Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My family vacation

I will be going to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow. My flight is at an ungodly hour: seven in the morning. Oh well.

Anyway, I came back from Port Dickson yesterday in the late afternoon. It was a truly relaxing holiday.

There were no arguments, tantrums or quarrels. For once, peace prevailed the whole time. In fact, this was the best family vacation, as far as I can remember.

You see, Dad with his short fuse would easily get upset about minor stuff. Like not waking up early in the morning to go for breakfast. Early means before eight.

Basically, all I did was sleep, swim, read, eat and play pool. In no particular order.

Anyway, the place was really nice. The chalets were Malay-village style, with palm trees everywhere. We stayed in a chalet. Mine was facing the kids pool.

In addition, there were many Singaporeans. I assumed they were having a school break, because everywhere I looked, there were kids below 12 with their parents and maid. There were some couples too.

And then, there was this Japanese guy. Let’s refer to him as J from here. I was swimming with my brother in one end of the pool and J was at the other end, sunning himself with his eyes closed on a deckchair. I suppose he wanted to get a tan.

And he was all by himself. No accompanying female in sight.

My mom and dad were also at the poolside reading the newspaper.

I was in the pool just soaking and doing lazy laps. Of course I tried to swim to the other side as often as I could. About half an hour in the pool, J decided that he had enough of tanning and he jumped in to the pool.

Let me describe J a bit. He has a light moustache and a bit of a goatee. Looks was a bit above average. But he has a really nice body, not too built, just enough muscle definition. Very swimmer’s built-like. And his speedos were hanging quite low, but not low enough, as if to tease me to pull it down.

Maybe it was just my imagination.

He started swimming across the pool. He swam really slow, with his head above water. After about five minutes, he got back out. He lied on the pool side, face down. Now must be his back’s turn to get tan, I suppose.

He was facing away from the pool. But he would turn to face the pool occasionally. I swam over to his side of the pool (not by his side) and there was once he seemed to be looking at me. I couldn’t tell for sure, as I didn’t wear my glasses. But I could tell he was looking at my direction.

In my head, I was thinking what is this cute Japanese guy doing all by himself on vacation? My next thought was, I have to find out which room he stays in.

Following thought: mom is watching, so can't really strike up a conversation. She knows I am gay, but she does not need to see me chatting up cute Japanese guys in speedos.

A while later he left the pool. I followed suit, but not quick enough. I lost him somewhere after the recreation counter (a counter where one can get towels and other board games).

But then he retraced and came to the counter. He asked something and then I heard him say in a very masculine and deep voice, ‘Thank you.’

He proceeded to the steam room. I proceeded to my room. The steam room was about 30m from my room.

Family had decided to shower and then go for lunch. In twenty minutes. I tell you, patience doesn’t run in my family.

I was sharing a room with my brother and he decided to shower first. Leaving me to think, ‘Shall I join him in the steam room? I don’t have much time. And for goodness sakes, you are with family. Family vacation, remember?’

After deliberating for about ten seconds, I decided, ‘Fine, I’ll just take a peek into the room and then leave. Maybe he is not even gay.’

So I went into the steam room. As I swing open the door, he was walking by near the entrance.

Naked. Not a strand of clothing. Full naked glory. And he looked nonchalant.

I really tried to not stare. I also tried to quickly imprint the image in my memory.

A few moments later, I reluctantly looked away. And I got a nice glimpse of his ass as he walked back into the steam room.

I don’t think I should describe his endowments. But they were like, wow. *smacks lips*

I then walked over to the basin. I looked at myself into the mirror and reminded myself to breathe.

It was only us in the room. Should I go and join him in the steam room? I know you guys would say yes.

But I didn’t. For one, I was too busy looking southward that I did not look at his face. I did, but I didn’t register anything in my head.

Though I was pretty sure that he didn’t give me any encouraging non-verbal signs to join him. No nodding with the head. No smile. Zilch.

I can't possibly join him without being asked, can I? Besides, my family wanted to go for lunch. No, I can’t screw them and say they can have lunch without me. THIS is a family vacation.

Though I badly wanted to.

So, I adjusted my hair and left the room.

He was gone when I went back after I had lunch. Damn.


pluboy@takashi said...

u shud hv told ur mom that u're having lunch elsewhere hehe.. in the steam room?

wingedman said...

Yeah you should have said you wanted some Japanese.

You should have just gone in and see what happened.

Plus, you weren't wearing your glasses. You never know he could be shooting you signals like mad and you'd be oblivious.

Nicky Dominique said...


I would have chew him up cm by cm!

And I would tell my mom that I am not feeling well and not gone out for lunch with them.

Muahahha hahahahahah EVIL son i am!

Espion said...

"I really tried to not stare. I also tried to quickly imprint the image in my memory."

Ha ha ha!

I guess that imprinted image completely filled your memory then - and still lingers now, and you can still see it in your mind's eye - and it also explained why you cant remember his face - 'system out of memory error' :-) ...

So did your south rise to the occassion then?

CT2005 said...

What an erotic encounter you have!
Just a question for you... would you bare yourself in the steam room and let J check you out? flirt a little with him to see his response?