Sunday, May 29, 2005

Potluck dinner

I had to work half day yesterday. The good thing is that, I got to watch Madagascar after work at KLCC.

The queue was so long that it snaked out to Aunty Anne’s. But I have reserved tickets, so it was not a problem for me. If I had not, I wouldn’t even think of queuing, looking at the number of people. Furthermore, it’s the start of the school holidays.

My opinion of the movie is in the previous blog.

After the movie, I went home as I decided to get some rest before I go out again for a potluck dinner at KC’s house in Salak Selatan. I was supposed to meet Adrian at Midvalley and he would come pick me up to go for the dinner.

It took us quite a while to locate the condominium. We found all the other roads except for the one which leads to his condo. Finally, we managed to. If not, I wouldn’t have anything to tell, would I?

Adrian and I was kinda early, as there were about five other people who were already there. This was my first time joining their monthly coffee gathering and I was duely introduced to them – Dennis, Yu Gene, Robert. I knew Kelvin from the Bukit Buah hike.

Soon, more began to turn up. There were four people who obviously were there for the first time, but tended to stick amongst themselves. As for myself, I got to know a little more than the thirty people who were present.

As usual, there is always one colourful and outstanding personality in every party. Yesterday, it was Eric. Let’s just say, his mouth is pretty colourful and leave it at that.

In addition, there was an abundance of food and therefore, leftovers. Each and everyone of us brought something and the choices were good. There were pastries, sushi, nasi lemak with a difference (which I didn’t try), spaghetti, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc.

When almost everyone has eaten and were getting comfortable, they showed the recording of the 80’s party. I didn’t watch it as after all, I have watched it live. Furthermore, the living room doesn’t allow the opportunity for everyone to have a good view.

After the screening, we played a game called Big Fish, Small Fish. It was basically a game of concentration and quick thinking, as you have to coordinate incongruent action and speech. The game requires one to say small fish, but show the action of a big fish and vice versa.

For someone like me who has not so good speech-action coordination, I ended up as the fifth person to be penalised. And what was the penalty? Someone suggested the reenactment of a scene from Titanic. Though it was cliché, my very capable friend Adrian, who played Rose, managed to do a great job of it. He did such a great job that it was beyond resemblance to Titanic. I shall quote Noel here, “Was that gay porn or a tragic love story?”

But it was fun.

Anyway, we stayed almost till the end. Adrian and I left at half past eleven. Overall, it was a good gathering where everyone was just who they are, no pretenses.

In short, good clean fun gay friendship (OK, that was not short). Haha …

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