Friday, March 24, 2006

Nine things about me

Some stuff about me. This is some sort of a filler post.

1) I was bullied when I was in primary school. Lower primary was the worst. Interestingly, the class bully is now a tuition teacher.

2) When I was younger, I used to think that sparrows are baby crows. I found it amazing that those cute, small birds could turn into big, black, ugly and noisy ones.

3) I used to take gift cards from stores. I stopped when I saw the price 0.90 written in pencil on it. The ones that I took before didn’t have any price tags.

4) When I was four or five, I was knocked down by a bicycle. It went over my butt.

5) I was in all-boys primary and secondary school.

6) I hang around the basketball court in school, on hot afternoons, to watch boys play shirtless. And sweaty. Yummm.

7) Seven. That's the number of hours of sleep I need a day. Anything less, I become grouchy and grumpy.

8) I love fish. Steamed fish, raw fish, Fillet-O-Fish, fish and chips, etc. I don’t like to keep them in bowls though. Oh, and I am a Piscean.

9) Nine in Cantonese sounds like dog. I am afraid of dogs and cockroaches. Well, not all of them. Those small and cute and don’t bark ones are OK.

Have a great weekend.


savante said...

Bullied by who? I this were a gay romance, he'd be found out to be a sexy stud who has just come out and is desperate to seek your approval.


keatix said...

this real interesting! only up to nine?

MrBunnyBan said...

...paul. He was still in primary school.

Wasn't Simon's dog small and cute?

Kyle said...

Hmm why stop at 9?

hmm yes, the basketball court... Always a spot for eye candies... :P

hrugaar said...

I get well less than seven hours sleep. Maybe that's why I'm always so grumpy. ;oP

ça va pas la tête said...

hahah I loveeeeeeeeeee fish! Any fish will do.... Big fish, small fish, they make me very fishy! ;p

Musang said...

OMG... basketball court is my favourite place too!! LOL. but they didn't practice in afternoon shirtless though. but after... a lil about 6.30pm and later, they'll start to play shirtless and film of sweat will make them as a group of sexy bastards.

love those seniors with six packs and buff body. *sigh*. i love high school.

Spot said...

No. 3 is funny.

So you really scared of cockroaches wan or not? Dun bluff. :)

asm@di said...

LOL at #4, especially at butt part.

and basketball court, naughty naughty. my house is in front of a football field and every weekend when im at home in late afternoon i get to see shirtless men running around kicking ball. yippee! :D

i usually survive on less than 7 hours of sleep.ooh and i'm afraid of dogs as well (traumatised after being chased by wild dogs when i was 12)

Jay said...

I'm assuming you don't still hang around schools looking at shirtless boys playing basketball!

A bit wrong, right?

Derek said...

savante: Nope, this is reality, not a romance novel, Paul ;P

keatix: Just nine for now. ;P Will think of more next time.

mrbunnyban: Yes, Simon's dog is cute. I am OK with that.

Anything bigger is scary.

kyle: No reason. I don't like round numbers, that's all ;P

hrugaar: Heh. You better have enough sleep when you're here. We don't want a grumpy ru!

ça va pas la tête: Hehe. Piscean mar.

musang: Yup. Those were the days. Just ogling and enjoying the view. ;P

spot: A bit lar. Just like CF is afraid of lizards. ;P

asmadi: Seems like we do have quite a few things in common.

Though I didn't have any traumatic dog experience. ;P

jay: Of course I don't. I have an underaged bf to play with now. ;P