Sunday, April 02, 2006

His birthday

CF’s birthday is coming up soon. In a week's time, he's turning 21. Legal age.

For the past week, that is all I can think about.

I have an idea of what to get him, but then there’s always the conflicting questions of “Should I surprise him with something, which I am not sure whether he’ll like/wear/use/display?” or “Should I ask him what he wants so that he’ll actually like/wear/use/display/parade in it?”

I decided on the latter.

So yeah, no surprises for him.

I know he loves surprises. Who doesn't, right? And the gift that I have in mind, I know it will be the best surprise ever.

When I informed him on Wednesday what the gift is, he actually said that he doesn't think it would look nice on him.

Anyway, I am still getting him that, but in the form which he likes.

Unexpectedly, he texted me on Friday while he was in Midvalley and told me what he wanted. I mean, not something that he wants for his birthday, but something he would like to have - the new album by Daniel Lee. And also the album of Nicholas Teo.

I didn’t even know Daniel has a new album. While I was out today, I found out that it is actually his first album, but with five music videos in it which are new songs.

Basically just a repackaged album with some additional stuff thrown in.

The thought of getting him that did cross my mind earlier, but now I don't think I will.

I also have been trying to organize celebrations for him with his friends. Surprisingly (or maybe not), they asked me how come I don’t want to celebrate with him alone?

Not that I don’t. But I thought that he would like it more with his friends around. The more the merrier kind of thing.

You have no idea how many group of friends he has - current college friends, previous college friends, previous university friends, online gaming friends, high school friends, bloggers and gay friends (he knows the last two from me).

All of them can't be accomodated into one weekend. Till now, he's meeting four of the above groups.

Last but not least, there's me.

I am going to get the gift this week.

By the way, CF is not supposed to know all these. I am referring to the birthday celebrations. So, I would really appreciate it if no one tells him. Thanks. ;P


weeshiong said...

Erm... you mean he doesn't read this?

Wish CF a happy birthday for me!

akihisa said...

A birthday gift for him to parade in?!! Oooh, I didn't figure you as the kinky type. *naughty images come to mind* ;p

Tell CF I wish him a very Happy Birthday too.

hrugaar said...

Yeah, I much prefer to give people something they really want for a present, so I'd rather ask and get it right. Especially for important birthdays like 21st.

Maybe it's because I've had too many surprise gifts given me that were like, well, nothing like I needed or wanted (including some of the stuff I had for my 21st).

Several parties sounds like a good way to go, heheh. And I'm sure there's something else special that you can give him as part of his birthday treat. ;oP

Anonymous said...

Who is Daniel Lee ah?

Happy Birthday to Him!


Derek said...

weeshiong: Nope, he doesn't come to my blog anymore.

Well, at least not often lar.

Thanks. I'll pass your greetings to him. ;P

akihisa: Heh, I am sure deep down, everyone has a kinky side. LOL

Thanks. I'll pass your greetings to him too.

hrugaar: I agree. Being practical is so much better, eh?

My sweet CF doesn't expect much. Just want me to spend time with him on his birthday.

A lot of time, if possible. ;P

shine: The second Malaysian Idol lar.

And thanks. I will let him know three.

yw[2k] said...

I'm sure that they are still other ways you can surprise him ;)