Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Came across these from another videos from another blog. They are a series called Undressed shown on MTV. You have to pardon the old TV kinda look and the fashion sense, because it was shown in 1999.

Taken from Wikipedia.
Undressed was an anthology series that followed the relationships (both sexual and romantic) of young people, often high school or college students. The series was notable for featuring both heterosexual and homosexual characters and relationships and controversial for its frank depiction of sexuality among characters who are often under the age of 18. Each season had several recurring characters with each episode focused on two or three specific characters with plotlines presented as interleaved vignettes. Undressed ran for 6 seasons.

Of course, this being a gay blog, the episodes below are consistent with who I am.

Enjoy, folks! And yes, there are some nude scenes of the cute teens. And oh my, lookie! I just wrote a phrase of rhyming words! LOL

P/S If the guy in the first two clips looks familiar, he's the straight guy pretending to be gay in Eating Out.


gabisaenz said...

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jase said...

yummy.. hehe

Simple Pleasures said...

Hey there...Happy Chinese New Year! to you too. Hope you had a pleasant and prosperous celebration... :-)

Yen said...

When I watched this, I couldn´t get the sound working. Didn´t seem like it needed it, though. Heh.

Andy Kuramoto said...

Hmm, interesting show. I'll probably try to look it up sometime and download it.

Anyways, just happened to hop here from a friend's blog, hope you don't mind. ^^;; It's a nice blog you have here :)

Prince of Darkness said...

Cool videos...haha. Love them

Derek said...

gabi: Hi there. Thanks for dropping by. I have left a comment on your blog ;P

jase: Hi Jase. Thanks for coming to my blog. I think you have a really cool blog too.

simple pleasures: Thanks!

yen: Yup, you don't really need the sound on to know what's going on! LOL

andy: Hi. Thanks for coming. I will check out your blog soon.

P.O.D: ;P

k said...


got linked to yr blog from another blog. good effort.