Saturday, February 03, 2007


Turns out that the new guy isn't gay. Or if he was, then he is very much in denial, as he has a girlfriend apparently.

Was supposed to meet Lloyd after work to go a temple. Just as I was about to leave the office, my big boss appeared and we talked for like 10 minutes! So lucky hor?

Went to the temple all the way in Boon Lay. The temple was another 15 minutes from the MRT station. Prayed a bit at the temple. By that time I was damn hungry and tired.

After temple, had dinner. Last minute watched movie. A Thai horror movie directed by Tears of the Black Tiger fame, called Unseeable.

It is an interesting movie, with at least at least a good storyline which makes sense. You know how all those Korean and Japanese ones usually don't when the story draws to an end and the story is left hanging.

The movie setting was in the 1930s, with all the essence and characteristic of that era captured. Very classic style. Even the camera angles and all have a touch of old-style movie making.

I can't reveal much of the plot without spoiling the story. But basically, it's about a pregnant woman looking for her husband and who stopped over at this big creepy wooden house with interesting and creepy characters.

The wooden house creaks and squeaks like they all do in horror movies. The movie seems to be always at night, with day time as bright as 6pm in the evening.

Malaysia is rich in scary and ghost stories, but too bad they are not being taken advantage of. Thailand is doing very well in this and they managed to produce commercial horror movies like Shutter which are memorable and can be marketed to other countries.

Overall, I would rate it a 3.75 out of 4.

I am so glad that it's the weekend again!


Will said...

It's probably good he is not gay. You just know he would be leaving notes on your desk, putting flowers in your office, following you into the restroom hoping for a peek...yeah, who needs that hassle? But now, I am sure he looks at you and wishes he was gay!

savante said...

Unseeable. Sigh.

Derek said...

will: Thanks for the compliments. I may be cute, but not THAT cute to attract guys, what more straight ones LOL

savante: What's the sigh for, Dr?

Jon said...

Seriously - you hang out with a new guy at the temple???? Wow - how original. Hehehe.. I did try to get a guy's phone number at a temple. Within minutes. My godbro said it must be the gay's magic. ;p