Thursday, March 30, 2006

A little incident

CF had a minor incident on Tuesday.

He was making a right turn when a motorcyclist was speeding and collided into the front of his car.

Apparently, it wasn’t a hard hit as the motorcyclist could get up and ride away. So CF drove on, as he shouldn’t stop the flow of traffic anyway.

When he stopped at the traffic light further down the road, a man in uniform rode up to the window on the passenger's side, took down his plate number and told CF to go to the nearest police station.

Then he rode off.

CF, my dear innocent boyfriend, didn’t know where the nearest police station is. Well, actually, he does, but he was panicking and couldn’t think properly.

His earlier offense of not stopping to check on the motorcyclist, didn’t help either. He was feeling a little afraid and guilty.

But then hor, CF said it was my fault as he was on his way to my office to pick me up. He didn’t go to the police station but came straight to my office instead.

As I got into the car, he looked furious. If looks could kill, the one on his face definitely qualifies.

When I was in the car, he decided to go to the police station nearest to the scene of the incident. But I found out from a colleague that we have to go to the nearest traffic police station, not just any police station.

We knew we were doing the right thing, but it didn’t seem like the smart thing to do. I mean, if the other guy was alright, why report it and get fined (and pay a little extra), lose on NCD (no claims discount) and have his driving license suspended?

In the meantime, I was also calling up a colleague who knows what to do in this kind of situation.

According to him, it was best not to report. The circumstances seemed to be in our favour and his reasons convinced us. I am not going to say what his arguments were.

Suffice to say, CF didn’t do a hit-and-run. He saw that the guy was OK, even without getting out from the car.

So yeah, I suppose he was lucky. We didn’t want to have to deal with the police again, after this little incident.

And he isn't mad at me anymore. But we still made up after that. ;P


MrBunnyBan said...

Okay, no offence CF if you're reading this, but CF shouldn't take it out on you. Thank goodness the two of you made up quickly over such an issue.

keatix said...

it's good to know that cf is fine and both of u r fine, but making up and shoving an issue aside is not the answer. i hope cf gained some awareness from this incident.

hrugaar said...

Incidents like that are a shock to the system, it's understandable CF would be in a edgy mood ... and Ban, it's quite usual that people react with anger and lash out at people they love (something like when parents have been worried about where their teenage children have gone, first thing they do when they see them again is yell, it's a stress thing).

I appreciate your police are different from ours, but over here if someone in uniform had taken a note of my number plate I'd have been minded to report to the police station, these things have a habit of coming back and biting us in the arse. :o(

Still, glad CF is okay now and that no-one was hurt in the collision. :o)

Jay said...

Maybe it's to prevent the guy from suddenly deciding that he WAS hurt after all and suing CF for compensation.

So how did you guys make up anyway? :-p

ça va pas la tête said...

Glad all is fine. ;) It's always the "what if" when we're face with some situation.

What if I have gone home earlier?
What if I have not turn so fast?
What if....

Spot said...

Hmm. What kind of uniform? Police or Bandaraya type? That sounds unusual, to just take down your plates.

Then again, I never did runners, so I'm no authority on this.

Ditto what hrugaar said about CF.

Ditto what Jay said about having a public record of CF's version of the story (this blog doesnt count!)

Take pictures of the marks on his car, it's useful for showing that from the angle of the collision, CF wasn't at fault (i'm assuming he wasnt), hence he wasnt driving recklessly to deserve a fine or suspension.

Musang said...

the uniform guy sounds fishy... is he a police by any chance? i'm afraid what jay said might happen. that the guy went to report anyway.

anyway, i'm glad no one hurts and it's not that bad at all.

i hate motorbike totally, they are accident prone. *sigh*. look what i have to go through.

i'm SO driving cars next semester.

savante said...

Poor Poor CF!!


Wild Reeds said...

Luckily the guy he hit was ok...

Derek said...

mrbunnyban: Heh. You know how sometimes people get mad at the people closest to them.

This is one of them. ;P

keatix: I am sure he did. He's still learning his way in the world.

hrugaar: Yeah, no one was hurt. And I think it was a good lesson in experience for the both of us.

jay: We know that it might come back to haunt us one day, but we're hoping that's not going to happen.

I'm sure you know how we made up.

ça va pas la tête: A lot of what if's. Yeah, we can only look back and learn from it. We can't turn back time to undo it.

spot: Actually, CF realise that same night that it was most probably an MPPJ guy than a policeman.

He was too shocked to remember what kind of uniform the guy was wearing until much later.

musang: Yup, go drive a car. But when you're in one, you'll have to keep an eye on those reckless motorcyclists. Hmmph.

savante: He's much better now, thank you very much.

wild reeds: Yeah, that was lucky. ;P