Wednesday, May 03, 2006


This is my second week here and so far, it's been good. I won't say great, as I have been staying at work till nine almost everyday for the past week! And I'm typing this at 9 p.m., just before I leave the office.

Last Thursday, I went out with LP to support a friend of his who was performing at MOX, the equivalent of Frangipani, but more cozy and less smoky, as smoking is not allowed there. I asked DG to come along, as he hasn't checked out the scene ever since he arrived in Singapore. DG is someone I met last year and we watched Batman Begins and whom I haven't met since.

I was introduced to a friend of LP there, EU.

My first impression of EU was that he's quite cute. He's thirty but looks like a university student! Heck, he can even pass off younger than that.

Anyway, I somewhat flirted with him.

I know I am attached and all, but CF and I have discussed this before I left for Singapore and flirting is allowed.

As usual, I called him the next day to tell him about my first week here and obviously, I also mentioned about what happened in MOX.

CF was upset that I did what I did. Even though he initially thought he wouldn't be upset about it, but apparently now that it has happened, he doesn't think that he can accept it.

Me being the ever loving boyfriend that I am (ahem!), I agreed.

So fine, I told him I won't anymore. But then hor, EU was the first new person I met since I know CF. Not that it makes it excusable, but yeah, the feeling of meeting new people can be refreshing and exciting.

Getting to know someone new is ... well, just interesting and appealing to me as I do like to know more people and all.

Anyways, you don't have to worry. I do keep to my words.

That was Friday. I was quite bored on Sunday and so I asked a friend of Kit's to show me around Singapore.

It so happened that the friend, MH, has a friend who was visiting from abroad. TS is Singaporean, but he has been overseas for the past seven years and comes back to visit once or twice a year.

Now, which city do you think TS is working in? Drum roll .... the very city that CF is going to - Vancouver!

I mean, what are the chances, right? It's such a coincident that I should give MH a call last weekend and even more statistically small to have a friend of his, working in Vancouver, to be visiting on that very weekend.

Needless to say, I took the opportunity to find out as much as I can about the city. Things like it's not as cold as cities on the east (Vancouver is on the west, next to the sea), the temperature drops to almost zero during winter, but luckily it only snows a day or two in a year (coz I am really afraid of the cold), it rains a lot during spring and autumn and the best time to visit is during the second half of the year.

In addition I also found out that it is easier to drive to get around than to take the bus or the train over there.

Over there, personal lives comes first. From what I heard, there is no such thing as working towards a work-life balance, as life there is already balanced and they are practising it, unlike here. If someone has a sick child, he can go home to attend to the kid and work can be delegated to someone else. Which is the opposite in this part of the world, where one has to get the job done no matter what.

Hmmm, I think I can get used to that kind of environment ;P

Oh, TS also showed me some pictures of Canada. Those were very picturesque scenaries of the Rocky Mountains and lakes and the outdoors. I think if ever there is a pull factor, this would be it. The parks, lakes, mountains, I love this kind of nature stuff.

Not forgetting of course that CF would be there and that is the main pull factor.

So, I spent the whole of Sunday outside going around Singapore, getting myself familiarised with the island. I went to Fort Canning, Marina Square and the whole of Orchard Road.

We've been talking a lot on the phone lately. Even though he is reluctant to call and he does not like talking on the phone much, he still tries, as he knows that the distance is harder for me than it is to him.

Thanks so much dear. Can't wait to see you again soon. *hugs*

P/S This blog was never meant to be so personal. And so saccharine sweet and diabetic-inducing mushy XD As you know, I do write about things which I feel strongly about; things that affect us as individuals. But lately, I haven't had the time to really read about current affairs. He is all I think about whenever I am free.


confusticated said...

very mushy!!! and sweet. hehe. kinda like apple sauce.

meeting new people is always great. unless you have nothing to say to them. then that's just downright awkward.

defiant85 said...

Its a small, small world after all. :P

Anonymous said...

"He is all I think about whenever I am free". Hmmm. Free from flirting with other people, you mean? No healthy relationship has space for flirting with other people.

Will said...

I don't know how long Anonymous up there has been in a "healthy relationship," but my partner of 5+ years and I have never found flirting to create a problem for us. We don't let it go too far, and we let the "flirtee" know that we're in a relationship, but it's fun, and truly strong relationships are not going to be threatened by normal human interaction like that. It's in the relationships that are weak that people feel the need to cling so tightly to someone else that they leave bruises.

I think it's too bad that CF said it was ok, and then later got upset about it. That's not fair to you, you don't know what the boundaries are because he keeps changing them. Perhaps he should have thought about his answer a little more before saying "yes, flirting's ok" at first.

Silentside said...

My, there has been a bit of a debate up there. I'm sure that you and CF can work things out without all of us interfering. But there is something I have to say... I think I just died from a diabetic shock and allergies from all the sugar and fluff surrounding me! *Melts* Hehe. I love you guys. SO DEADLY SWEET!

Silentside said...

