Sunday, May 08, 2005

WWF Walkahunt 2005

After the extremely tiring hike, I would love nothing but to spend the day at home lazing around. But here I was, awaken before seven to join this treasure hunt on foot. What to do, I had agreed to join my colleagues in this WWF Walkahunt. And I was the team leader.

The start off point was the Dang Wangi LRT station. All participants were gathered there to be flagged off. I didn’t expect this many people to turn out for it. There were dads and moms, with their kids towed along. Some as young as six. The organizer was overwhelmed by the response, as they expected 200 teams but instead there were 240.

Something interesting happened during the briefing session. On this hunt, participants got free LRT rides. After all, it was somewhat an LRT hunt and Rapid KL was one of the co-oraganisers. When asked if anyone had any questions, someone asked whether we still get free rides AFTER the hunt. Haha .. talk about being opportunistic.

Didn’t expect to meet anyone else here. But I did. A senior of mine from high school. And a junior of mine from university. I gave them the usual courtesy greeting. I was actually feeling pretty hyped-up and excited. Which was a first actually, considering that I am not a morning person and haven’t recovered from my strenuous activity yesterday.

This was my second treasure hunt. The first was the one organized by my company last September. I was hoping that my experience earlier would have helped in this one. But it was not to be. This WWF hunt was much more difficult.

The route was from Dang Wangi to Masjid Jamek station by foot. We were supposed to take the LRT from Jamek to KLCC and exit to Avenue K. From there, we have to walk to Ampang Park, then take the LRT to Pasar Seni. Having disembarked from Pasar Seni, we were to scout for answers at Petaling Street and head to Plaza Rakyat station, which is next to Pudu bus station. (I have always thought that the person who named these stations is stupid. Pudu LRT station is not next to Pudu bus station, but Plaza Rakyat is.)

The LRT route from Plaza Rakyat is to Sultan Ismail. From Sultan Ismail station, we have to go to Maju Junction, which was the last point. Answers were to be submitted in Maju Junction and lunch was to be served at the food court.

I hope you can imagine all the walking needed. Sometimes, we have to retrace our steps to make sure we didn’t miss anything. All those walking was indeed tiring, but I hardly felt it. Probably it was the fun in doing it with colleagues. Or it could be the frustration of not finding the answers that kept my mind off the aches. This was clearly a case of mind over matter.

Having said that, my mind wasn’t working properly. My team and I had difficulty finding the answers, even when it was actually staring right at our faces. As an example, the clue was “Famous father of a legless creature.” The answer was Popular bookstore. Father = Pop. Legless creature = ular. Famous is another word for popular. The irony is that I often go to Popular during my lunch hour. Furthermore, the Popular signboard is huge and it’s impossible to miss at Petaling Street. Sigh …

At the closing and prize presentation ceremony at Maju Junction, the guest celebrity was Maya Karin. I have to admit that she is one beautiful woman. Tall and confident. Now, that is one lady you don’t wanna mess with.

Anyhow, my team got less than half the answers right. I was joking that if we had managed to solve the clues given, our company’s treasure hunt would be a piece of cake. So on the bright side, this WWF hunt was like a practice session for the company’s one. Is it not usually the case that trial exams are more difficult than the actual one, and therefore better results are achieved?

Another day well spent. ;P

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