Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday meet-up

Nothing much to report, going into the third week in Singapore.

Time really passes. Don't miss CF that much anymore. (Heh, am so gonna get for this. Of course I miss you, dear.)

I still read the news about what is happening in Malaysia. The Shahrir issue is indeed interesting and shows there's no way that Malaysia is going to be a First World country anytime soon.

Also, on the ground, there are closed minded bigots who grew up under a coconut shell. I really do wonder where do they get their ideas and opinions from.

Monday May 8, 2006

House-husbands can lead to topsy-turvy homes

JUST when people think that husbands being homemakers is such a new and great idea, please spare some thoughts for the children.

What kind of a role model would the house-husband make for a growing boy?

He will probably grow up to be a feminine male and gay before long.

The reality is, whosoever brings home the bread will inevitably speak louder and have the last say.

We ought to be keeping the status quo and not advocating something topsy-turvy. Wives are to submit to their husbands.

I cannot picture how a breadwinner wife submitting to her homemaker husband.

Kuala Lumpur.

Anyway, Legolas and Ru were in Singapore on Monday. They stayed for two nights and should be in Kota Kinabalu for now.

It was great to finally meet Ru. It's always good to know the face behind the blog. It adds a sense of connection.

As it is, I am still not that familiar with the places in Singapore yet. So I asked DG to come along as he has been here longer and er ... somewhat a food connoisseur.

He suggested Fish and Co, which he absolutely loves and he has been suggesting everytime we go out for meals.

I didn't think Ru would want to have more of what he could get back home and he suggested Crystal Jade instead, on Scott's Road.

I have no idea where that is, but actually it's at Orchard Road. So we met Legolas and Ru at the Orchard MRT.

Sigh, it reminded me of how CF totally loves Crystal Jade (the one in Sungai Wang, not Midvalley). He especially likes the siew loong pau (or Shanghai buns). Basically it is buns with pork fillings and soup. The bun is either steamed or fried.

Right after we ordered our food, CF called. We talked for a very short while and I told him where we were. Said how I know he adores the siew loong pau on the menu and wished he was there.

There were some other feelings which I felt, but I didn't express them. Basically, I promised to take him to Sungai Wang when I go back.

Which is pretty soon.

We ordered a little too much food but we managed to finish them, as Leggie was starving. ;P

They were saying that the hotel that they were staying in Singapore is the best so far and invited us to go visit.

Unfortunately, DG and I were tired and we have work the next day. The two of them were tired as well from their flight to Singapore and also from Paul's little mis-directions to them which caused to walk a lot.

I have my professional exam next week and after that, I don't have to spend my weekends mugging books. Which obviously means that I can finally go back for a visit.

I am really looking forward to that. Been missing him so much that it's almost killing me. I think it's the same for him too.

It's just ten more days CF dear. Ten more!


confusticated said...

sigh. i want to go home too.

MrBunnyBan said...

Ooooh, Singapore gallavanting with friends. I also want...

g_c said...

WHAT THE???!!!!now where exactly was that little paragraph posted??in the newspaper??fuck man!!now thats really low of them....humph.breadwinner and all that shit...awwwwww it just drives me mad to hear such things cause it reminds me of my homecountry thats as small minded... but anyway...that pork bun seems really good!!!!lol..been such a long time since ive last eaten chinese food!!everyweek its pasta witn chicken..pasta with chicken...sob!!!

AdamAww said...

I've always wondered about working overseas, like what you are doing right now. Do u think there will be one day when you are too comfortable with Sg that you may not come back? And yes, the Shahrir debacle is a shame of Malaysia, but the whip system has been in place so long. But I never expected the PM to be so brutal in his comments on Shahrir's resignation. I guess his tail is showing, finally.

Derek said...

i.w.a.o: Hang in there, mate. Hopefully, your friends are there for you. *hugs*

mrbunnyban: Your turn is soon, isn't it? Hope you guys have fun when you meet up.

g_c: It was published in the Star. Thankfully, another reader did rebutt his points and views.

Takkan London doesn't have Chinese food? ;P

adamaww: Thanks for visiting, adam.

My long term plan is to live with CF when he goes to Canada. Singapore is good place to work and learn, but not really a good place to live.

Of course, the SGD is a plus. XD

Though if I am single, I may think otherwise. The boys here are real hot, you know! ;P

Jushie said...

Yeah...Singapore can be a drag. Stressful and all. But hey...good pay! :)

The Searcher said...

I feel so happy for you, reading this post really show that life is still so meaningfull.......

Derek and CF rock......

quicksilverlining said...

hmm. i wrote a few articles to the star about the whip thing. not sure if they're going to publish it though. it IS quite hilarious, that said.

confusticated said...

haih. everyone's going home. i think i'm the only staying back.

savante said...

HEY! What misdirection! I walk a lot! and I told them to walk far, which doesn't count as a misdirection! :)


Musang said...

clearly the person who wrote that opinion came from a stupid man-always-rule tribe with an IQ of his penis length.

and obviously he didn't watch desperate houswives where lynette becomes the breadwinner.