Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It's the people that matter Part II

The ex
I think I mentioned in my previous post that my ex, YF, was on this trip as well.

Call me bitter or a sour puss, but I regretted a little to have invited him to come along. We were still together when we signed up for this in February.

I find his presence annoying. I find him to be annoying.

Perhaps I can’t believe how stupid I was to have liked him. Or it could be my bruised ego. Or that I am being too hard on myself and taking it out by disliking him.

If I recall correctly, I think I have called him only once after we broke up. The kind of courtesy call that goes how-are-you, glad-you-are-fine, just-wanna-know-what-you-have-been-up-to, great, see-you-around.

He called me about five times, but mostly they were about the KK trip.

On the plus side though, he was kind enough to help carry my bag when I was coming down from the summit, as I was having a terrible headache.

But that didn’t change my negative feelings towards him. I do realise it is pointless and I need to overcome this pettiness.

The other climbers
There were quite a number of Singaporeans who went up the mountain. Some were of college-going age, others in their mid-20s. There was this one Singaporean who caught my eye. He wore a bright orange shirt with matching visor.

Of course, he is cute too.

Needless to say, I was teased when I told the LP and CH.

And we started the topic of what kind of guys I like. SP and CH noticed that I like twinky looking guys. Which I immediately object to. I mean, I like guys who look young, clean shaven, decent and thin ... OMG, I do like twinks.

Strange how I have never realised this, till they pointed it out to me. And I have always thought of myself as introspective and deep. Hmmph.

Still, I believe that is just for eye-candy. To enjoy looking doesn’t equal desire to date, does it? Personally, I prefer someone who turns me on intellectually; am comfortable with and makes me laugh, amongst other things.

Besides that, I also did notice these two guys. One of them, the older of the two, has a slight moustache and someone else in my group also pointed him out as his type. He speaks Cantonese, but with a nice ring and pronunciation. The other one looked like in his early twenties.

Initially, I thought he is a Japanese who can speak Cantonese. He is actually from Beijing, but he has stayed in Hong Kong for several years.

How did I end up talking to them and found out about this?

As all of us had different pace and level of fitness, we were scattered around. There is only one trail, so there is no worry about getting lost. I was somewhere in the middle with no one I know around me, except for the couple. Naturally, I stuck with them and their guide.

I didn’t want to intrude their photo-taking sessions or their conversations. Inadvertently, I was listening to their conversation. They were going, ‘Come, let’s stand there and I’ll take a pic of you.’ and 'Are you OK? Do you wanna stop for a while?'

Aww, so sweet. Not surprisingly, I came to the conclusion that they are a gay couple. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside and I was truly happy for them. Perhaps I was secretly hoping that I would have someone like that, who enjoyed the same activity as I do and we can do things together.

So I said to the younger one as he was nearer to me, though I think the other heard too, “In case I don’t see you again, I just want to say that you two make a very good team and a great couple.’

That turned out to be an opener and that’s how we started talking.

Back to me
Overall, I really enjoyed this trip. It reminded me of those days when I went for inter-school trips or national level workshops like BRATs, where I didn’t know anyone and had to start making new friends. And it’s so much more fun this time around as we are all gays. Well, almost all.

Still, this was one memorable trip. And it definitely won't be my last.


loopy said...

lol.... I went for BRATs too!!!

Derek said...

Yup, I was in BRATs. Melaka 97.

loopy said...

lol...... ur kinda ancient.... Pangkor & Mabul 03

Anonymous said...

hey lad,

you forgot to mention about alex from promenade hotel??

Derek said...

Oh yeah, Alex the omeletteer at the hotel.

Actually, I wasn't really interested, but you guys thought I was and I just played along.

I only like his omelette. ;P

Anonymous said...

oh sure!

you were the one who found out his name (before anyone at the table had noticed him). and i was the one who had helped you eat up your omelette so that you can go get him to make another one for you!

now who is really interested???