Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Year of the Fire Pig arrives

I was flipping through the paper's yesterday and noticed that the Year of the Pig has become the Year of the Boar. All mention of pigs have become boar. The newspaper that I am specifically referring to is the Star.

I have grown up with pigs being called pigs. Boars are the wild versions of it, and this is confirmed in Wikipedia.

In addition,
The term boar is used to denote an adult male of certain species, including, confusingly, domestic pigs. In the case of wild pigs only, it is correct to say "female boar" or "infant wild boar", since boar or wild boar refers to the species itself.

Adult males of the following species are known as boars: badger, bear, guinea pig, hedgehog, panda, pig, prairie dog and raccoon. The corresponding females are called sows. Names for the young are more variable.

Maybe I am just reading too much into these little things. Or maybe I am right and that it is indeed a conscious decision by the editors of the Star.

Anyway, Petronas ads have becomes some sort of a mini story or short movie and almost synonymous with festivals. They have become a staple every time one of the major festivals come around.

Apparently, there's two ads for Chinese New Year this time

This is ad 1.

The second one is this.

Quite nice, isn't it? It has mass appeal, with a message that love can overcome anything. Even can pass off as a Valentine's Day ad.

But then, I remember seeing this ad not too long ago.

As I was looking online for this advertisements to post, I came across 2006's CNY one, which I honestly don't remember seeing last year. Most probably I missed it.

Between last year's and this year's, I think I prefer last year's.

Anyway, wanna wish all my readers a very Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Pig bring lots of joy, success and prosperity into your life. All the best in your respective career and studies.

May all things good come to you. Be good, be wise, be healthy, be wealthy and be fabulous!



Apollo David said...

i like the 3rd ad... so touch

Spot said...

Kong Hey Fatt Choy!

You around till the 24th eh? Perhaps a meet-up is in order...:) Back in KL oredi. ;)

Ryan said...

Actually there's only one this year. The one where you said it's the "second one", was actually the one shown several years back. I'm not sure how old, but it's definitely shown before.

But I agree last year's is more fabulous! I couldn't get the feeling from this year's ad.

Will said...

Happy New Year 2 u! (just a few days late!!)

Derek said...

apollo: Yup, the third one is more touching.

spot: Oh no! Didn't see your comment until today. And I am back in Singapore already! ;-(

Another time?

ryan: Oh OK. My mistake then.


will: Thanks, Will ;P