously, that does not imply that I am spoilt and need to be waited on hand and foot. Although, that isn’t such a bad idea ...

To digress a little, I have only started blogging since the beginning of the year and I didn’t expect to gain a following, no matter how small. What’s more, I didn’t expect to meet up fellow bloggers.

I really appreciate you guys that keep coming back to read and know so much more about me. It’s good to know that when I am dead, my legacy will still live on. Yeah, but seriously, thank you.

Back to the story. So we started talking. My initial impression was that he didn’t sound like the person who wrote the blog. In my mind, the blogger was supposed to be more talkative and wittier. That changed after a while, when he began to get comfortable and open up. And I have no doubt that he is the same person.

The whole time, when I was recounting my experiences and life stories, he seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. It was a little unnerving at first; but I have to accept that’s the reality of blogging almost every single detail of my life (note to self: have to blog less so as to appear more mysterious and thus more appealing).

Though on the plus side, it did seem like we have known each other for years (not sure whether you felt that way too, wingedman).

We basically got along quite well. I attribute it to the fact that we grew up in KL and attended national-type all-boys secondary schools. Oh, and the fact that one of his classmates is now my colleague. We discussed interesting and intellectually-stimulating topics such as pheromones, cute guys, graphic novels, American Idol, relationships, cute guys, climbing Mount Kinabalu, blogging and cute guys.

Back-tracking a little. I just mentioned that I know one of his classmates. Obviously, I tried to find out more about wingedman and had to act nonchalantly while at it. I started with, “So do you have a classmate in Form Five, who is currently a pilot?” My colleague answered yes and without suspecting anything, he gave me his name and told me everything about wingedman. OK, actually it was just the name.

I know, I know. Sometimes, I even surprise myself. (Though wingedman did call me a manipulative bastard, when I told him that. No need to apologise, I know deep down, you didn’t mean it. LOL)

When I enquired more about his personality, I got this – Oh, he’s a nice person. Very funny and witty.

Then I asked, is there anything else?

As I said-lar, he’s a very very nice person. Cool guy.

I wanted to ask more, 'Is he six-feet tall and does he look good in tights?', but I think that would be pushing it, so I just left it at that.

I had a great time with him yesterday. Mind you, we were in Coffee Bean the whole time and not anywhere else. But I find him to be interesting, witty, smart – basically a likeable person, someone I foresee I could hang out with.

Towards the end of the meet up, I couldn’t help but notice that wingedman was feeling his neck and checking his temperature quite often. Now, I have always suspected that I have the effect of making guys feel warm and thus, ‘hot’ for me.

Of course, the very bright 100-kilowatts lighting might have helped. I was feeling good about myself till he said, “I have been feeling feverish the whole day. I had better take a Panadol later.” My bubble went pop.

But seriously, wingedman, I hope you are fine.


Will said...

Wow, okay I didn't expect you to put this up so fast haha!

Thanks, I had a good time too!

P/S I mean it...manipulative! LOL I take back the bastard though...

pluboy@takashi said...

hahaha... :P
glad u both a a fun time :P

Derek said...

Ouch. How could you? And I thought you were nice a person .. hmmph