Sunday, February 11, 2007

Botanic Gardens run

I woke up early this morning to go for a jog. I haven't been jogging for a while, since Christmas eve. Furthermore, I signed up for my company's charity run to be held next month, so may as well train a little.

The sun was scorching hot at 8. The heat was intense as I felt it on my skin while I waited for a friend to pick me up from the bus stop.

The route that was planned was the Botanics Garden. It's really quite a nice place to run. But then, since I was running, there wasn't time to stop and smell the flowers.

There were plenty of people around. One thing which I have to give credit for is that there are many people who are health conscious here, especially the older folks. There are many senior citizens strolling, doing tai chi, having gatherings or just simply spending time with their family.

What is also interesting is that the Botanics Garden is also a place for joggers. It's pretty clever, come to think of it. Since Singapore is so small and space is scarce, whatever that can killed two birds with one stone is essential.

Since I haven't run for a while, I took the shorter route. The original route is about 7.5 kilometers. I think I only did 6 kilometers.

As not to scare the uncles and aunties around here, as after all Singapore is a conservative society as the politicians like to point out from time to time, there weren't many shirtless joggers, unlike in East Coast Park which is specifically for recreational sports like running, skating, cycling etc.

There is only one shirtless guy which was cute that I saw. Nice body, cute face, not too bulky. Just nice. Too bad I have already stopped running, if not, I would have run after him followed his route.

After the run, we went for breakfast. As it is a touristy place, the food court is also nicer. Quite posh-looking. Luckily, the prices are not overly inflated, just slightly.

Also, overheard conversation from one of the group's runners, "Have you noticed how gay men usually and almost never play contact sports? I have met people who play badminton, kayak, climb, etc but not play football or basketball."

The only girl in the group said, "But lesbians love contact sports. The more contact the better. Or maybe it's just the ones that I know."

Interesting observation really. The gay sports group here, Adlus, has a lot sports on their list, from squash, swimming, volleyball, kayaking, climbing, badminton but NO football and basketball.

Ditto with LPG. Even the Straits Games have three non-contact sports, namely bowling, volleyball and badminton.

I wonder why. Anyone can shed some light on this?


William said...

Poor dear. Completing a shorter route is better than stopping halfway at the longer route. Got closure. :D.

In the str8 world, lam lui sau sau pat chan. In the gay world, lam lam sau sau pat chan. So no contact sports!

JL said...

Running is good!

contact sport... perhaps too much frictions :P panas panas

rad said...

Haha, maybe amid a heated session of groping and er... more groping, things could lead out of control :P

Just kidding, who knows. I can only speak for myself, but I'm absolutely terrible at sports involving spherical objects.

Jon said...

Imagine this. One small room. 4 walls. Stuffy. Running. Bumping one another. Arms brush against one another. Hand touches bum. Bodies smack. And the sweat.

Join in squash. My partner is really cute. : )

Derek said...

william: Huh? Like that also can? Or maybe contact sports are just too straight for our tastes ;P

JL: Probably. First thing that comes to mind is rugby. And wrestling LOL

rad: From a racket in hand to someone's balls in hand? ;P

jon: I have never looked at squash that way! When is the next time you're playing? ;P

kaye said...

sigh.... i also wanna go run. The weather here is so cold I'd freeze when I step out of the house... :(

I dunno why other people you meet don't play contact sports, but I'd give my own inteferences as to why I don't play.

Ok.... in the Asian context, it's alright for girls to get touchy feely but not for guys right?

And so it's perfectly alright for les to play contact sports because there is no issue there.

If it were str guys playing contact sports, they'd be no taboo when they play contact sports as there is no sexual tension. But when we play, there would be that level of sexual tension, and it is uncomfortable.

As least that's my £0.02.......

Derek said...

Hi Kaye. So good to hear from you! Hope you're doing great there.

Thanks for the comment. I think you might have a point there.

But what about in the situation where a gay guy join a all straight team and he's not out? The breeders would think everyone is straight, no sexual tension.

But someone was saying maybe it's the contact in contact sports which is the issue. All those tacking and pushing and shoving ... hmmm, not most gays cup of tea? ;P