Saturday, October 08, 2005

Announcement and gripe

Ladies and gentlemen. A little announcement on behalf of LPG.

LPG, a PLU support group is organising for a trip to Penang during the Deepavali holidays. Please come and join us and make more friends along the way from KL up to Penang!

It would be fun to travel with one whole lot of PLUs in a bus. The trip include meeting up with PLUPenang group, Halloween Party, Pulau Paya Marine Park, Team building, workshops, makan-makan and sight seeing.

It's a four-days, three-nights trip, from 29th October till 1st November.

For more details, please click here.

Clearly I won't be going, as I have an exam on the 7th! And I would love to go!

The trips organised by LPG are a lot of fun, really.

By the way, while surfing aimlessly, I found out that Lan Yu is currently playing in Singapore.

I am sure it has an R rating or something.

But still, it is better than over here, where the probability of it being shown is smaller than the probability of Keanu Reeves winning an Oscar for Best Actor.

Also, Corpse Bride is being shown in Singapore already, while we have to wait till October 27.



Chris said...

Lol sounds like something fun... i never thought there would be such outings in m'sia ^^;

But just like you, i have exam coming up... so won't be going there for sure! >.<

Oh if you're looking for a movie, I would say Formula17 is better than Lan Yu! ;p

executorlouis said...

Hmm, never did got down to watching Lan Yu though i had a chance to. I am surprised they are showing it in SG. Probably foreign film festival or something.

Formula 17 was nice, though a little contrived, but still a sweet love story. ;)

Derek said...

chris: Welcome to my blog, Chris dear.

Yes, there are such things in Malaysia, if you know where to find them. The gay community is not just all about sex and more sex. ;P

Formula 17 was just too campy for my liking. Very stereotypical portrayal of gay men.

The two leads are yummy though! The movie was good for a laugh, that's all.

louis: No louis honey. It's not shown in a film fest - it's a regular cinema.

Chris said...

Derek: Thanks for the warm welcome! :D

Lol you must forgive my little knowledge of the gay community in M'sia... i live a rather secluded life with no one else who knows except kw... and thus i have not the chance to meet with others ^^;

Louis: Lol yeah it's nice, i assume you got it off aarinfantasy? ;p

Holden said...

Chris, my group goes for outings all the time. This year alone, we've been to Jerejak Island, Penang, Genting and Perhentian Island. Next year, we might even go to Indonesia...

Derek, you took a swipe at Neo, heheh... poor cute Neo...

Chris said...

Well i haven't the chance to meet any other gay friends (except kw)... but your group seems to be having lots of fun! *jealous* >.<

PS: Sorry Derek.... seems like i'm spamming yout comment space! >.<

AJ said...

*hmph* indeed. Corpse bride isnt out in the cinemas, but you can always do the malaysian thing and buy the pirated vcd/dvd. I did. pretty darn good quality!

Derek said...

chris: You're welcome, Chris honey.

And you absolutely must start meeting people, just like KW did. ;P

holden: I didn't know your group is that active. And you always come back with such interesting stories ;P

chris: Don't be jealous lar. I am sure if you ask Holden nicely, he will invite you in his next trip. *wink*

And you don't need to apologise, Chris. Anything for the future happiness of a fellow blogger.

AJ: Trust you to always be a true Malaysian. Hehe ...