Monday, March 06, 2006

The direct Derek

There is a friend of mine whom I have recently suspected to be playing on our team. I haven’t known him that long, perhaps a little more than half a year. I base my judgment on how he dresses and the way he talks. He goes to the gym weekdays and weekends.

Not sure how to approach the subject, yet I was interested to know another gay friend. He knows about my interview in Singapore next week.

Last Thursday, while we were having lunch.

Me: So yeah, the person that isn’t too happy about me going to Singapore is my boyfriend. He said that he would prefer me to go anywhere else but there, coz the people there are prettier.
Him: Is it? I don’t think so. I think Hong Kong they have better looking people; people who really know how to dress. Singapore not so much. I have also noticed the people in the gym, they dress really nice and have nice bodies.
Me: Anyway, are you seeing anyone?
Him: Yeah, I am seeing someone. But we’re having some trouble between us … blah, blah, blah

He didn’t mention the pronoun of his partner. Actually he did. But I couldn't catch it properly. Even when he said it like, five times. It sounded very much like he.

Or perhaps it was just me being hopeful.

This was how I proceeded.

Me: So where does he or she work?

Him: In a bank.

More conversation followed. I think he seemed hesitant whenever he mentioned the pronoun of his partner.

I couldn't wait any longer.
Me: Hold on, but I didn’t get the gender of your partner. Is it a he or she?
Him: It’s she.
Me: Riiiight.

Oh well. At least I know. And he knows about me. We still talk like usual. No awkwardness. It didn’t bother him much.

And fortunately, the whole thing didn't backfire.

The next day, we went out for lunch again.

Perhaps it was this connection that we have that got my gaydar all wrong. Though I still have a feeling that he is.


snowdrop said...

does it really matter? would it change how you think about him? :) personally, i would be pleased just because he was someone i could connect with.

btw, been too lazy to comment before this, but good luck with the interview and decisions to be made :)

keatix said...

keep us posted then, hehehehe. but, why would u wanan know?

hrugaar said...

Maybe he lied when he said "she". Direct questions can make people evasive. :oD

Derek said...

snowdrop: Yup, I do connect with him. But if we have another thing in common, I think it would be great.

Thanks, snowie. You too. ;P

keatix: Er ... curiosity mar. LOL

hrugaar: Hmmm. You might just be right. ;P But as it is, things are fine and I am not digging any deeper.

Anonymous said...

you might open up pandora's box if you do any further 'digging' :)

- vincent

joshphase said...

he is so gay

Espion said...

why not u just ask, directly, "Are you gay?"

rad said...

lol, you're so direct. Wow, so many exciting things have happened to you. Anyway, I'll just offer this late congratulations, and good luck in your next interview and all.

Jay said...

"I have also noticed the people in the gym, they dress really nice and have nice bodies."

Well, he was pretty gender non-specific about this, too. Maybe he's just... weird.

savante said...

Some guys are just gay vague. Danm irritating.


MrBunnyBan said...

Der, you know like, half the gay population in KL already. Why do you bother? :p

Derek said...

vincent: Yeah I know. Some things are better left not known, eh? ;P

joshphase: Yeah, I think so too. But oh well, he's not telling. ;P

espion: It's the same as me asking "Is it a he or a she?", right?

rad: Welcome back rad. Where have you been?

Thanks for the well wishes. ;P

jay: Weird, but really nice person. He even remembered my birthday! ;P

savante: Reminds you of someone, doesn't it? ;P

mrbunnyban: Coz I want to know the other half? ;P

And I don't know that many people, dear.

Anonymous said...

It's awful not knowing. I always just ask, save myself the trouble/heartache. And when the person is evasive, just land a kiss on him, nothing to lose.

rad said...

Hmm? Oh, I just came back from summer break. It was quite fun, but unfortunately I don't have enough fund for more entertainment :P