Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love equation

Someone wrote that LOVE = (LUST + COMMITMENT) x PATIENCE

Interesting equation. Simplistic, but if you think properly, it does come down to these three things.

The way I interpret it is that LUST is the physical attraction. It could be those big brown eyes or that smile that melts your hart every time or the way he blushes.

No relationship can survive without some level of physical attraction between two people. It doesn’t matter whether that spark flicker on the first meet or if it was slowly developed (like one day, you hit yourself hard for not realizing how adorable that left dimple is).

COMMITMENT is the other important ingredient. Things like personality, sense of humour, caring and compassion fades into the background if the other party can't commit whole-heartedly in a relationship. He might be the brightest person on Earth, have a fabulous fashion sense and all, but when it comes down to, it's the commitment to share your life with another person that counts.

OK, let's ignore those exceptions like open-relationships and menage-a-trois.

Last but not least, PATIENCE. A romantic relationship, heck, any relationship needs tons and tons of it. Patience to understand, patience to communicate clearly, patience to listen, patience to solve problems together, etc. Need I say more?

So a formula for love or rather, for a relationship to work and survive. Stripped to the basics.

Now, if only it was that simple in practice. There are many things that could undo formula. Throw in some stress, instant gratification, jealousy, lack of communication and boom, every goes up in smoke.

Still if one never tries, one wouldn't know. As cliche as it may be, it is true that it is better to have love and lost than never to have loved at all.


JL said...

you will never truly live until you have loved.


may i add another... Acceptance :)

Anonymous said...

Love is too complicated to put down in such a simple equation. Too many possible random error term affecting the equation. I used to think as long as I am ready to give without expectation, I will receive a good outcomes but I am wrong. Conditions really apply to love equation and it's so complicated until it can cover someone sense.

defiant85 said...

Left dimple, left dimple, left dimple...

Are you talking about me?


I agree. Very basic and rudimentary formula but true.