Thursday, October 06, 2005

Last Kiss

Remember the friend I came out to a few months back? He sent me some interesting pictures, yesterday.

The subject title read "Lovely Couple".

I was expecting some lovey-dovey straight couple pictures, but I was in for a surprise.

Furthermore, it was sent to my office email address!

If the IT Department want to, they can check all the emails that are sent in or out.

Clearly, office policy doesn't allow porn to be sent or received.

Hmm, but technically, pictures of naked men don't qualify as porn, do they?

What about pictures of a semi-naked or naked male couple?

Heh. I know they are not porn, but they will surely invite a lot of unwanted questions and suspicious glares, if I were ever caught looking at them.

I couldn't think straight Sanity must have left me as I threw caution to the wind.

I opened one picture. Then I quickly closed the file coz someone was walking pass, right at that moment.

Reality sinks in again.

My office is open and my people walk pass all the time.

And I have a sweet Indian girl sitting next me. A person that is all homely, goody, nice, kind, with a child-like innocence and not exposed to (so-called) evils of the world like homosexuality and atheism.

I was tempted to open another.

But I delayed my gratification and waited till lunch hour when the office is mostly empty ....

They may not be cute, but they do look like a happy and loving couple. ;P

Not surprisingly, these pics brings to mind a phrase from the song Last Kiss, by Pearl Jam: Where, oh where, can my baby be?


executorlouis said...


That can't be porn. Porn involves genitials. This one just involves lots of love. =)

Jay said...

Maybe the genitals will arrive in the next set of pictures.

FrozByte said...


Oh I love that songs....well so lovey dovey...awwww
The couple too. Why i never get to that much of that. Its funny ya so called "straight" friend has such a pic though...

hoknotyalc said...

What classify it as porn? Who classify it as porn? Like the saying does, One man's poison is another man's meat. It all boilds down to individual perception.

Holden said...

It's erotic art. Homoerotic. The one with the highlights in his hair is quite cute. :)

Espion said...

Just wondering why you decided to share with the whole wide world these pics ... not that I am objecting, but just wondering what are you trying to say ... :-)

Derek said...

louis: Yup, it shows lots of love.

Anyone want to bring some this way? ;P

jay: You optimist you. ;P

I sure hope so.

frozbyte: My friend won't be keeping them; he probably received them and just forwarded.

When I asked, he said he wasn't trying to tell me something - he just forwarded to his usual email group.


hoknotyalc: Hi there. Welcome to my blog, clayton. Do come back more often.

You have valid points there. But generally, I think people know something is porn when they see it. ;P

holden: Oh, I agree. Totally.

espion: Sharing is caring mar.

And I leave it to you to guess what I was trying to say. ;P

Surely, you would have known by now.

alex said...

One of the reasons to pick up photography.

savante said...

Both are quite cute actually. Wonder who they are!


keatix said...

quite artsyfully done...

wat r they doing in the last pic? clipping nails naked? more arty!!!!

i can feel that u hv kept the more "revealing" pic to yourself huh???????hehehe

Derek said...

alex: Yes. Wouldn't it be nice if I were the one who took those shots? *sly grin*

savante: No idea, Paul. But you could check out the website shown on the pics. It's in Chinese though. ;P

keatix: No lar, I am not that selfish. Good things are meant to be shared. ;P