Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Greetings from the Lion City

My first blog post from Singapore.

I arrived in Singapore last Friday and I was supposed to start work the coming Monday. Without much time left and without a place to stay, I had to resort to agents to find me a room.

Which thankfully, I did on that right afternoon. I work quite near the Central Business District and I managed to find a place to stay which is two MRT stations away or 10 minutes bus ride. It is quite convenient to most places as it is quite central.

Initially, I wanted to live with gay tenants or owners. CF questioned the rationale behind that and I realised there isn't any good reasons to do so. I mean, it's not like I'll be bringing anyone back for .... whatever. But I did think that if there were someone to talk to like other tenants or landlord when I need to, would be great.

The thought of living with cute guys is appealing, but definitely not a smart thing to do. ;P

Presently, I am staying with a family, with two kids. Both are in their teens. The boy just finished secondary school and the girl is five years younger.

So far, things have been OK. I have got my work permit done. I know how to get to work and get back. I have got myself a map and a guidebook to the transportaion system. Which apparently is not peculiar to foreigners, even the locals have a copy of those. The reason being that there are more than a hundred buses serving a multitude of routes and areas.

Food wise, everything is quite bland. The Singaporeans have a preference to add chili sauce into all their noodles. Oh, and almost everyone speaks Mandarin here.

My Mandarin is basic to say the least. I can understand a little, after translating into Cantonese. In the meantime, I have to ask the people around me to repeat what they said whenver I did not catch them the first time.

Hopefully, my mastery of the language improves with time.

Anyway, as I am working with a private firm now, I don't think it's a wise idea to visit my blog from work. I haven't got a PC or laptop with me here, but most probably will soon.

In the meantime, this blog is proudly brought to you by CF, whom I sent to via email.

Things between us are OK. I do miss him, but at the same time I am busy adjusting myself to work and the environment, so not much time to mull about him. Which is a good thing in a way.

I do call back, even though it's pretty expensive and I would have to keep the conversation short. Frequency of communication between us is pretty much the same as I was back in KL. At first, I thought it is something undesirable i.e. communication should be more often as to make up for the distance.

After a few days here, I realise I can live it.

I believe the distance won't separate us. My feelings for him won't change, though I think I cannot ignore the possibility that the next time I meet him, it might be necessary for me to know him all over again. I am missing much of his life, which I would like to share and be part of.

Meanwhile, I am having a good time here, as I am doing and going to do things which I have never done before. On my first day of work yesterday, the unavoidable question of one's dating status came up.

I told them that I am attached to someone. The next natural question was whether she would be joining me in Singapore soon.

Basically, I informed them of what the situation really is between CF and I. The only detailed I changed was his gender.

Though I did jokingly said that they are welcome to introduce PEOPLE to me if they want to.

So yeah, that's all the updates for now.

P/S Not sure whether he would read this or not, but as always, I love you CF dear.


Not sure if I'm allowed to add in this part, but as mentioned above, this post is posted by CF! I'm just gonna say you have a lot of
unnecessary worries! But anyway, I see your P/S there, dear! ;p


quicksilverlining said...

aww. sweet sial. make it a point to enjoy yourself, at any rate. that's the whole point of living, no?

executorlouis said...

Sigh. So sweet.

All the best in S'pore! It's a great place, as long as you stay away from people with attitude problems. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there. I think that its sweet when you said the next time you meet CF, it would be necessary for you to get to know him all over again. Isnt that what a relationship is all about? getting to know someone? It' like the movie, 50 dates.

Dont worry Derek I will keep to my word and keep an eye on CF.

DO take care.

yw[2k] said...

Glad to hear you're settling fine over there. Hehe. Take care!

Silentside said...

*Falls on floor and dies of sweetness overload* You guys are seriously the epitome of eternal love. I don't know what to say... I'm too filled with tingly feelings in my heart for you two. I wish you all the best in Singapore Derek and may the both of live a life together in happiness and love.

Anonymous said...

In no way endorsed by Telekom Malaysia, :P: When calling home from overseas, Ring-Ring card is the best choice. Cheap, clear and no lag. All it costs the caller is just the local call charge (Malaysia Direct), the rest is debited via the card balance.

joshua said...

*runs and hides in jealousy*

all ze best and take care. like louis said, it's a smashing place!
may your job be breezy and promotions be easy.

The Searcher said...

So sweet! That's really encouraging, and I would agree with the notion of NOT blogging from work.... hee hee

Derek said...

qsl: I am enjoying myself. I mean, work is interesting as I am doing new stuff and I am learning a lot.

