Friday, March 10, 2006

Silver jubilee

This morning I got a handshake from dad and a Happy Birthday. Though I am not entirely surprised with this very typical masculine, stoic and fatherly gesture, I was still kinda disappointed.

The handshake was followed by, “It’s time to get a girlfriend. Twenty five already and still don’t have one. Have to go around and mix with more people.”

I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Mom was there too and she appeared nonchalant.

Anyway, I was not in a good mood yesterday. I don’t know the reason exactly, but it started right after CF spoke to me in the afternoon on the phone. I blame him; rightly or wrongly, I am not sure. It was something he said, and he sent a text to apologize, right before I went to bed.

As the relationship progresses, things change. CF also changes. And from what I have seen, he has. He has become more confident and self-assured. Which makes my nurturing protective and supportive side less needed. Less often demonstrated.

On one hand, I am glad. Glad that he has become a better person. On the other hand, it was sort of a wonderful feeling to be able to comfort him in that way. It was good while it lasted.

Anyway, on Wednesday, I was in Singapore again for the second and final interview. It was with the General Manager, Managing Director, a manager and an HR executive.

It was more like getting-to-know you session, asking me about my current job, my family, exams, etc. Nothing of the where-do-you-see-yourself-in-five-years-time or why-should-we-hire-you-and-not-others sort of questions.

As I am now a quarter century old, I can’t call myself young anymore. When I was 24, I can still say I was in my early 20’s. Now that I am twenty five, it seems much closer to 30 (if you round it up).

I know I am gonna get an earful from those who are much closer to age 30.

I would like to do some deep reflection on the past twenty five years, but not in that kind of mood now. What have I done, where I am going ...

Things are great; life is good. It can only get better.

Have a great weekend all.


Jay said...

Well, I'm also closer to 30 - but only if I round DOWN. -sigh-

It's nice to be needed, but ultimately I think an independent, unclingy and un-needy boyfriend is a more interesting one. The whole damsel-in-distress routine can get old pretty quickly.

Happy Birthday, babe.

snowdrop said...

nooooo.... no rounding please... spot just reminded me yesterday that i will be thirty FIVE this year!!!! noooo.... i cannot face being close to 40!!!! aarghhhhhh....

25 is still young. really :) and as for changing, i'm sure YOU are too (you just don't see it when it's yourself)... that's just how life is. with enough love and hard work, you 2 will change and grow together, not apart. good luck :)

hope you're feeling better now. enjoy the rest of your day.

ZemieN said...


You wrote: "This morning I got a handshake from that"

Erm... dun u mean.... "Dad"?

I had to re-read the sentence a few times to know exactly who you were referring too :P


Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Bday Derek. 25 isn't bad, its the turning point and you are going to be in ur prime of age. Well I turn 27 on saturday(11), tho I am closer to 30 I embrace it with open arms... Life has only just begun...

Cheers and happy to u and ur CF.

- Vincent

Derek said...

jay: Awww, thanks so much jay darling.

I know the needy thing will get tiring one day. But I was still enjoying it ... and then it just ended.

snowdrop: You're so cute when you said that nooooo LOL

Yup, am feeling much better now. Thanks snowie for the well wishes and all.

And I am sure spot was only teasing!

zemien: Trust you to notice my mistakes. ;P Thanks. I have corrected it.

Thanks for the wishes, zemien dear.

anonymous: Ooh, your birthday is tomorrow? A very happy birthday to you then.

You are really comfortable with aging, aren't you? Good for you. Twenty seven ain't that old anyway.

Wishing you a great birthday, Vincent. Thanks for the wishes.

P/S Are CF and I invited to your party? ;P

MrBunnyBan said...

Hope you two are fine. Anyway, Happy Birthday! Maybe not young, but not old either. :)

savante said...

you are young, dammit! If kids like you are old, what am I!!


Anonymous said...

Yes derek, you and CF are more than welcome to join me. But I will be celebrating it with a few friends in Liquid. Not too sure if CF can go or not.

