Tuesday, March 14, 2006


CF and I celebrated my birthday at San Francisco’s Steakhouse. As he has never eaten there before, I thought I would on the special occasion.

The food was good, but he felt they were way overpriced. RM55.90 for a sirloin steak as big as the palm of my hand. Thus, he decided that this would be his first and last time.

In the midst of dinner, I brought up something which upset him a lot.

I have always believed in speaking my mind. To open up and express whatever that bothers me. In this case, honesty wasn’t something that was desired.

Still, I felt that it was out in the open and we managed resolve it. I got a better understanding of CF and his character.

After dinner, we went to watch Casanova. He had wanted to watch it ages ago, so I let him have his way. It was an enjoyable and fun movie, with average acting; definitely not Best Actor Oscar award kind of level.

We had some good laughs and he was back to his normal self. Somewhat.

For the first time that I can remember, I didn’t spend the weekend with him. Which was probably a good thing. He has been moody recently and the cause of it was only identified yesterday – me going to Singapore.

I thought that he was quite OK with it as he seemed to have accepted it and know that it’s for the better. Things would work out eventually, but at the moment, I suppose it is difficult to see that now.

To me, people’s feelings are important and are not to be toyed with.

I realize it’s not going to be easy for the both us.

My thoughts are all over the place as I write this. The offer from Singapore came yesterday. Not that I haven’t been expecting it, but it did come a little too soon.

Things have been quite hectic and will continue to be. I have been pretty much doing, without much thinking.

Yesterday, a close friend Kit, asked both of us out for dinner as a treat for my birthday. Haven’t met him since Chinese New Year and we had a great time. Even CF was in a good mood.

Sigh, so many things to do with so little time.


yw[2k] said...

Good luck with the new job in Sg! :)

I'm one of those people who have ventured down south, and now I'm working back in Subang... :)

MrBunnyBan said...

Happy birthday! Hmmmm, too many fights with CF recently for comfort. At least you two mostly worked it out. Mostly.

Mraaah! I prescribe some heavy duty snuggling with extra lovey lovey talk and chocolate ice-cream in vast quantities. Oh yeah, and sex wouldn't be too bad an idea either. ;)

Jay said...

So it's going to be a long distance relationship, huh? SG is not that far away, so it's not really that bad - you can even go back to KL every weekend.

I was in a LTR for over FOUR years. Thank God it was an open relationship.

Spot said...

Congratulations on landing the job! You are going to take it right?

Quite honestly, I think the relationship is too young to be made the primary factor against going. Hopefully CF can look at it from this perspective - Would he decide not to go overseas to study just to stay here with you?

Anyway. Hope it all goes well.

Derek said...

yw[2k]: Thanks for dropping by.

Heh, home is still best, eh? ;P

mrbunnyban: Thanks for the ideas, bunnyban. We do that already, ya know? *wink*

jay: So that's how you cope in an LTR.

You forgot the part about CF going to Canada for studies in August this year. For 4 fucking years!

Oh well.

spot: Thanks. Yeah, I will most probably take it.

True, I wouldn't want him to not go Canada coz of me. He realises that as well, but easier said than done mar.

ça va pas la tête said...

Congratulation on the new job.

Well, you win some lose some.

Will said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on the new job! Even though it is nice to have your abilities recognized by others, it is also hard to make a change like this, especially with all you have in KL at the moment. Try to focus on the positive aspects of the move, it makes it easier.

And you are NOT old!! Take it from someone a little older, you are only as old as you want to be!

Anonymous said...

hi derek, do what your heart tells you to do but do not hold back. Altho LDRs are most often than not not feasible, but it takes two to make it happen. In some cases LDRs do work...

Be STRONG is the keyword in this scenario. Be steadfast on your commitments and promises and NEVER EVER stray from them. 4 years is a short time, what with technology and air travel, whats 4 years.. look at it positively..

- Vincent

hrugaar said...

Knowing something is for the better in the long run doesn't always make it easier to handle in the here-and-now. You both need plenty of encouragment and reassurance along the way. It's only human.

snowdrop said...

congratulations! and good luck - both for the new job and the long distance relationship :)

Musang said...

a big yay for the job in singapore! big congratulation for you.

seeing that you have to part with CF...*sigh*. one in singapore and the other in canada. *sigh*. pity you guys.

hope the long distance r/s works for both of you.

Derek said...

ça va pas la tête: Thanks. That's life. There's no winning all, is it? LOL

will: Double thanks. And welcome to my blog, Will.

Yup, I am trying to think of the good things. Which make me more excited and looking forward to go. ;P

vincent: I think I would be able to cope. Being busy at the workplace helps, which I think I will be over there. Time will just pass by quickly.

Thanks again. ;P

hrugaar: You are right again. At the moment, he's in denial mode though.

snowdrop: Heh, thanks snowie for the support. What a sweetheart you are!

musang: I hope it works too. And thanks for the wishes.

AJ said...

Congrats on the new job! You be a happy little boy and enjoy... ok

Holden said...

I'm always late jumping on the bandwagon... but what the hey... Congratulations!!!

Although I dunno what this would mean for your relationship and what CF's impending studies abroad would do to it also... good luck!