Thanks. I am sure you're having much fun in Australia too.

louis: Hmmm, so far the people I have met are quite nice and friendly. But yeah, no one likes those with attitude problesm anywhere anyway!

Still, thanks for the concern.

anonymous: Yeah, I know you will. Thanks so much for that. ;P

yw[2k]: Thanks. Email me if ever you're coming to Singapore!

silentside: Awww ... thanks so much ss dear. Not sure whether you know this or not, but we just started dating this year.

Hopefully, we can overcome the challenges of time and distance apart.

anonymous: Thanks for the tip. I am still trying to find out the most affordable IDD service provider. ;P

joshua: My job is not breezy and I am not really looking for promotion either. My current job is for me to learn more skills so that I can be more marketable globally.

Thanks for your wishes! ;P

kitjar: Thanks. We try anyways!

savante said...

Wah, so romantic ah!


Musang said...

even though those above have said it... i want to say it once again...

awwww... it's soooo sweet both of you... and cute sangat!

especially those two post-scripts. *sigh* when will i get my own CF? *sigh again*

anyway... all the best at work. hope they'll like you even more and raise your salary. hiks.

Kyle said...

Nice to hear that you are doing well.. :) Good luck, ya?

akihisa said...

Bunking with a family of two, huh?! At least, you have the luxury of home-cooked meals, if they asked you to join them, that is. ;p Oh, hi, CF!! You guys are so romantic. Romance is not dead. Hooray!!!

g_c said...

hiya you career girl!!!lol!!hope everything is going as well as you want!!hope you'll get a personal computer soon though cause it just aint the same without you!! no offence cf!!lol
ps: hi to cf, since he must be the one reading this!!lol!!

Anonymous said...

Hey derek, nice to hear that you hve settled down. Aiyah, 4 hrs bus ride is hardly a distance nor the 400km. Anytime you miss CF, just pop back during the weekend..

Its that simple. :) All the best in SG...


Nicky Dominique said...

That's nice! I've always wanted to work in SG for the longest time. Did sent my CV to few of the advertising agency, but no reply up till now. Sadness!

Anyway, it's a good environment to start off with. I hope you are adapting well there and I will pray hard here, hoping to join you working in SG =)

Cheerios bro =)

Harvey said...

Ah~ your blog is getting sweeter and sweeter with CF around. I'm glad you've got a house to live in, but becareful of what you do coz the family may complain. My sister was kicked out by her tenant in Singapore over small matters.

All in all, I wish you extreme good luck in Singapore.

Xavier said...

wahh.... both of u sweeter than the honey i bought from melacca!, so sweet that it actually shines through the content of ur post!

Justin Lim said...

hi derek

hope you remember me

Jay said...

Maybe you can even get CF -waves at CF- to guest blog!

Hope you're having fun in SG. I remember hating the food there, but maybe that was just me.

The nasi lemak with green rice is... interesting.

keatix said...

derek, hi mate! how all's well with u there.

hi 2 cf too!

confusticated said...

settled in nicely? wonderful!

Jushie said...

Oh yeah...Singapore's pretty easy to get around la. Can get from East to West in an hour and north to south in 45 mins.

Have fun in Singapore!

Derek said...

savante: I am sure you know by now that I am! Just like you ;P

musang: Thanks for the best wishes. Your CF will come in due time, honey! Just be ready when he does.

kyle: Thanks. Hope you're doing well too.

akihisa: No lar, I don't get home-cooked meals. In Singapore, most families don't cook and mine is like that too.

And romance is never dead.

g_c: Yup, I do miss my blogging. I must get a PC as soon as I can!

vincent: Thanks. You didn't come down to Singapore over the Labour Day weekend?

nicky: Yeah, all the best to you. Hope you are successful and get to come over and taste the beautiful boys here! LOL

harvey: Really? What did your sister do?

Anyways, just hope that that doesn't happen to me. Thanks for the wishes. ;P

xavier: Hi there xavier. Welcome to my blog!

Thanks. This is blog is sweet coz my bf is really sweet. Er ... not that it makes much sense. ;P

justin: Of course I remmember you. I have replied your email. Thanks for writing!

Derek said...

jay: Actually to be honest, I am still getting used to the food. And to be really honest, I have been visiting the toilet more often than usual. ;P

keatix: Thanks. Hope you're doing well. CF says hi as well. XD

i.w.a.o: Yeah, I am settled in quite nicely. Thanks.

jushie: Yeah, I am having fun. Maybe we can even meet up one day!