Btw (forgot to put this in... :P), good to hear that you are settling in Singapore and your job is ok (at least it's not bad or horrifying! :))! Keep it up! *Kiss~* For the both of you for being so darned adorable! *Swoon and then faints*

MrBunnyBan said...

Hey, i don't blame the guy. I'd be upset. Only I'd have the forsight not to agree to such a thing in the first place. Hee.

I'm with silentside. Furhermore I've met ou both in RL... *swoooooon*

joshua said...

Fort Canning is fine. Fort Road? *gasps* Better not lo.
Surely, I am NOW so jealous. Distance is really not a factor, as you have proven.

akihisa said...

What a thoughtful bf you are, Derek!! Being open and honest are what make a successful relationship, I think. I can't belief you guys talked to each other about everything. Even, something that's harmless as flirting. But, hey, what do I know?! I've never ever been in a relationship before. ;p

Musang said...
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Musang said...

awwww... he's all you've been thinking huh? that is soooo sweeeett. *smiles*

and you've been staying at the office till 9?! *gasps* it's a nine to five job isn't it? go slow darlin, before you get exhausted. take care.

g_c said...

waiiii!!!you two just too sweet!!!lol!!isnt funny how jealousy can suddenly rear its ugly head?being the jealous man that i am,i would NEVER say yes to flirting..thats just who i
ohhhh canada!!!!!thinking bout going there on a visit this summer...rocky mountains and nice scenery is all fine,but you musnt forget the most important thing in canada,it has to be those hunky laid back outdoorsy guys that you find there!!!!you better keep an eye on CF!!lol

quicksilverlining said...

hooh. flirting. yes. regardless, it CAN get into a bit of a sticky mess.

Derek said...

iwao: Yeah, silence is usually awkward. But the people I've met so far have been friendly and chatty.

defiant85: Hey there. Yup, it's a small world after all. LOL

anonymous: Actually, it all depends on the two parties involved. Some allow flirting, others don't. It has to be a mutual thing.

Also, I tend to agree with will. ;P

will: I don't blame CF. His intention is always to not restrict what I do or the people I meet. But when reality happens and if he can't accept it, it's OK with me too.

Thanks for the comments. And it's so good to know that you guys have been at it for 5 years already!

silentside: I feel that communication and honesty is really important. It helps the relationship grow and keeps it healthy. ;P

And thanks *returns kiss*

yw[2k] said...

Don't overwork yourself to death... Remember to have a little fun here and there... ;)

But don't flirt too much lah... Coz harmless flirting may lead to misunderstanding and hard feelings...

Xavier said...

i think there's not definate way of handling any situation that involves people, all up to the involved to adjust as per required/needed...

btw, ur so sweet, sacharine is fake, make that al naturel diebatic inducing sweet.

Anonymous said...

Aiyo purlease la
Don't you know boyfriend is the green eyed creature. They always say you can do this do that and they won't mind (AT ALL, cough cough), but let me warn you hoor, they fucking do!

My boyfriend told/encouraged me he will let me go sauna blablabla just to experience it, I did it, and we almost broke up! :0P


Anonymous said...

hey derek looks like u are adapting well to SG.. sorry didnt buzz ya as I didnt go down as well.. dad's bday fell on that weekend. No worries now that I have ur no. will buzz ya when I go there.

Well as our beloved shine says, in retrospec BF's do mine.. after all nobody likes their partner to get all gooey with someone...

To shine: haha :P


Derek said...

mrbunnyban: Yeah, CF is still learning, so yeah ...

joshua: Distance is not a factor, but it's not encouraged also. I mean, who would want to be away from their loved ones for long periods?

akihisa: Haven't been in a relationship before doesn't mean that you don't know. These things apply to everyday life and to people in general. Being in a relationship doesn't make things like honesty and communication less important.

musang: Yeah, I'll try to take things slow. But work has to be done also mar. Thanks for the concern, musang dear.

g_c: Wish you'll snare a hunky Canadian bf there! LOL

Nah, I trust CF. ;P

qsl: Yeah, I know that NOW. ;P

yw[2k]: Harmless flirting can lead to harm, eh? Heh. I know, I know, I'll control myself. ;P

xavier: Exactly. People are creatures with emotions and so it's never easy.

Heh, no matter. Both are still sweet stuff anyways. LOL

shine: Really? If just to experience and to see, I don't really see the problem.

Unless you DID something there ;P

vincent: Oh OK. Next time then.

Take care till then.

Anonymous said...

it's in the relationships that are weak that don't allow flirting....hahah that's a good one. Got me rolling on the floor for a good 5 minutes. Let me correctly rephrase that for you will...."it's weak people who push for flirting to be allowed". Weak = unable to commit, unable to control his/her own desires. Both instances leading to a breakup of the relationship. Possibly the formation of a new one but definitely the breakup of the old one. This could only be a good thing if the old one wasn't healthy to begin with. Which is why i premised my argument with all "healthy relationships" don't have space for flirting. It serves no purpose.

Jay said...

Long distance relationships are always going to be difficult. I always had a lot of issues with my ex sleeping around with other people even though I was doing the same.