Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It’s interesting that my readers here know that about my job down south, but my colleagues still don’t. At least most of them anyway.

I was in Singapore yesterday to sign the employment contract, medical check up and submit the employment pass application. Thought I could finish everything pretty quickly, but I spent about half an hour looking for the clinic.

I arrived back in KL close to midnight. I switched on the radio in the car and managed to catch a bit of the interview with Kit. He talked about his work as a phone counselor with PT Foundation; what does PT Foundation do and what he feels about volunteerism.

I could only understand bits and pieces, as it was in Mandarin.

And I couldn’t listen to it for long either, as my dad was with me and he has this misconception that HIV/AIDS equals being gay.

Currently, they are having a recruitment drive for new volunteers. If anyone is interested (I hope so!), please attend the Volunteer Orientation Briefing either on 25 March (Saturday) at 3:00pm or 28 March (Tuesday) at 8:00pm. The PT Foundation address can be found on the right sidebar.

And no, you don’t have to know how to speak Mandarin.

Anyway, it’s almost final. My new job in Singapore. In less than a month’s time, I will be at my new work place. Away from home for the first time, with a body of water little bit of sea separating me from the people and places I have known all my life.

So drama, right?

Yeah, I know it’s not that far and I know that I will be back. In a year or two.

Thanks for all the well wishes so far. I will be starting a new and exciting chapter in my life and I am looking forward to it.


MrBunnyBan said...

A year or two eh? Well, that's not so bad i guess. But we'll still miss you. :) Hope we can meet up before you leave.

Kyle said...

Wuu~! Off to S'pore aye?

Gudluck to you then! :>

Chaichakri said...

congrats and good luck!

dmnk said...

I'm jealous...

think of all the NS boys here there everywhere


Spot said...

congratulations! independence!

yes indeed, lots of tanned, lean, NS boys.

because i can be quite an auntie sometimes...which part of S'pre will you be flatting at? East Coast is good..near tampines or changi.

rad said...

Well, good luck over there Derek. I wish you have great time while you're there.

hrugaar said...

Darn, you'll be gone from KL before I arrive. :o( Then again, Singapore's not that far away really ...

Jay said...

I remember getting a crappy job offer from a Singaporea ad agency years ago. But after calculating the costs - living expenses, food bills, transportation charges - I realised that I it simply wasn't worth it.

So I got a crappy job in KL instead. :-p

Hopefully your package is a lot better!

ça va pas la tête said...

good luck to your new undertakings!

yw[2k] said...

Good luck in Singapore! I know how you feel coz I too have ventured onto greener pastures down south over 1.5 yrs ago but I came back 3 months later when I got a more prospective job offer back in KL.

You'd never know what will happen in the future, so in the meantime, take a backseat and enjoy the ride :)

Musang said...

good luck in having new life in SG. and i'm afraid that you won't be back to KL. who knows, you might even find a better job in canada and be with CF. he? that is, CF in canada? LOL. i'm sorry, my memory not functioning well currently.

but anyhow, continue writing eh sweetie. best wishes for both of you!

snowdrop said...

so it's all decided then :)

all the best! enjoy your new experiences!

Derek said...

mrbunnyban: Of course. Or you can come visit me ;P

kyle: Thanks, kyle dear.

kitjar: Thank you, thank you.

dmnk: Wanna join me in Singapore then? ;P

spot: Haven't found accomodation yet. In the process.

Will let you know where once it's confirmed. ;P

rad: I will, I will.

But of course, not too much.

hrugaar: Yup. You can make Singapore one of the places to go to when you're in KL. Leggie can come along with you. ;P

jay: Ooookay. Thanks for the reminder Jay.

I will be on the first flight back if that happens. LOL

ça va pas la tête: Thanks for the well wishes ;P

yw[2k]: Sound advice ;P Thanks.

musang: It's OK. We know what you're going through now.

CF is only going in August.

Thanks. You take care too. *hugs*

snowdrop: Thanks, Snowie. You two must come visit! ;P

AJ said...

I wanna jump ship & change country too. As much as I love Malaysia, recent events are starting to bug the hell out of me. Have fun & remember JB is just across the causeway!!

keatix said...

darling, while u r heading south, i may be heading north, almost 3x the distance to sing.

sigh..distance is separating us!! i wish u well, as always!