On another note, I have forgiven my ex today, and I felt relief and free. Tho it sucks to be noble but someone has to take charge. I even gave my blessings because I do not want to carry my hate on to my new age.

Email me ur contact, i am at

- Vincent

Musang said...

well, i've been 20 like 4 times now. not my fault. everytime i drop by my dad's office, his workmates always mistaken me to be in secondary school. well, they've got fooled. and 25 is not old... and don't round up it to the closest figure. who the hell invented the round-up things anyway?

happy birthdays sweetiepie, and may god bless you with health, wealth and happiness. cheers!

hrugaar said...

Belated happy birthday. :o) Yes, 25 is still young. I know it seems a significant age - quarter of a century and all - but actually it's often at age 26 that people make the decisions and choices that have long term effects on their lives (eg. career etc.). Not always, but often.

Anonymous said...

hrugaar: well I made a good choice at career at 26 but a bad choice of a bf. It is having a long term effect now that I wish I knew how to quit him from my heart. Oh well

Take care

- vincent

AJ said...

Ok. If you think it was one big drama when you turned 25, just wait till you hit 26.

Fortunately, I built a time machine & this year I'm turning 25 again.

Other than that, Happy Birthday!!

Chaichakri said...

hAPPY bIRTHDAY...... may you have blessings of good fortune, happiness and prosperity....

Kyle said...

hey 25 isnt old.. yet...


Happy Birthday!!

keatix said...

darling, happy birthday mate! u r a good man, and i m sure u will get to where u want. cheers!

canardbidon said...

happy birthday! and good luck with all that interviewing stuff too... hope things work out well

i'll be 25 later this year too!! how!!??

Spot said...

Happy belated birthday, you baby you. :) But really, feeling old is a good sign of self-reflection and growth.

My uncle, who is really the nicest gentleman, greets my father (his own brother) with a formal handshake all the time. But I'm sure they love each other to bits. Some men are just like that.

As for the loss of the "protector" role, hmm.

May be a good thing in the long run. The breakup with my ex (after almost 4 yrs) made me realise that the love in the relationship had more to do with my saviour complex than actual enduring commitment.

I guess as one grows older, the idea of emotional equals gets more attractive.

Hope you're feeling better this week.

ça va pas la tête said...

Happy Birthday. Life starts at 30 for a man. You have another 5 years to go la. ;)

Holden said...

Hey, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Like Paul said, if you are old, then what about the rest of us approaching (or already over) that big 3-0??

Hope things work out for you and CF!!!

mARCus said...

happy belated bday, you have a long way to reaching 30...

Derek said...

mrbunnyban: Yup, not too old or too young. Just nice, right? LOL

savante: Err ... that's rhetorical, right? ;P

vincent: Sorry I couldn't join you. Have replied to you via email. ;P

musang: Thanks.

Wah, 20 y/o for four years! Must tell me the secret to your youth ;P

hrugaar: Ok. Now, I have a reason to not look forward to 26! ;P

vincent: You have forgiven him and moved on. That's the best gift ever for your birthday.


aj: Ooh, can I borrow your time machine next year? ;P

kitjar: Thanks so much, kit dear.

kyle: You are not dead ... yet.

Yeah, thanks. ;P

keatix: You are a good man too, keatix. Thanks and cheers to you too. ;P

canardibon: How ar? Borrow the time machine from AJ ;P

spot: Heh. Thanks very much for your wishes and advice. Really appreciate it.

And I am not sure what situation I am in now. I do hope it's unlike yours though.

Thanks again. You're a real sweetie, spot.

ça va pas la tête: Hey, you supposed to make me happy or sad ar? ;P

But yeah, thanks.

holden: Thanks holden darling. Like I expected, I know I will get all these from my er .. slightly older friends. ;P

marcus: Thanks marcus. How sweet of you! LOL

rad said...

Happy belated birthday, Derek. Sorry for it to be so late. Aww, you still have a long way to go before 30.