Friday, February 02, 2007

Mini updates

Want to update, but no idea of what to write.

KL was on holiday, while I was working. Someone from a recruitment agency called. She said she would call back, but I didn't receive any,

A new guy joined my department. Looks kinda cute. He is my age. Think he is gay, though that could just be me wishing that he was.

Went swimming after work. Had a change of pool, so we went to this pool very near to where I stay. Supposedly more cruisy. But didn't notice anyone cute. Maybe just one, or the most two. But so obvious that there are more gays over here!

Unfortunately, even though the pool is bigger, it seems older and dirtier. So we would probably go back to our usual haunt in Lavender, which is cleaner and newer.

Tomorrow is Friday! Yay! Want to watch a movie and over here, we're definitely spoilt for choice. There are so many movies shown currently, many more than in KL.

Watch Big Bang Juvenile A last Tuesday. Some find it confusing, others understood it very well.

Me? I wasn't as confused as the former was, but didn't completely understand it either. But the somewhat homoerotic scenes, where the camera focuses on bare skin, especially one of the leads ... yummy!

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Jon said...

Wish u much luck on ur cute colleague. : )