Thursday, May 18, 2006

A test and a (deservedly) rest

Can't wait to go back to KL tomorrow evening. It has almost been a month that I am here in Singapore and I really miss him.

I sat for my professional paper yesterday. It was difficult, in the sense that they asked unexpected questions. The usual suspects didn't turn up this time.

Still, I have a good feeling about it. Managed to answer a little more than half of the questions and tembak (guessed) the rest.

Hopefully, my lucky letter of the day was E!

I am quite sick of this paper already, as I was taking it for the fourth time. I took Monday and Tuesday off and seriously, I don't think I could spend another day staring at the questions and notes!

It's sooooo time to move on, Derek.

I am really glad that CF called while I was at work today, as it is just not him to call. He wanted to tell me how he "came out" to a close friend of his in college. He was pretty stressed out about it initially.

Erm, "came out" in inverted commas as I am not sure what is the equivalent for a bisexual. I suppose it can be called the same. Heh.

Am so proud of you dear *hugs*

Looking forward to our wonderful time together tomorrow. ;P


confusticated said...

hmm. interesting question. i suppose in that case i cannot "come out" either. hmm.

Prince of Darkness said...

Guess you are in KL right now eh...Thanks for droping by my blog just now. What professional paper you sat? Accounting or Finance? Coz I do know that those 2 papers are called professional papers.

Hmm I am guessing wheather the 'came out' meaning ending a relationship or something? Just a guess, coz there is nothing you can 'came out' with other than coming out of a relationship or coming out of a 'life'.

Anonymous said...

hey there, good to know all is fine. i m bk too.

crystal jade, sounds so the tacky! lol.


defiant85 said...

Welcome back to Malaysia~~~

joshua said...

Welcome back to our homeland!

And of course, the best part for you shall be the Reunion with CF! Yay!

Remember to blog all about it! Okay, maybe not everything but do add some juicy bits!

Have fun!

Derek said...

I just reached KL and am now at CF's place, typing this using his PC.

iwao: Why not? You should come out, especially to people you are close with. But of course, do so only when you are ready.

prince: I am taking my actuarial science professional exams. ;P

The coming out meant coming out of the closet.

keatix: Why is it tacky? Do explain .... LOL

defiant85: Thanks.

joshua: We'll do couple stuff, dear. You know what that means. ;P

confusticated said...

oh, quite a few of my friends HERE already know that i march to a different drummer. it's back home. haha. i always could get away with anything anyway. hooh.

yw[2k] said...

Have a great time back in KL! :)

JoeRy said...

welcome back derek.

May CF have fun too !


Spot said...

Hope you had a good time in KL over the weekend. Snowie and I were having dinner at SS2 Nam Heong chicken rice on Saturday night and we overheard two guys talking, one of them was describing his new office, and how things were so different "over there"....and we both looked at each other wondering if it was you and CF! Heh.

You must bring CF to Singapore's Crystal Jade. Way nicer.

Xavier said...

Awwwwww..... so nice.... and congrats on getting thru the paper...

Derek said...

iwao: That's good. It's a great feeling to be able to be our true self in front of our friends.

yw[2k]: Thanks. I did ;P

joery: He had fun. I had fun. We both had a lot fun ;P

spot: Ooh, if it was us, I am sure you would know. I would be very physically affectionate in public. ;P

Please come over and say hi then!

xavier: Actually, I am counting the chickens before they hatch! Let's just keep our fingers crossed and really hope that I passed, :P